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Bus or Taxi from Quy Nhon to Bai Xep?



How to get from Quy Nhon to Bai Xep?

When you decide to travel to Quy Nhon, we recommend continuing your journey to Bai Xep. This small fishing village is even less touristic than Quy Nhon and offers you a great authentic Vietnamese experience. In recent years, its popularity has been rising with backpackers and that’s why you can find several great accommodations in this town.

To reach Bai Xep, you have to take a bus or taxi from Quy Nhon to Bai Xep. See the destination page how to get to Quy Nhon. If you want to travel by public bus to Bai Xep, you can take bus T11 leaving from Quy Nhon bus station.


Your options at a glance

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Bus from Quy Nhon20 min9.000 VND (€0,30)No online tickets
Taxi from Quy Nhon15 min150.000 VND (€6)No online tickets
Taxi from Quy Nhon Railway Station15 min200.000 VND (€8)No online tickets

Quy Nhon to Bai Xep travelroute

Bus icon

Bus from Quy Nhon Bus Station to Bai Xep

Duration: 20min
Costs: 9.000 VND (€0,30)

From Quy Nhon bus station you can take the public bus T11, direction South. This bus brings you in about 20 minutes to Bai Xep and a bus ticket costs only 9.000 VND (€0,30). The T11 bus leaves almost every hour from 5:30 till 17:15, except during the break around noon.

A taxi from the bus station to Bai Xep will cost around 150.000 VND (€6).



Taxi from Dieu Tri Railway Station to Bai Xep

Duration: 30min
Costs: 300.000 VND (€11)

Another option is to go from Dieu Tri railway station to Quy Nhon bus station and then change to bus T11.



Taxi from Quy Nhon Railway Station to Bai Xep

Duration: 15min
Costs: 200.000 VND (€8)

A taxi from Quy Nhon railway station to Bai Xep takes 15 minutes and cost around 200.000 VND (€8).

If you want to travel by bus, you can walk to Quy Nhon bus station and then take bus T11 direction South.


My favourite places to stay in Bai Xep

Accommodations in Bai Xep get often fully booked, since there is not a lot of choice in this beautiful beach town. That's why we recommend to book your accommodation before you include Bai Xep into your travel itinerary.

Quy Nhon Accommodation 1

Home of Dreamers

This is a place where you wake up, but still have the feeling you are in dream. The bungalows offer stunning ocean views and it's only a minute walk from the beach. All rooms include breakfast.

Dorm rooms from €9, double room with sea view from €28

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Quy Nhon Accommodation 2

Life's a Beach Apartments

Want to have a beach right in front of your doorstep? From these apartments you will have acces to two different beaches in just a few minutes walk. Enjoy a great atmosphere and beach vibe with rooms that offer a high level of comfort!

Double rooms from €37

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Quy Nhon Accommodation 3

Big Tree Backpackers and Bistro

Located right at the beach with a great bar area. Enjoy the bon-fire, live bands and meet lots of fellow travellers. Most people regret they couldn't stay longer...

Dorm rooms from €7

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