Where to get your car rental insurance?


When booking the car online you often get the chance to book insurance that will cover the excess damage for about 5 euro per day. Booking the car insurance online will be much cheaper than buying the insurance when you pick up the car.

Buying the insurance when you pick up, will likely cost you close to €10 a day. If you book it in advance the rates will be around €4-€6.

But there are even better options! Keep on reading to find the option that works best for you.

Where to get your car insurance?

Renting a car at the airport

Pre-booking your insurance can save you a lot of money. But also here, there are different options.

  • When picking up the car (not recommended; €10 a day)
  • Online when booking the car (€4-€6 a day)
  • Using free car insurance from Revolut metal plan (€11.25 p/month, many other benefits)
  • External websites like IcarHireInsurance (from €3.30 a day)

If you only rent a car for a few days, it might be easier to just order the standard package offered by the booking website.

However, if you want to rent the car for a week or longer, you can also book an insurance on external websites for much better prices. Or even better, receive free car insurance with the Revolut Metal plan (up to 30 days per trip) as one of the many benefits.

Tip #1 Free car insurance as a Revolut Metal plan card holder

Revolut Card for car hire excess insurance

Planning to rent a car for multiple times in a year?

Then make sure to check out the premium debit cards from the online banks of Revolut, but also N26.

With the Metal plan of Revolut, you will get excess car damage insurance whenever you book the car rental with this card. The Metal plan costs just €13,99 a month or €135 if you pay upfront.

Besides the car insurance, this metal plan comes with many extra advantages like travel insurance, mobile phone insurance, free cross-border transfers, free excess to airport lounges when your flight is delayed and many more extras perks.

To consider if it was worth it to get this card, I estimated how many times I would rent a car in the next 12 months. This would be to 3-4 weeks. Using the average charge of €5 p/day, would mean that I would pay up to €150 to car insurance in the next 12 months.

Compared to the Revolut metal plan of €135 p/year, I would be much better of getting this Metal plan and get all the benefits while even saving money with it.

Revolut is a super fast-growing start-up bank in the UK, but also the fast-growing German start-up bank offers this free car insurance with their card. I tried both premium plans, but I concluded that Revolut offered more benefits for a lower price.

Tip #2 Book the car insurance at an external website

Car hire insurance

Not interested in all the extra benefits of the Revolut bankcard? Another option is to book a car insurance at an external booking website.

You can book these additional car insurances on travel insurance companies like Alliance, but this won’t really save you any money.

The real savings start when you book with a provider that solely focuses on car rental insurance. A friend of mine used iCarhireInsurance.com and managed to get a cheap car rental insurance for only about 50 euro a year.

IcarhireInsurance also offers daily car insurance, starting at £3 (€3.30) a day. Even if you only rent a car for one week, it can already save you up tens of euros compared to booking direct with the car rental company.

Note that the actual price depends on your country of origin, the part of the world where you want to travel and potential add-ons to the basic coverage. Spending a few extra minutes on reading the terms will a good reward!

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