How to get from Barranquilla to Tayrona National Park?

Tayrona National Park offers some of the best beaches, breath-taking hikes and unparalleled sights in Colombia and according to many, even South America.

Here you’ll find activities like snorkelling, horse riding, camping, bird and animal watching, visiting archeological sites and why not, nude bathing.

Tayrona National Park covers 225km² and has many access points. Most visitors enter via El Zaino or Taganga, since they are relatively easy to reach from other major destinations in Colombia.

Given its proximity to Santa Marta, most visitors chose to hop on a bus from here, but other popular choices are to leave from Barranquilla and Cartagena too. Below, we explain Barranquilla to El Zaino entrance by direct transport. If you want to enter Tayrona Park by one of the other 4 entrances, you’ll first have to travel from Barranquilla to Santa Marta. Check out the Santa Marta to Tayrona guide to see how to go on from there.

Minivan or Bus?

When travelling the 112km from Barranquilla to Tayrona National Park, you have 2 options: a 3-hour minivan ride to Tayrona Park entrance El Zaino, or a 3.5 hour bus with a transfer in Santa Marta. Rates range from 20,000 COP ($5.20) to 50,000 COP ($13).

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Minivan3h50,000 COP ($13)Read article for info
Bus3h 30m excl. transfer time20,000 COP ($5.20)Read article for info

The minivan is the easiest way to travel from Barranquilla to Tayrona National Park.


Entrance into Tayrona

Tayrona is a protected area and access is restricted during some holidays. These periods fall in February, June and October. Dates vary each year, so we recommend checking in advance whether your planned visiting dates fall on a popular holiday.

A ticket for Tayrona can be bought with either cash or card (card is accepted at only El Zaino and Palangana). The price for foreigners during low season is 56,000 COP ($13) or 66,000 COP ($16) in high season, which is from December to January, during Easter holiday and mid-June to July.

Booking online used to be possible but is not available at the moment. It’s worth checking the website to see if this changes.

Also take into consideration that insurance is mandatory, which is sold at the park entrance, for 2,500 COP ($0.60) per day.

Like many places in South America, it is also highly recommended to have a yellow fever vaccine certificate to enter.


Barranquilla to Tayrona National Park by Minivan

Duration: 3 hours
Cost: 50,000 COP ($13)

From Barranquilla to Tayrona, minivans take 3 to 3.5 hours depending on traffic and stops along the way. Travelers prefer this option because the driver can pick you up from any hotel in Barranquilla and drop you at most hotels or entrances in Tayrona.

Tickets for Marsol Transportes can be booked via whatsapp or phone call (+57 3008285807 – 3017901553) and Tickets for Caribe Vans can be booked via whatsapp or phone call (+57 300 5438797).


Barranquilla to Tayrona National Park by Bus

Duration: 3.5 hours
Cost: 20,000 COP ($13)

A simple and economical way to go from Barranquilla to Tayrona is to take any bus to Guajira region (Palomino and Riohacha) and ask the driver to drop you off at the park entrance in El Zaino.

You can book the tickets online to Palomino or Riohacha, but we recommend to ask the bus driver in advance to make sure that they will stop at the park entrance.

If the buses won’t stop at the park entrance, you can just buy a ticket to Santa Marta and from there find another bus headed to Palomino or Guajira which run frequently.

Here’s some more information on getting the bus from Santa Marta to Tayrona.

If you’d prefer a private transfer, you can also book with one of the following companies: PlacePass, Senalmar or Aviatur.


Getting around inside Tayrona

Once inside the park, getting around is mainly done by walking, but horse riding and a small bus exist in El Zaino entrance if you want to get closer to some of the main attractions and camping/lodging sites available.

The bus from El Zaino to the Cañaveral area, a 10-minute ride, will cost 3,000 COP ($0.80). This area is the starting point for most trekking routes in the park.


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