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How to get from Monteverde to Playas del Coco?

Playas del Coco is one of the most popular beach destinations in Costa Rica. Located on the northwest coast, it’s a favourite not just of tourists but also of young locals hoping to take a break from city life.

Also known as “El Coco” or “Coco Beach,” Playas del Coco is where you go to mix, mingle, and party the night away! There are plenty of water activities for all ages. Diving is also a popular attraction, but you’ll have to take a boat to one of the nearby islands for the best spots!

3 ways to get from Monteverde to Playas del Coco

Transport ModeDurationCostsAvailability
Minivan4 hours35,170 CRC ($57)Check Minivan Tickets
Private Transfer4 hours108,380 CRC ($175)Book a Private Transfer
Indirect Bus4 hours47,870 CRC ($77.30)

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We recommend taking a minivan to travel the 150km from Monteverde to Playas del Coco. This direct minivan takes 4 hours and costs around 35,170 CRC ($57). Alternatively, you can take a 4-hour private transfer or 4-hour indirect bus. Rates start from 108,380 CRC ($175) and 47,870 CRC ($77.30), respectively.

The minivan is a very cost-efficient way to get from Monteverde to Playas del Coco. It’s not only direct, it’s also a door-to-door transfer, so you won’t have to worry about anything. A ticket costs around 35,170 CRC ($57) for the 4-hour journey.

Are you travelling with a group? Private transfers are a more convenient alternative as you can depart any time you want. It might look expensive, but it can actually be cheaper than a minivan if you split the cost among 4 to 5 passengers. Rates for a private transfer from Monteverde to Playas del Coco start from 108,380 CRC ($175).

The bus is an indirect option that may help you save a few bucks if you’re travelling with at least one other person, better if you’re in a group of 3 to 4. As there are no direct buses from Monteverde to Playas del Coco, you’ll have to take an expensive taxi and 2 buses. Combined rates start from 47,870 CRC ($77.30) and travel time is around 4 hours.

Itinerary from Monteverde to Playas del Coco

minivan icon

Monteverde to Playas del Coco by Minivan

Duration: 4 hours
Cost: 35,170 CRC ($57)

The minivan is an excellent way to get from Monteverde to Playas del Coco. This shared but door-to-door transfer takes around 4 hours and you can get minivan tickets for about 35,170 CRC ($57). As it’s a direct ride, this really is the most convenient option when it comes to shared transport.

There are at least 4 minivan operators for the Monteverde to Playas del Coco route:

  • Tropical Tours Shuttles
  • Interbus
  • Costa Rica Shuttle
  • ShuttleBusCR

The first two companies – Tropical Tours and Interbus – are among the most trusted shuttle lines in the country.

When travelling with a minivan, we highly recommend booking online to spare you the hassle of going to their actual offices. You can purchase your tickets through their respective company websites, which we have linked in the table below.

Minivan schedule

Minivan OperatorScheduleDurationCosts
Tropical Tours Shuttles09:00-13:004 hours35,170 CRC ($57)
Interbus09:00-13:004 hours35,170 CRC ($57)
Costa Rica Shuttle09:00-13:204 hours 20 minutes36,400 CRC ($59)
4.5 hours31,000 CRC ($50)

Monteverde to Playas del Coco by Private Transfer

Duration: 4 hours
Cost: from 108,380 CRC ($175)

If you’re with a group, it can be more cost-efficient to just get your own private ride. You can ask your hotel to help you find a reliable driver or you can already book a ride with one of the trusted operators for the Monteverde to Playas del Coco route.

Casa Batsu offers a 5-seater minivan for 108,380 CRC ($175). Split the cost among 4 or 5 passengers and it’s cheaper than a shared minivan ride.

Travelling with a bigger group? Tropical Tours has a shuttle that can accommodate 10 to 15 persons. A private ride with them from Monteverde to Playas del Coco costs 142,440 CRC ($230).

You can easily book a private transfer through their respective websites.

Book a Private Transfer

Bus icon

Monteverde to Playas del Coco by Indirect Bus

Duration: 4 hours
Cost: 47,870 CRC ($77.30)

First things first, if you’re travelling solo, forget about taking the bus. It will be more expensive than a direct minivan.

If you’re with a group of at least 2 persons, then you might be able to save a few dollars. But whether it’s worth the hassle of making several transfers is up to you to decide (HINT: We would say no).

As there are no direct buses from Monteverde to Playas del Coco, you’ll first have to take a taxi to Cañas, a city located 65km northwest of Monteverde. From here, you’ll then have to take two buses to get to Coco Beach.

Are you up for that adventure? Then you can read on for a more detailed guide.

Step 1: Monteverde to Cañas by Taxi

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: 46,450 CRC ($75)

From Monteverde, the best way to get to Cañas is via a 2-hour taxi. This costs about 46,450 CRC ($75). Make sure the driver turns on the meter for the trip!

Ask to be dropped off at Cañas Bus Terminal.

As the taxi is very expensive, this option is only cost-efficient if you can share the fare with 2 to 3 other persons.

Step 2: Cañas to Liberia by Bus

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: 620 CRC ($1)

Once at the bus terminal in Cañas, you can easily transfer to a bus bound for Liberia. Buses depart once or twice every hour from 04:30 to 20:30. A ticket costs around 620 CRC ($1) and travel time is around 1 hour.

The final stop is at Liberia Bus Stop.

Step 3: Liberia to Playas del Coco by Bus

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: 800 CRC ($1.30)

Buses operating from Liberia to Playas del Coco do not depart from the main bus terminal. They leave from Pulmitan Bus Stop, which luckily is located just around 200m south. So you’ll just have to go out on the road, walk a bit, you wouldn’t miss the terminal with a green and white heading. Written on it is “Pulmitan de Liberia.”

Buses depart every hour, on the hour, from 06:00 to 20:00. It’s best to board the bus about 10 to 15 minutes before departure time to ensure that you have a good seat. This bus route is quite popular with locals, so buses get full fast.

A bus ticket costs 800 CRC ($1.30). You are to get off at Pulmitan Terminal in Playas del Coco, located about 1.5km south of the main beach.

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