Last updated: Aug 06, 2019


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Trip overview from Don Muang Airport (Bangkok)

To make trip planning super easy and fast, we created a step-by-step guide to find the best way to travel from Don Muang Airport in Bangkok.

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How to get from Don Muang Airport to Bangkok

Don Muang Airport is located 26km north of downtown Bangkok. To go from and to the airport, you have the options of taking a taxi, the shuttle bus service or the train.

We recommend taking the bus if you want to save some money and the taxi if you don’t mind spending a few bucks more. The train looks to be cheaper, but take in mind that it is slower and you likely have to take another bus or taxi from the end station to your hotel.

Airport Transfer to Suvarnabhumi Airport

If you need to head to Suvarnabhumi Airport to catch a connecting flight, you can get on the airport shuttle bus outside Gate 6. It’s free of charge but you may have to present a boarding pass, your ticket and valid ID. Also, take this bus only if you have some time to spare as the journey will take about 50 minutes.


Your options at a glance

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Bus40m - 1,5 hours30 THB (€0,30) /
50 THB (€1,30)
No online tickets
Taxi30m - 1 hour300 THB (€8)No online tickets
Train1 hour5 THB (€0,10)No online tickets

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If you haven’t found your best transport option yet, no problem. This was just the intro. Below we share our step-by-step guide of how to get from Don Muang Airport to Bangkok.



Bus icon

Bus from/to Don Muang Airport


Duration: 40 minutes – 1,5 hours
Costs: 30 THB (€0,80) or 50 THB (€1,30)

Though Don Muang Airport is not the main airport anymore, it still accommodates numerous international and domestic flights. Terminal 1 operates the international flights while Terminal 2 is for domestic flights.

The bus is the cheapest option from the airport to Bangkok. Orange-colored buses are parked just outside of the arrival hall, specifically outside of Gate 6 and Gate 12. There are four different buses with each there different route. Below we provide a table of their schedules.

Bus RouteFareInterval
A1Airport - BTS Jatujak - Jatujak Bus Terminal
(vise versa)
30 THB (€0,30) every 5 minutes
A2Airport - Victory Monument
(vise versa)
30 THB (€0,30) every 30 minutes
A3Airport -Lumphini Park
(vise versa)
50 THB (€1,30) depends
A4Airport - City Center
(vise versa)
50 THB (€1,30) depends

Fares are 30 THB (€0,80) for A1 and A2. For A3 and A4, expect to pay 50 THB (€1,30).

A1 and A2 buses are available from 07:00 to 00:00 while the latest A3 and A4 buses depart at 23:00 and take the expressway to Bangkok.

There are also city buses deading to the city. You can find them outside the airport premise, along the main road. However, city buses make multiple stops what makes the journey even longer and these buses tend to get crowded.

Bus Stops for the Airport Bus

A1 – Central Lat Phrao Mall, BTS Mochit/MRT Jatujak, Jatujak Bus Terminal

A2 – Kasetsart University, Central Lat Phrao Mall, BTS Mochit/MRT Jatujak, Saphan Kwai, Ari, Sanam Pao, Victory Monument

A3 – Din Daeng, Pratunam, Ratchaprasong, Ratchadamri, Lumphini Park

A4 – Khao San Road, the Democracy Monument, Phanfa Bridge, Lan Luang Yommarat, Tha Prachan, Tha Chang

Locals normally travel with these buses so don’t be surprised if buses fill up easily and you have to pack up.



Taxi from/to Don Muang Airport


Duration: 30 minutes – 1 hour
Costs: 300 THB (€8)

Going from and to Don Muang Airport is easy when you take the taxi. There are taxis everywhere so hailing one should not be a problem.

Expect to pay about 300 THB (€8), depending on how far your hotel is from the airport. It’s important to note the peak hours which is usually around 06:00-09:00 and 16:00-19:00. Traffic is common during these hours, so you may have to pay more.

To avoid traffic, drivers will give you the option to take the expressway (70 THB). If this is the case, you have to pay for the expressway toll fees aside from the charge on the meter. Also, bear in mind you have to pay 50 THB airport surcharge when you travel from the airport to the center.

Sometimes, taxi drivers will negotiate to have a flat rate. Just make sure you agree about this beforehand and not wait till you arrive.

Tip: Always make sure the meter is running so you avoid paying more. You can find the meter in the front, usually on the dashboard or somewhere in the middle.


Train from/to Don Muang Airport


Duration: 1 hour
Costs: 5 THB (€0,10)

We do not recommend to take the train from Don Muang Airport to the center as the journey will take longer and the tran station is 2km from the city center. Taking the bus is much more convenient if you don’t want to spend as much on the taxi.

If you still want to travel by train, you can head to the Don Muang Train station just on the opposite of the airport. It takes about 15minutes to walk there when you pass the overhead bridge that connects the airport to the train station.

Tickets from Don Mueang to Hua Lamphong Station in Bangkok cost only 5 THB (€0,10) and 20 THB (€0,50) for the other trains. You can buy your ticket at the ticket counter when at the train station.