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How to get from Koh Lanta to Langkawi?

Langkawi, located off the northwest coast of Malaysia, is an archipelago of 99 islands.

Surrounded by turquoise waters, its biggest island (also called Langkawi) is made of white-sand beaches that border the lush jungles in the middle. Dotted inbetween are busy towns filled with locals, tourists, and of course, the duty-free outlets Langkawi is well-known for.

Far from a quiet retreat, Langkawi does still offer some natural wonders and vibrant diving spots.

Langkawi is an ideal place to go island-hopping, submerge yourself in waterfalls and get lost in the rice fields. All of which can be seen from the Langkawi Sky Bridge. A little tip though, go early in the morning or you’ll be sharing this view with lots of other tourists!

Ferry from Koh Lanta to Langkawi

Transport ModeDurationCostsAvailability
Ferry7.5 hours$96Check ferry tickets

Are you planning to travel the 160km distance from Koh Lanta to Langkawi? There is only 1 option available: that is a 7.5-hour ferry ride with fares from $96, including the taxi transfer in Langkawi.

Although 7.5 hours on a ferry seems like a very long time, you won’t really be travelling that long. Koh Lanta does not have its own immigration office, so all ferries operating from Koh Lanta to Langkawi must make a short stop in Koh Lipe, where the immigration checkpoint is located at the beach!

We actually consider this stop a bonus – an extra hour or two to enjoy beautiful Koh Lipe? Why not!

Note that it is also possible to make an alternative route from Koh Lanta to Langkawi via land. However, this route requires 4 transfers, will take more than 10 hours and the taxi ride from Satun to Krabi will already exceed the ferry costs. As it will be very stressful to make this journey in one day, we decided to save you from the further details.

Itinerary from Koh Lanta to Langkawi

ferry icon

Koh Lanta to Langkawi by Ferry

Duration: 7.5 hours
Cost: 2,800 THB ($89) + 30 MYR ($7)

Tigerline and Satun Pakbara each offer 1 trip daily from Koh Lanta to Langkawi. Fares start from 2,800 THB ($89) when you book on BookAway and travel time is 7.5 hours.

Below are the ferry schedules from Koh Lanta to Langkawi:

Ferry CompanyScheduleDurationCosts
Tigerline10:30-19:007.5 hours2,800 THB ($89)
Satun Pakbara Speedboat10:30-19:308 hours3,330 THB ($106)

Check Ferry Tickets with BookAway

The ferries dock at Telaga Harbour, located 15km north of the tourist hub of Pantai Cenang. From here, you can take a 20-minute taxi to your hotel for around 30 MYR ($7).

If you’re alone and looking for cheaper rates, shared taxis are often available around Langkawi’s ports.

Customs & Immigration

After 2.5 to 3 hours of your journey from Koh Lanta to Langkawi, your ferry will stop at Koh Lipe for customs and immigration. You are to give your passport to your ferry captain or to the immigration officers for processing. After which, they will tell you what time you can get your passport back.

In the meantime, you can have a late lunch at one of the beachside restos or enjoy the island’s beautiful turquoise waters. Just make sure you don’t go too far!

You and your fellow passengers will be gathered at the beach when it’s time to head back to the ferry.

In Langkawi, the customs and immigrations office is located at the port. You will be screened as soon as you get off the ferry. Most nationalities don’t need a visa to enter the country. You just need to have your passport stamped into Malaysia.

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