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After you make your way over to one of Thailand’s most magnificent coastal regions, there is another one waiting for you along the Andaman Sea: Krabi.

Krabi Province offers a treasure of stunning beaches with spectacular views of limestone cliffs, especially Railay Beach which is often named one of travellers’ favourite resort destinations in Thailand.

How to get from Phuket to Krabi

Krabi is a province located 170 km (106 miles) east of Phuket. To get from Phuket to Krabi, you have 4 options: a ferry over the Andaman sea (1-2.5 hours), a taxi (2.5-3 hours), a bus (3-4 hours), or an indirect flight (5.5 hours). Taking a ferry from Koh Phi Phi is the fastest. Prices range from 230 THB ($6.50) to 2,345 THB ($71).

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Ferry1-2.5 hours630 THB ($19)Check Ferry Tickets
Taxi2.5-3 hours2,200 THB ($66)Check Private Transfers
Bus3-4 hours230 THB ($6.50)Check Bus Tickets
Indirect Flight5.5 hours2,245 THB ($68)Check Flights

Phuket to Krabi by Ferry

Duration: 1-2.5 hours
Cost: 630 THB ($19)
Duration: 1-2.5 hours
Cost: 630 THB ($19)

The ferry is the most popular way to travel from Phuket to Krabi. This picturesque ferry ride is not just transportation but a sightseeing experience of the breathtaking scenery along Phang Nga Bay — overlooking the Phuket and Krabi coast and islands.

Ferries to Krabi depart from Rassada Pier and Bang Rong Pier in Phuket, both taking about 2 hours. If you already ventured out to Koh Phi Phi, we have good news for you! There are direct ferries departing from Koh Phi Phi which only take about 1 hour.

Departure from Phuket main island

The main departure point from Phuket to Krabi is Rassada Pier. This pier is located 4 km southwest of Phuket Town centre and takes about 15 minutes by taxi.

Another popular departure point is Bang Rong Pier, which is more convenient if you’re coming from Phuket Airport. From Phuket Airport, it’s only a 20-minute taxi ride to Bang Rong Pier, compared to a 1-hour ride to Rassada Pier.

We recommend carefully checking the departure and arrival point before you book the ferry.

Check Ferry Tickets from Phuket to Krabi

Arrival in Krabi

The Phuket to Krabi ferry arrives at Nopparat Thara Pier in Ao Nang. You can get off here if your hotel is close to Krabi Town.

Are you heading to Railay Beach? After dropping off passengers at Nopparat Thara Pier, some ferries continue on to East Railay Floating Pier on the south tip of Krabi. That’s an additional journey time of 20 minutes.

Departure from Koh Phi Phi

Spending your time in Phuket on Koh Phi Phi? Good news for you! There are several ferries departing straight from Koh Phi Phi to Krabi. Journey time is between 1-2 hours.

All ferries from Koh Phi Phi to Krabi depart from Ton Sai Pier, southwest of the island centre. The exception is Phi Phi Logistic Tour, which departs from Laem Tong Beach Pier on the north.

The main pier in Koh Phi Phi is known as Tonsai Pier, do not confuse this with Ton Sai Beach in Krabi!

Ferry schedule from Koh Phi Phi to Krabi

Seatran Discovery09:00-11:00440 THB ($13)
Check Ferry Tickets
Ao Nang Travel and Tour15:30-17:30500 THB ($15)
Check Ferry Tickets
Kanichta Speedboat15:00-16:00820 THB ($24.50)
Check Ferry Tickets
Chao Koh Group14:00-14:40805 THB ($24)
Check Ferry Tickets
Koh Yao Sun Smile11:00-12:00
890 THB ($27)
Check Ferry Tickets
Phi Phi Logistic & Tour09:00-10:00
1,570 THB ($47.50)
Check Ferry Tickets

Arrival in Krabi

The different ferry companies have different arrival points. We recommend that you choose one that is near the area where your hotel is booked.

Same as the ferries from Phuket, the ferries from Koh Phi Phi also arrive at Nopparat Thara Pier and East Railay. Additional arrival piers include Krabi River Marina, near Krabi Walking Street and Klong Jilad Pier, 4 km south of Krabi centre.

Klong Jilad Pier is the main docking port for boats operating from Phi Phi Island to Krabi.

Check Ferry Tickets

Phuket to Krabi by Taxi

Duration: 2.5-3 hours
Cost: from 2,200 THB ($66)
Duration: 2.5-3 hours
Cost: from 2,200 THB ($66)

If you stay in one of the destinations on the west coast of Phuket, like Patong, it will be easier to take a direct taxi from Phuket to Krabi. A taxi is also a good option when departing from Phuket Airport.

Taxis offer more comfort, freedom, and convenience of direct hotel drop-offs (no unnecessary stopover) compared to shared rides. It’s a good option when travelling in a group or carrying bulky luggage.

However, the downside of this is that taxis in Phuket are well known for charging extremely high rates compared to the rest of Thailand. Finding a driver who will use a metre for your trip is rare.

Taxi fares

Most taxi fares start at 2,500 THB ($75) and you need to be prepared to negotiate a fair price.

To secure a safe drive with a trusted driver, you can instead book your private transport in advance via BookAway. Rates start from 2,200 THB ($66) for a 3-seater car from Phuket to Krabi. With BookAway, prices are fixed so no need for haggling.

Another way is to check the taxi app Grab, but these fares are also often elevated and not always cheaper than hailing a taxi on the street. Note that Grab charges an extra surcharge of 200 THB ($6).

See here the travel time  and taxi fares from Phuket to Krabi:

Departure pointTravel timeTaxi fares*
Phuket Airport2.5-3.5 hoursfrom 2,300 THB ($69)
Patong3-4 hoursfrom 2,900 THB ($87)
Karon4-5 hoursfrom 2,900 THB ($87)
Rawai4-5 hoursfrom 3,000 THB ($91)
*Taxi fares are based on Grab and travel time on Google Maps and Grab.

Lastly, you can pre-book a taxi from Phuket to Krabi through local travel agencies or hotels. You can also directly contact taxi companies such as Phuket Taxi or Taxi Cab Phuket. This will often be more expensive than booking online, though.

Check Private Transfers

Phuket to Krabi by Bus

Duration: 3-4 hours 
Cost: 230 THB ($6.50)
Duration: 3-4 hours 
Cost: 230 THB ($6.50)

Looking for a cheaper option? If you travel solo and on a budget, there are public buses and minivans that you can take.

This non-stop journey takes 3-4 hours and a bus ticket from Phuket to Krabi cost only 230 THB ($6.50) per person.

You will miss the scenic ferry ride, but it will leave you with some more cash to spare once you arrive in Krabi.

Departure and arrival station

To catch the bus from Phuket to Krabi, you will depart from Phuket Bus Terminal 2 on Thepkasattri Road. This terminal is about a 15-minute drive from the centre of Phuket.

Buses arrive at the Krabi Terminal, about 6 km outside the city centre. From Krabi Bus Station, you can take a songthaew or taxi to Ao Nang or to Krabi Town. A songthaew costs only around 20 THB ($0.60) if you share the ride.

Alternatively, you can arrange a transfer with your hotel before departure. However, this may be more expensive.

Bus schedule from Phuket to Krabi

Sri Trang Tour07:30-10:30
230 THB ($6.50)
Check Bus Tickets

Only Sri Trang Tour operates the Phuket to Krabi route with just three departures a day, so we suggest booking your tickets in advance. When you buy directly at the bus station, you run the risk of tickets being sold out.

Alternative: Shared minivans from Phuket to Krabi

There are also shared minivans that depart from the Phuket Bus Terminal 1, about 5 km away from Terminal 2. Minivans aren’t as spacious as buses, but they offer more trips — almost every hour from 06:40 to 18:00 daily.

Two minivan companies operating on this route are 438 Phuket Krabi Transport and Good Luck Lanta.

Ticket prices start from 220 THB ($6.50) per person, and the journey time is about 3.5 hours to Krabi Bus Terminal.

Check Bus & Van Tickets

Phuket to Krabi by Flight

Duration: 5.5 hours
Cost: 2,245 THB ($68)
Duration: 5.5 hours
Cost: 2,245 THB ($68)

While Phuket and Krabi both have their own airports, there are no direct flights from Phuket to Krabi. All flights make a stop in Bangkok, making the journey take much longer compared to the other transport options discussed above.

Depending on the layover time in Bangkok, flying from Phuket to Krabi will take at least 5.5 hours.

Step 1: Phuket Town to Phuket Airport

Phuket Airport is located about 30 km away from the town centre and 40 km from Patong Beach on the west coast.

You have several options when travelling to Phuket Airport:

  • Airport bus from Phuket Town centre (1.5 hours) – 125 THB ($3.75)
  • Smart bus from the western beach destinations (1-2 hours) – 100 THB ($3)
  • Shared minivan from your hotel (1-1.5 hours) – 200 THB ($6)
  • Taxi from your hotel (30-60 minutes) – 655 THB ($19.50)

For more info on how to travel to the airport, visit our Phuket Airport guide.

Step 2: Phuket Airport to Krabi Airport

Several airlines offer indirect flights from Phuket to Krabi. This includes Air Asia, Thai Airways, and Bangkok Airways.

As there are no direct flights, all flights make a stop at either Don Mueang Airport or Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. Depending on the length of your layover, the indirect flight from Phuket Airport to Krabi Airport will take 4.5-8 hours.

Airfares from Phuket to Krabi start from 2,000 THB ($60).

Check Flights on Skyscanner

Step 3: Krabi Airport to Krabi Town

At Krabi Airport, you can find buses and minivans operating from 08:00 to 20:00.

If you prefer a private transfer, you can also take a taxi from the airport. BookAway offers several low-priced transport options to get from Krabi Airport to Krabi Town. See the fares and destinations below.

  • Minivan to Krabi town (30 minutes) – 145 THB ($4.35)
  • Bus to Khlong Muang Beach (1 hour) – 270 THB ($8)
  • Taxi to hotel (30 minutes) – 270 THB ($8)

Check Flights on Skyscanner

Itinerary from Phuket to Krabi

FAQ How to get there

Frequently asked questions about travelling to Krabi from Phuket

What is the best way to travel from Phuket to Krabi?

The best way to travel from Phuket to Krabi is by ferry. With a journey time of around 2 hours, ferries are fast, convenient and cost-effective.

When you travel by land, you can take a private car or a bus. Travel times are 2.5 hours and 3-4 hours, respectively. There are no direct flights from Phuket to Krabi so we don’t recommend taking a flight for this route.

What are the best things to do in Krabi?

Krabi boasts of both nature and wildlife. It has fun activities to offer for everybody — may that be families, honeymooners, or solo travellers.

Seaside, Andaman Sea’s calm waves make it perfect for swimming and fishing, while its shallow coral reefs make it a great spot for snorkelling and diving. Inland, Krabi’s lush forests and national forests offer a lot of venues for hiking and trekking. If you’re into culture and history, you don’t need to go further than Krabi Town.

For more information, check out our guide for the 7 Best Things to Do in Krabi.

What are the must-visit sights in Krabi?

Krabi is renowned for its stunning white-sand beaches. Leading the list is Railay Beach, which can only be reached by boat via the Andaman Sea. Surrounded by limestone cliffs and crystal-clear blue water, this postcard-perfect tropical paradise is on top of the list of people visiting from all over the world.

We also recommend exploring Thung Teao Forest Natural Park with its emerald pool, age-old trees, and a wide variety of birds and other animals. Visit Wat Tham Sua, one of the most interesting temples in southern Thailand. And take a closer look at the Krabi Shell Cemetery, where millions of years old sea relics have piled together to make solid rocks.

When is the best time of the year to visit Krabi?

The best time of year to visit Krabi is from November to April. During these months the weather is dry and sunny, the wind is calm, and temperatures range from 25-35°C — the ideal vacation months for relaxation on Krabi’s gorgeous beaches along the Andaman Sea.


Our favourite places to stay in Krabi

Pak-Up Hostel

This hostel is great, the location, the staff, the beds, the social atmosphere, it truly has it all.  Just steps from the Chaofa Pier you can easily grab a boat and head to Railay for a day trip. It’s within close proximity to countless restaurants, bars featuring live music and amenities.  The hostel offers a bar, laundry facilities, extremely helpful staff who can help with tours and travel arrangements. 

  • Social atmosphere
  • Ideal location
  • Bar onsite
  • Very comfortable beds

Single bunk starts at $13 per night

Read more

Sleep Easy Krabi Guesthouse

If you’re looking for a bit of a quieter hostel then we suggest staying at the Sleep Easy Krabi Guesthouse. This hostel is conveniently located in central Krabi, within walking distance of the night market, Wat Kaew Korawaram, and the local city market.  You can enjoy a drink in the Guesthouse bar before retiring to your comfortable bunk and getting a good night's rest. 

  • Ideal location
  • Onsite bar
  • Walking distance to markets
  • Comfortable beds

Single bunk starts at $13 per night

Read more

The Box House

Located centrally in Krabi Town, within a few minutes of many sights, this is a great location for your stay. The spacious, colorful rooms with large comfortable beds will offer you a great night’s sleep. Each room is equipped with air conditioning and a flat-screen tv for your enjoyment. The owners are friendly, welcoming and offer motorbike rentals onsite. 

  • Garden setting
  • Comfortable and clean rooms
  • Motorbike rentals available onsite
  • Friendly staff

Private rooms start at $18 per night 

Read more

B Ber House

Excellent location in the center of Krabi town, less than 1 kilometer to Wat Kaew Korowaram and just 2 kilometers to Thara Park. There is a restaurant on-site and a lovely terrace offering beautiful city views for the guests to enjoy. The rooms are spacious and the beds are comfortable, you’ll definitely have a great sleep here! The owners are very friendly and will offer to help in any way possible.  

  • Great views
  • Large terrace
  • Wonderful staff
  • Clean and comfortable 

Private room starts at $29 per night 

Read more

The Brown Hotel

Set in central Krabi, within walking distance of all amenities, the night market, and sights, this hotel is a great choice.  Take in the views from the shared guest terrace or relax in your private room with extremely comfortable beds. The sleek and modern furnishings will have you feeling right at home. The hotel is extremely clean and the staff is fantastic. 

  • Ideal location
  • Large terrace
  • Sleek and modern furnishings
  • Comfortable beds

Private room starts at $49 per night

Read more


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