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How to travel from and to Manila Airport

Ninoy Aquino Int’l Airport (NAIA), also commonly known as Manila International Airport, serves Manila and the surrounding areas.

If you want to travel from the centre to Manila Airport, always carefully check which terminal you need to be! There are in total 4 terminals with a max distance of 5 km from each other. When it’s peak hour it can easily take more than 30 minutes to travel from one terminal to another!

To get to and from Manila Airport, you can either hail a taxi or make use of the (premium) airport bus service. Taxis offer door-to-door service, while the airport bus service provides city access to specific areas in Metro Manila.

COVID-19 Travel Advisory: Since the beginning of 2022, the Philippines eased travel restrictions for foreign travellers and locals alike. The main requirement is to be fully vaccinated.

Taking a flight? As of November 2022, all international travellers bound for the Philippines are required to register an eArrival Card. You can fill it out upon arrival, but it’s recommended to register 72 hours prior to your flight to avoid queues and delays at the airport.

2 ways to get from and to Manila Airport

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Taxi25 minutes – 1 hour180 PHP ($3.10)

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Bus25 minutes – 2 hours150 PHP ($2.60)

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There are at least three kinds of taxis you will find at Manila Airport. Depending on your budget and preference, you can get a regular taxi, a coupon taxi, or an airport taxi. If you have a sim card and data connection though, it’s best to take a Grab. Taxi rates start from 180 PHP ($3.10).

If you’re on a budget and travelling alone, it would be cheaper to take an airport shuttle bus to or from Manila Airport. There are plenty of routes available between the airport and various cities in Metro Manila. Ticket prices start from 150 PHP ($2.60).

Itinerary from and to Manila Airport

Ninoy Aquino Airport by Taxi

Duration: 25 minutes – 1 hour
Cost: from 180 PHP ($3.10)
Duration: 25 minutes – 1 hour
Cost: from 180 PHP ($3.10)

A taxi is the most convenient way to get to and from Manila Airport. Taxis are hard to miss, as they are usually parked outside of the arrivals hall.

There are 3 types of taxis you can book from the airport to Manila city centre. There is the coupon taxi, the metered airport taxi, and the metered regular taxi. We explain them all below, but first, we would like to highlight booking a taxi with Grab.

Grab (Asian Uber)

If you have a mobile sim card, you can order a Grab straight from Manila Airport. This is the cheapest and most convenient private transfer you can get here. If you don’t have a sim card, we recommend considering getting one.

Wifi is pretty bad in the Philippines and a sim card can save you a lot of hassle and frustration. You can buy your sim card as soon as you arrive and already save part of the costs with the taxi ride to your hotel. I’m sure you won’t regret getting one!

Grab rates depend on your destination, but start at 270 PHP ($4.70) if you’re heading to Makati.

Coupon Taxi

Coupon taxis are white with a blue and yellow label on each side of the car. The fares for coupon taxis are fixed, depending on which area your destination belongs to.

If you prefer this kind of taxi, just approach the coupon taxi counter at Manila Airport, tell them where you want to be dropped off, and the staff will hand you a slip with the quoted price. Another member of the staff will guide you to the taxi.

Make sure to keep your coupon for the entire journey and hand it only to the driver upon arrival at your destination.

Note that coupon taxis are only available from Manila Airport. Coupon taxis do not pick up passengers on the way back to the airport.

DestinationFixed Costs
Area 1 400 PHP ($6.50)
Area 2530 PHP ($9)
Area 3600 PHP ($10)
Area 4720 PHP ($12.50)

Metered Airport Taxis

These are yellow taxis that are operated by the airport. They have a flag down rate of 60 PHP ($1), which makes them more expensive than regular taxis. Yellow metered taxi fares start from 300 PHP ($5), depending on your destination and the traffic.

Yellow taxis heading back to the airport can be hailed from the streets.

Metered Regular Taxis

The regular metered taxis are the cheapest among all the taxis available at Manila Airport. The flag down rate is 40 PHP ($0.65). Fares going to Metro Manila cities start from 180 PHP ($3.10), depending on the traffic and your destination.

Keep in mind that regular metered taxis are usually parked outside of the departure area, not the arrival area. They are not affiliated with airport services, so always exercise caution and ask for a metrereading.

TIP: Always ask for a metered taxi so you end up paying the right price!

Manila Airport Terminals

Manila Airport has 4 terminals, each with its own separate building. It’s important to be aware of which terminal you will land in or depart from, as the roads around the airport tend to be very busy. If you go to the wrong terminal, you’ll end up losing some time.

Terminal 1:  This terminal services international flights from different airlines such as Thai Airways, Qatar Airways, Emirates and others.

Terminal 2: This is the main hub for the country’s official flag carrier – Philippine Airlines or PAL. The North Wing is used for international flights, while the South Wing is used for domestic flights. However, PAL also has flights that park at or depart from Terminal 3.

Terminal 3: Terminal 3 houses international flights not served at Terminal 1. Aside from this, there are also a few domestic flights. Cebu Pacific, Tiger Air, and Silk Air use this terminal.

Terminal 4: PAL and Cebu Pacific flights that use propeller planes for domestic routes use this small and old terminal. There are also other airlines that utilize Terminal 4 for domestic flights.

Ninoy Aquino Airport by Airport Shuttle*

Duration: 25 minutes – 2 hours
Cost: 150 PHP ($2.60)
Duration: 25 minutes – 2 hours
Cost: 150 PHP ($2.60)

Air21 operates the premium airport bus service called UBE Express. They offer at least 5 specific routes to various areas in Metro Manila, particularly Pasay, Manila, Makati and Quezon City.

UBE Express buses are parked outside the arrival halls of NAIA terminals 1, 2, and 3. They have also opened transfers to/from Terminal 4, but not for all routes. You can look around for their signboard or ask the airport staff to direct you.*

*COVID-19 UPDATE: The last time we checked (June 2022), UBE Express has only resumed services for two routes: Manila and Quezon City (Araneta City Route). Pick-up is available only at Terminal 3, but they still drop off passengers at all terminals. You can check the UBE Express Facebook page for the latest updates.

Airport shuttle bus routes

Bus RouteBus Stops
Robinsons Manila RouteNAIA – Copacabana Apt. Hotel – Midas Hotel – Atrium/Jam Liner – Networld Hotel – Hotel Jen – Century Park – Diamond Hotel – New World Hotel – Luneta Hotel – Bayview Hotel – Manila Pavilion – Manila Hotel – Intramuros – Robinsons Manila – Pan Pacific Hotel – Manila Manor Hotel – Go Hotel (Ermita)
Araneta City RouteNAIA – Araneta City, Cubao
Entertainment City RouteNAIA – Go Hotel (NAIA Road) – Solaire – Hotel 101 -SMX Convention Center – Mall of Asia
Makati RouteNAIA – Parksquare Ayala Center
Grand Prix RouteNAIA – Kabayan Hotel – Grand Prix Hotel/Victory Liner Pasay

Bear in mind that UBE Express only stops at specific places, so knowing where your hotel is will help you decide if the shuttle bus is a convenient option.

If your hotel is located around Manila (city centre) area, you can take the Robinsons Route. If you’re heading north towards Quezon City and other northern cities, take the Araneta City route.

You can buy your ticket from the bus counter, usually located just beside the bus. A ticket costs 150 PHP ($2.60) for the Robinsons Manila route and 200 PHP ($3.45) for the Araneta City route.

Airport shuttle schedule: NAIA-Robinsons Manila Route

NAIA Terminal 3 to Robinsons Manila08:30-10:00
150 PHP ($2.60)
Robinsons Manila to NAIA Terminals 1, 2, 3 & 410:30-12:00
150 PHP ($2.60)

Airport shuttle schedule: NAIA-Araneta City

NAIA Terminal 3 to Araneta City06:30-07:30
200 PHP ($3.45)
Araneta City to NAIA Terminals 1, 2, 3 & 408:00-09:00
200 PHP ($3.45)

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