Our story

How the idea of Gecko Routes was born

Which places do you want to visit?

And how long does it take to get to our next destination?

These were questions that came up numerous times when I was planning a 3-week holiday in Vietnam with my family. I had been travelling through Asia for several months, but I hadn’t been restricted on time until now.

Enjoying breakfast until late morning and then beginning to check when the next bus would leave was not the best plan.

I definitely didn’t want to tell my family that the last bus of the day just left an hour ago because I had planned poorly.

So how did I plan our trip?

After reading several travel blogs, forums, asking friends and fellow travellers, I created an excel spreadsheet with destinations we wanted to visit.

The next step was to find out how easy it would be to reach these places. Unfortunately, this was not a simple task. With each new destination, I had to Google search, browse several blogs, visit local websites and try to unriddle the text with the help of Google translation. Often only to find out that the information was not up-to-date.

The idea of Gecko Routes was born: “Creating an online travel guide which shows travellers how to get around with up-to-date travel information in one place.”

We provide you with up-date travel info at one place

On Gecko Routes you will find easy accessible, up-to-date travel information in one place.

We will provide you with all possible travel options to get you to your next destination as smoothly as possible. We will update the routes every few months to assure the information is correct. We will do this by checking various (local) travel websites and contacting locals to verify the information.

Suggestions or comments?

Any additions, questions or just want to share your trip planning experience? Let us know! We love reading your comments and receiving feedback about improving our website and your experience(s) utilizing this information.

Reading experiences from our readers is one of the most fulfilling things of running this website. This is what keeps me motivated to improve the quality of the routes and continue adding new ones.

To reach out, visit our contact page or send an email to [email protected]

We hope you have an awesome trip and always remember that travelling to your next destination is more than getting from point A to B, as any option you choose just may become some of the best memories from your trip! 

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