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A Quick City Guide to Ericeira

A Quick City Guide to Ericeira Ericeira is a small town about 30min drive from Lisbon. It's particularly known for the surfer vibe as it hosts some of Europen finest waves.The region used to be popular with around the winter season (October-Ma... Read More...
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How to get to Komodo Island

How to get to Komodo Island? Komodo Island is part of the Komodo National Park UNESCO World Heritage Site in Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda chain of islands. It is famed as the home of the legendary Komodo Dragon, the largest species of lizard on the pl... Read More...
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How To Get To Pai?

  Contents How to get there | Secret Escapes   What should you expect from Pai? Pai boasts a laid-back hippie vibe where you can start the morning off with yoga before exploring the rest of Pai at the relaxed pace most small villages s... Read More...
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How to get from Bogota to Salento?

  How to get from Bogota to Salento? Salento is a colourful colonial town with lots of hip restaurants, surrounded in the stunning green mountains of the coffee region. An absolute must is to go hiking between the tallest palm trees in the wor... Read More...



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