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How to get from Manila to Coron?

Coron has become a popular destination for travellers in the Philippines. Located just north of Palawan on the eastern half of Busuanga Island, Coron is known for its natural beauty, blue-green lagoons, great hiking and diving spots, and relaxed ambiance.

Palawan travel guides may direct you to places like Smith Beach, Twin Lagoons or Banana Beach. Regardless of which island-hopping tour you are going to join, you will enjoy the pristine waters of Coron.

2 ways to get from Manila to Coron

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Flight2 hours4,150 PHP ($74)Check flights
Ferry*14 hours2,250 PHP ($40)Check ferry tickets
*COVID-19 UPDATE: Currently (June 2022), the ferry option now takes 46 hours instead of 14 hours due to a new pandemic schedule.

The distance from Manila to Coron is 444 km (276miles). In this post, we compare the two best options to travel from Manila to Coron: by flight (2 hours) and by ferry (11 hours). Ticket prices range from 2,250 PHP ($40)4,150 PHP ($74).

The flight is the option travellers mostly choose, as it’s the most convenient and fastest way to travel from Manila to Coron. There are several flights for this route daily with flight fares from 4,000 PHP ($71), plus 150 PHP ($2.65) for a shared van to reach Coron town. Travel time is around 2 hours, including the van transfer from the airport to Coron town.

The ferry is a good alternate option, but this option is very time-consuming. The good thing about it is it’s cheaper than a flight and you can have a great experience while also saving a night on accommodation. The ferry journey from Manila to Coron used to take 11 hours and you can get a comfortable bed for 2,250 PHP ($40).

Itinerary from Manila to Coron

Manila to Coron by Flight

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: 4,150 PHP ($74)
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: 4,150 PHP ($74)

The easiest and fastest way to travel from Manila to Coron is by a direct flight. For this route, you can fly with either Philippine Airlines (PAL) or CebGo.

Skyjet also used to offer flights from Manila to Coron, but they stopped their operations during the pandemic and haven’t resumed yet.

Manila Airport

For the Manila to Coron route, flights depart from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Pasay City. Be aware that NAIA currently has 4 terminals with different entry points. Terminal 2 is exclusive for Philippine Airlines flights, while CebGo flights depart from Terminal 4. The two terminals are about a 10 minutes drive from each other.

The airport is accessible from most cities in Metro Manila via taxi or Grab. If you’re coming from other provinces and looking for public transport, you can take a Point-to-Point bus to the airport or a provincial bus to Pasay, where most bus terminals are located, and then take a taxi to the airport.

See here all details on how to get from/to Manila Airport.

Step 1: Manila to Busuanga Airport by Flight

Duration: 1hr 5m
Cost: 4,000 PHP ($71)
Duration: 1hr 5m
Cost: 4,000 PHP ($71)

The fastest option to travel from Manila to Coron is by direct flight. Both Philippine Airlines and CebGo operate direct flights that take a little over 1 hour.

If you’re booking for the next month, you can find flights ranging from 4,000 PHP ($71) to 6,600 PHP ($115). Flight fares tend to be more expensive if you are booking shortly before your scheduled flight.

Booking your flight months in advance is the best way to avail cheap tickets for your trip. Flight tickets from Manila to Coron can get as low as 2,500 PHP ($44.50) during promotions.

Check Flights on Skyscanner

Pro-Tip: Cebu Pacific offers multiple “piso fare promotions” annually. Keep an eye out for these promotions so you can book a cheaper flight for this route!

Step 2: Busuanga Airport to Coron Town by Van

Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: 150 PHP ($2.65)
Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: 150 PHP ($2.65)

Flights from Manila to Coron land at Francisco B. Reyes Airport. This is the only airport on the island of Coron. This airport was previously named Busuanga Airport.

Busuanga Airport is about 13km away from the Coron town. As soon as you exit the arrivals hall, shared and private vans are available to take you to your hotel in the town centre. The van ride takes just about 45 minutes.

Shared vans cost 150 PHP ($2.65) per person, but the van leaves only when it’s full. The waiting might not take a long time, though, as passengers from the flights would likely take a shared van to the town.

If you’re travelling in a big group, you can book a private van for around 1,800 PHP ($32) with 10 passengers max. Alternatively, you can ask your hotel prior to your trip if they offer airport pick-up so that you wouldn’t have to worry about the ride to Coron town.

Reserve Airport Transfer with Klook

Manila to Coron by Ferry

Duration: 11 hours
Cost: 2,250 PHP ($40)
Duration: 11 hours
Cost: 2,250 PHP ($40)

Ferries are a common travel option in the Philippines, and they’re usually cheaper than booking a flight. However, the trade-off is that they’re slower, making for a time-consuming transport from Manila to Coron.

COVID-19 UPDATE (May 2022)

2GO Travel announced in May 2022 its new ferry schedule for the Manila to Coron route. From the previous 11-hour ferry trip, the trip now takes 42.5 hours with fares starting from 1,530 PHP ($27).

2Go Travel now makes stops in Batangas and Puerto Princesa before heading to Coron. The ferry currently departs only one time a week on Wednesday at 07:00 and arrives at Coron Port every Friday at 01:30.

You can visit 2Go Travel’s Facebook page to see the latest updates on their ferry trips and schedules. If you want to push through with this 42.5-hour journey from Manila to Coron, you can book your tickets at the 2GO Travel website or with 12Go.Asia.

Check Ferry Tickets with 12Go.Asia

There is another ferry you can take when travelling from Manila to Coron. Atienza Interisland Ferries Inc. has a new passenger-cargo ship that will sail direct trips for this route every week. However, we don’t recommend this option for several reasons explained in the last part of this article.

Departure & Arrival Station

If you’re taking the ferry option from Manila to Coron, the 2Go Travel ferry departs from Manila North Harbour Pier 4, located in Tondo, Manila.

This pier is accessible via taxi or Grab from anywhere in Metro Manila. If you’re coming from the province, we recommend taking a provincial bus to Pasay City and then a taxi to the pier.

The 2Go Travel ferry arrives at Coron Port that is 2km away from the town centre. It’s best to arrange a ride with your hotel before arriving to avoid any hassle. Other options would be taking a 15-minute walk to the town or riding a 5-minute habal habal (motorbike taxi).

Pre pandemic/regular ferry schedule from Manila to Coron

Duration: 11 hours
Cost: 2,250 PHP ($40)
Duration: 11 hours
Cost: 2,250 PHP ($40)

Pre-pandemic, 2Go Travel offered ferry trips from Manila to Coron every Friday at 19:00. We recommend getting at least a mega value class ticket, which costs 2,250 PHP ($40) if you book directly through their website. This includes a bunk bed space for you to rest on in an air-conditioned area.

You can also book through 12go.Asia. The price depends on how early you book your tickets and which ticket class you choose.

Although it’s an overnight trip, the ferry is quite comfortable and makes for an interesting travel experience. Ferries going from Manila to Coron depart from Pier 4 of the North Harbour and arrive at Coron Pier. The journey takes 11 hours.

Check Ferry Tickets with 12go.Asia

Once you arrive in Coron, the pier is a 15-minute walk to the town center, but you can also opt to go via local transport. Better yet, arrange your transfer with the hotel you are going to stay in.

Passenger-Cargo ship from Manila to El Nido (not recommended)

Duration: 24 hours
Cost: 1,500 PHP ($26.50)
Duration: 24 hours
Cost: 1,500 PHP ($26.50)

Atienza Interisland Ferries Inc. is originally a cargo & freight company that now offers ferry trips between Manila and Palawan. This company currently offers direct trips from Manila to Coron. It’s still an exhausting long journey of 24 hours, but at least shorter than the current 48 hours of 2Go Travel.

Starting May 2022, the newly built M/V October Lavender will ply the Manila to Coron route. It is the only ship that allows both passengers and cargoes, as the other ship for this route allows only cargoes.

The direct ferry trip from Manila to Coron takes 24 hours. An economy class ticket costs 1,500 PHP ($26.50), while an air-con tourist class ticket costs 1,650 PHP ($29.50).

All Atienza ships depart from Baseco Port Area in Manila at 06:00 in the evening. For this route, M/V October Lavender will arrive at Coron Port at around 06:00 pm the day after.

Note that online booking is not available. The only way to buy tickets is by visiting the Atienza Interisland Ferries office inside the Manila Port Area.

Why we don’t recommend this option

Although they offer weekly trips, the trips are not on the same days every week. They do not have a working website, so all information is available only on their Facebook page. This means that you can only plan your trip after they have posted the schedule, which is usually 1-3 days before the departure.

Atienza Interisland Ferries Inc. also hasn’t been responsive to customers’ comments on their Facebook page. They rarely answer customers’ queries on their posts, but you can try your luck by calling the phone numbers posted on their page.

Rounding it up

This pandemic, Atienza is currently the only company offering direct ferry trips from Manila to Coron. However, we don’t recommend this option for travellers. For now, it’s best to take the direct flight to Coron, as it is the fastest and most convenient option for this route.

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