FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind Gecko Routes?

We’re a team of travellers who love to share their passion for exploring the world. We’ve covered a lot of ground (literally and figuratively) to find the best transport options and travel hacks for your trip. 

We write the type of guides we would like to read ourselves: packed with useful information, easy to follow and up-to-date. Everything you read on the website is written and regularly fact-checked by one of us. 

In addition to travel routes and destination guides, we are working on a personal trip planner which suggests the best points of interest based on your preferences. Save them together with your preferred transport method on your bucket list and never worry about trip planning again!

Why the name ‘Gecko Routes’?

When you travel to any tropical destination, you will see, or at least hear, a gecko. Found on every continent except Antarctica, geckos are a staple for travellers chasing the warm weather across Southeast Asia and Latin America.

But simply following in the gecko’s footsteps won’t show you the best spots on our planet. And that’s why we added a second element to our brand name: the route. You can only find the treasure if you have a map — and in order to get to your treasure, you need to charter the route. This is exactly the value we want to provide to you. We find the treasures spread all over the globe and then share with you the best route to get there.

Is Gecko Routes free to use?

Yes, Gecko Routes is totally free to use and our website will stay free to use in the future. 

We maintain and expand this website with income from affiliate marketing. This means that if you make a purchase using one of the links on our website, we may earn a commission (at zero cost to you). But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We always look for the best price for each type of transportation and we independently research every product.

Can I book tickets with Gecko Routes?

No, we are not a booking company. We often direct you to platforms or companies you can book your tickets with, but we can’t make the booking for you. Our aim is to provide you with the best information based on our own travel experience and research, sharing reliable booking websites for transport, accommodation and experiences.

Are the departure and arrival times up-to-date?

We strive to update the arrival and departure schedules every two months. However, things change fast and sometimes the actual departure/arrival times might differ from what you see on Gecko Routes. Always check the schedule with the transport company (we always link them up in the guide).

Do you have a mobile app?

We don’t have a mobile app right now. However, our website is built with a responsive design, so it can be used on all devices.

Will you add more countries to the website in the future? We’re writing new guides as we speak! Gecko Routes is constantly expanding and we’re adding new countries based on our travel expertise and what our readers are interested in. If there’s a country you’d like to see on the website, let us know through our contact page or send an email to info[@]geckoroutes.com. We love to hear your suggestions.

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