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How to get from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands?

Cameron Highlands is a picturesque hill-station in Pahang that has a cooler climate than most states in Malaysia. As the temperature almost never surpasses 30 degrees, it’s a favourite weekend and summer destination of locals.

Lush tea plantations cover its landscape, providing a refreshing escape from city life. Its temperate climate also makes for beautiful flora and continental fruits and vegetables. (Tip: Try out their strawberries!) It can be very touristy on weekends, so go on a weekday if you can.

4 ways to get from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands

Transport ModeDurationCostsAvailability
Bus4.5 hours47 MYR ($11)Check bus tickets
Train via Ipoh5.5 hours96 MYR ($22.50)Check train tickets
Train via Tapah Road3 hours 40 minutes73 MYR ($17.50)Check train tickets
Taxi4 hours600 MYR ($140)Book a taxi

If you’re planning on travelling the 200km distance from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands, you have 3 options: you can take the bus for 4.5 hours, the train for 5.5 hours, or the taxi for 4 hours. Fares range from 47 MYR ($11) to 600 MYR ($140).

The cheapest way to get from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands is by bus. This bus journey takes about 4.5 hours and a ticket costs 47 MYR ($11).

There is no direct train from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands. You can only take the train up to Ipoh or Tapah Road. From there, you will need to transfer to a bus which will take you the rest of the way. Combined train and bus fares start from 96 MYR ($22.50) and travel time is about 5.5 hours. Unless you particularly prefer to take the train, or are planning on making a stop at Ipoh or Tapah, we think it is a lot more convenient to just take the bus instead of the train.

The taxi is the most expensive option, with rates from 600 MYR ($140). However, if you’re travelling in a small group it may be more beneficial to split the cost of a taxi instead of taking a bus. In return, you will get more convenience and reach your endpoint earlier. Travel time is about 4 hours.

Itinerary from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands

Bus icon

Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands by Bus

Duration: 4.5 hours
Cost: 47 MYR ($11)

There are several bus companies operating from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands. These buses depart from Kuala Lumpur Bus Terminal (TBS) almost every hour from 08:30 to 17:30. The travel time is between 4 to 5 hours, depending on traffic.

You can buy your ticket at the bus terminal, but be aware that they can sell out fast on weekends and holidays.

Another option is to book online via BookAway or 12go.Asia. However, only 2 options are available for online booking the last time we checked (July 2020). You can see their schedules and corresponding links on the table below:

Bus CompanyScheduleDurationCosts
Perak Transit
Book with BookAway
12:30-16:454h 15m47 MYR ($11)
Unititi Express
Book with 12go.Asia
08:30-13:174h 47m47 MYR ($11)

A bus ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands costs 47 MYR ($11) when you book online. We recommend booking with BookAway if you don’t want to pay an extra booking fee.

The buses arrive at Tanah Rata Bus Terminal in the Cameron Highlands town centre.

Train icon

Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands by Train

Duration: 5.5 hours
Cost: 96 MYR ($22.50)

You have two options when travelling by train from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands: via Ipoh or Tapah Road. The train is a good option if you plan on checking out any of these 2 locations, but if not, you may be better off taking the bus.

Ipoh is a vibrant town with many interesting attractions. Known as the gateway to Cameron Highlands, we think it’s best to make a stopover here if you’re really keen on taking the train.

The train route via Tapah Road is cheaper, but you really won’t have much to do in this quiet town. But if your goal is just to take the train and not make any other side trips, this might be the better option for you.

Not sure which train route to take? Read on for a more detailed guide.

Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands by Train via Ipoh

Duration: 5.5 hours
Cost: 96 MYR ($22.50)

Buddhist temples, limestone caves, castle ruins – these are just some of the places you can explore if you make a stopover in Ipoh, which is located 90km west of Cameron Highlands. We think it’s only worth taking the train if you plan on visiting any of these age-old attractions.

Step 1: Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh by Train

Duration: 2.5 – 3 hours
Cost: 36 MYR ($8.50)

There are 15 trains that operate from KL Sentral to Ipoh daily. These depart once or twice an hour from 07:11 to 20:06. The cost of a standard train ticket starts at 36 MYR ($8.50) and travel time is between 2.5 to 3 hours.

Check Available Train Tickets

Step 2: Ipoh to Cameron Highlands by Bus

Duration: 2 hours 45 minutes
Cost: 30 MYR ($7) + 30 MYR ($7)

From Ipoh Train Station, you’ll need to head to Amanjaya Terminal. To get there, you can take a 15-minute taxi or a 50-minute bus ride. Fares start from 30 MYR ($7) and 4.30 MYR ($1), respectively.

Buses bound for the Cameron Highlands depart from Amanjaya from 08:00-18:30 daily. Perak Transit, CS Travel, and Unititi Express are the bus companies you can choose from. Ticket prices start from 22 MYR ($5) if you choose to buy them at the terminal.

If you prefer to book them beforehand online, Perak Transit and Unititi are also available on BookAway for 30 MYR ($7). A couple of dollars more expensive, but it can be really helpful if your travelling on a busy day.

Check Bus Tickets with BookAway

Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands by Train via Tapah Road

Duration: 3 hours 40 minutes
Cost: 73 MYR ($17.50)

Tapah is a laidback town located 70km south of Cameron Highlands. There’s not much to do in the town itself. There are a couple of waterfalls on its outskirts, but they’re still at least an hour away.

The one advantage of making a stopover in Tapah Road though is that combined fares is cheaper.

Step 1: Kuala Lumpur to Tapah Road by Train

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: 29 MYR ($7)

At least 13 trains operate from KL Sentral Station in Kuala Lumpur to Tapah Road daily. They depart almost every hour from 07:05 to 22:45. Travel time is more or less 2 hours and ticket costs start from 29 MYR ($7).

For the latest schedules, we recommend checking the KTM website beforehand. You can also buy your train tickets from there.

Check Available Train Tickets

Step 2: Tapah Road to Cameron Highlands by Bus

Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes
Cost: 29 MYR ($7) + 15 MYR ($3.60)

From Tapah Road Station, you’ll first need to take a taxi to Tapah Bus Terminal. Rates start from 29 MYR ($7) for the 20-minute ride.

From Tapah Bus Terminal, only Regal Bus operates trips to Cameron Highlands daily. A ticket costs around 15 MYR ($3.60) and you can buy them at the bus station.

Below are the bus schedules from Tapah to Cameron Highlands:

Bus CompanyScheduleDurationCosts
Regal Bus08:00-09:40
1 hour 40 minutes15 MYR ($3.60)

The buses park at Tanah Rata Bus Terminal in Cameron Highlands city centre.


Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands by Taxi

Duration: 4 hours
Cost: 600 MYR – 643 MYR ($140-$150)

If you’re travelling with a small group, there is also the option to take a taxi from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands. You can get a car or a minivan that can fit up to 7 persons for rates between 600 MYR ($140) to 643 MYR ($150).

You can ask your hotel for help with booking one, but we highly recommend just booking online via BookAway. It’s more convenient, you’ll be assured of a spacious car, and BookAway also provides good customer service. Just click the link below.

Reserve a Taxi with BookAway

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