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How to travel from and to Bali Airport

Ngurah Rai International Airport is the main airport on the island of Bali. You’ll also hear it referred to as Bali Airport or Denpasar Airport.

Don’t be fooled by the name Denpasar, though. Denpasar, the capital of Bali is actually located 13 km north of the airport. The airport itself is right next to the ocean, just a short drive from the backpacker district of Kuta.

3 ways to get from and to Bali Airport

Transport ModeDurationCostsAvailability
Private Transfer20 minutes – 1.5 hours79,000 IDR ($5)Check Private Transfers
Taxi20 minutes – 1.5 hours120,000 IDR ($7.50)Read article for more info
Motorbike20 minutes – 1.5 hours60,000 IDR ($3.85)Read article for more info

To get from Bali Airport to your hotel, you can choose from 3 different options: a private transfer starting from 79,000 IDR ($5), an airport taxi from 120,000 IDR ($7.50), or a motorbike taxi from 60,000 IDR ($3.85). The rates all depend on the location. Depending on your accommodation’s location, travel time is mainly between 20 minutes to 1.5 hours.

We recommend booking a private transfer beforehand if you want a combination of comfort and a good price. With rates from 79,000 IDR ($5), your driver will already be waiting for you at the airport when you arrive. No queues, no haggling, and you’ll be taken straight to your hotel.

There are several ways you can take a taxi from Bali Airport. You’ll find taxis lined up outside the arrival hall, but they tend to charge high fares. A cheaper way is to book a taxi by using the taxi platform Grab, Gojek or Bluebird.

The motorbike is the cheapest option from Bali Airport but also not a convenient one. You’ll have to find the motorbike drivers at the Domestic Terminal parking lot and only one passenger is allowed per motorbike. With fares from 60,000 IDR ($3.85), it’s up to you to decide whether they are worth the money you get to save.

Itinerary from and to Bali Airport

Bali Airport by Private Transfer

Duration: 20m – 1.5hrs
Cost: from 79,000 IDR ($5)
Duration: 20m – 1.5hrs
Cost: from 79,000 IDR ($5)

Renting a private transfer is the best way to get from Bali Airport to your accommodation on the island. You can book them beforehand so that you won’t have to worry about anything else upon arrival. Thereby, they’re considerably cheaper than most rides you can get from the airport.

Klook is our preferred private car provider from Bali Airport. They offer good cars with reliable drivers for rates starting from 79,000 IDR ($5). Fares vary depending on where you’re heading. See below for a fare guide for the more common destinations:

Bali fare guide

Zone 1Kuta
Nusa Dua
79,000 IDR ($5)
Check Private Transfers
Zone 2Uluwatu
105,000 IDR ($6.50)
Check Private Transfers
Zone 3Tanah Lot
169,000 IDR ($10.50)
Check Private Transfers
Zone 4Tegalalang232,000 IDR ($14.50)
Check Private Transfers

Bali Airport by Taxi

Duration: 20m – 1.5hrs
Cost: from 120,000 IDR ($7.50)
Duration: 20m – 1.5hrs
Cost: from 120,000 IDR ($7.50)

If for some reason you’re not able to book a private transfer before arriving at Bali Airport, you also have an option to just hop in a taxi. They will not be as cheap as the previous option, but you won’t really have much choice, especially if you’re travelling in a group or with bulky luggage.

A lot of the taxis waiting at the airport work on a fixed-price basis. You’ll hear them calling out as soon as you come out of the arrivals hall. However, we don’t recommend them as they normally offer exorbitant rates, which are double or triple the actual cost.

Unless you’re really good at haggling, you might be better off getting a taxi using one of the following methods:

Airport Taxi from Bali Airport

The best way to not get ripped off when taking a taxi from Bali Airport is to get one from its taxi counter. Rides from here are prepaid, with fares from 120,000 IDR ($7.50) when heading to Kuta and 360,000 IDR ($23) if your hotel is in Ubud.

Just head to the prepaid taxi counter, tell them your destination, pay the price, take your ticket and show them to your taxi driver. Make sure to keep the ticket until you arrive at your hotel!

Below are the rates for some of Bali’s top destinations:

Bali Airport taxi fare guide

Kuta20 minutes100,000 IDR ($6)
Seminyak30 minutes150,000 IDR ($9.50)
Nusa Dua30 minutes200,000 IDR ($12.50)
Sanur30 minutes200,000 IDR ($12.50)
Canggu45 minutes310,000 IDR ($20)
Uluwatu45 minutes310,000 IDR ($20)
Ubud1.5 hours360,000 IDR ($23)

Grab, Gojek or Bluebird from Bali Airport

Taxi-hailing apps like Grab, Gojek and Bluebird used to be prohibited at Bali Airport.

Grab is the official partner of Bali Airport, but this makes them also the most expensive option. Booking with Gojek will take a bit longer to arrive (5-10 minutes) but will save you some extra money.

Bluebird is Bali’s largest taxi company and fares are normally in between the fares of Grab and Gojek.

Bali Airport by Motorbike

Duration: 20m – 1.5hrs
Cost: 60,000 IDR ($3.85) 
Duration: 20m – 1.5hrs
Cost: 60,000 IDR ($3.85) 

If you’re a solo traveller carrying just one piece of luggage (preferably a backpack), then you have the option to travel by motorbike taxi from Bali Airport. The motorbike is the cheapest way to get to your hotel, but finding one at the airport is not that easy.

Motorbike (Gojek) drivers are usually camped out outside the domestic terminal, particularly near the Starbucks between the ordinary and premium parking lots. You’ll hear them offering rides as you get near.

Fares for a motorbike ride to Kuta start from 60,000 IDR ($3.85). Note that they only accept 1 passenger per motorbike.

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