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sewu waterfalls in java

How to visit the Sewu waterfalls

Tumpak Sewu Waterfalls is a multi-tiered waterfall in East Java, some 70 km south of Mt. Bromo. Loosely ...
Passport for Visa stamp

Visa Guide for Vietnam

3 Steps to Check Which Visa You Need in Vietnam Want to know in a minute which Visa ...
Bromo - Indonesia

Where to visit Mount Bromo from?

If you’re planning on hiking Mt. Bromo, there are several destinations that you can make your base camp ...
Travel packinglist

The ultimate packing list for Southeast Asia and Latin America

There is no such thing as a perfect packing list. Every traveller’s must-have list will depend on their ...
San Gil overview

Visiting San Gil | A guide to
Colombia’s adventure capital

Exploring San Gil Where to Stay Where to Eat How to get around Without a doubt, San Gil ...
San Gil
Gift-giving with Gecko Routes

Christmas in the Philippines:
Gift-Giving with Gecko Routes

Christmas is the most important holiday in the Philippines and we celebrate it all out. That means games, ...
Battambang truck on road

Your Cambodian adventure: 5 of the best things to see and do in Battambang

Visit Cambodia’s third-largest city, Battambang, and you can immerse yourself in its rich cultural history and have a ...
Bus companies Vietnam

Vietnamese bus companies reviewed: the best, the worst and the rest

Understanding bus companies in Vietnam Buses are a popular way to travel between tourist destinations in Vietnam. However, ...

Cat Ba

Exploring Cat Ba How to get to Cat Ba Where to Stay Discover Cat Ba CatBa is the ...
Ho Chi Minh skyline

Ho Chi Minh

Contents How to get there | Discover | Secret Escapes How to get to Ho Chi Minh Leaving ...
Ho Chi Minh