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How to get from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur?

Kuala Lumpur (KL) is Malaysia’s capital, a vibrant mix of skyscrapers, Asian-European architecture, large shopping districts, and flavourful cuisine. It can get quite busy, but it’s all about finding your rhythm in its beautiful chaos.

If you end up having some extra time in this wonderful city, we highly recommend a trip to Batu Caves just 30 minutes away from the city centre.

Bus, Flight or Train?

When it comes to travelling the 315km from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, you have 3 options: a 5-hour bus ride; a 1-hour flight; or a 7-hour train journey (that includes several transfers). Fares range from $11 to $49.

Transport ModeDurationCostsAvailability
Bus5 hours 15 minutes$11Check Bus Tickets
Flight1 hour$49Check flights
Train7.5 hours excl. transfers$18.50Check Tickets

A bus is a convenient option that will take you straight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur city centre. You can get a comfortable ride for $11 and travel time is around 5 hours.

The flight is the most expensive option with fares from $49. Travellers often choose it for its speed, but when you consider the waiting time at the airport and the transfers, the flight really isn’t that much faster than the bus. Plus, buses are more environment-friendly!

Travelling by train from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur is a bit of an adventure. It takes around 7 hours and you’ll need to take at least 3 different trains. Combined fares start from $18.50.

A few notes when crossing the Singapore-Malaysia border

Malaysian customs & immigration are nowhere near as strict as their Singaporean counterparts. However, there are still a few things you need to note when crossing the border to avoid the hassle and the possibility of paying customs duty.

Here are some of them:

  • There’s a 1-litre limit to any liquor you plan to bring into Malaysia.
  • There’s a limit of 225g of tobacco per person (that’s around 200 cigarettes).
  • Did you go shopping in Singapore? You’re only allowed 3 new wearable items and 1 new pair of shoes.
  • You can carry only 1 electric or battery-operated personal hygiene equipment.
  • Don’t even think about bringing in pornographic materials.
  • Unlicensed weapons, counterfeit bills or coins and illegal drugs are STRICTLY prohibited. These can lead to heavy fines or even the death penalty!

For more details, visit Malaysia’s Customs Department website.


Itinerary from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur


Bus icon

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur by Bus

Duration: 5 hours 15 minutes
Cost: 15 SGD ($11)

Singapore doesn’t have a centralized bus terminal. This is why buses operating from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur have varying departure points. The most common bus “terminals” are located at Kitchener Road, Golden Mile Complex, and Aperia Mall – all are about 5km north of downtown Singapore.

We highly recommend booking online when travelling this route to be guaranteed a seat and time of departure. There’s nothing worse than arriving to discover there are no available seats left for the bus you want to take!

BusOnlineTicket is our preferred booking website for this route because of their affordable rates. You can choose from 2 bus companies: Transtar Travel and Lapan Lapan. Below are the bus schedules from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur:

Bus CompanyScheduleDurationCosts
Transtar Travel PTE08:00-13:15
5 hours 15 minutes46 MYR ($11)
Transtar Travel PTE
5 hours 15 minutes113 MYR ($27)
Lapan Lapan09:30-14:45
5 hours 15 minutes92 MYR ($22)

Check Bus Tickets with BusOnlineTicket

We recommend travelling with Transtar Travel as they receive good reviews and they offer the best value for money. If you opt for their solitaire buses, you can enjoy a luxurious journey in a cosy cocoon seat with free TV and a complimentary meal.

Note though that they have at least 3 different departure and arrival points. Make sure to double-check these details when finalizing your booking!

Transtar buses have departure points from Kitchener Road, Golden Mile Complex and Aperia Mall. They arrive at either Kuala Lumpur Bus Terminal or TBS (located 13km south of the city centre) or at Berjaya Square or Jalan Imbi in the city centre.

The other bus company, Lapan Lapan, departs from 181 Kitchener Road and arrives at Berjaya Square in Kuala Lumpur city centre. They also receive good reviews, but we think they’re quite expensive.

Immigration Checkpoints

About 30 minutes into your journey from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, your bus will stop at Woodlands Checkpoint for customs and immigration. You’ll need to bring all your belongings for this. There you’ll be asked to fill out a Singapore departure card before having them stamp your passport. Then you’ll go back to your bus (make sure you remember which bus you took!).

The bus will then cross the border to Malaysia and stop again at Johor Bahru for Malaysian customs and immigration. Here, your fingerprint will be scanned and your passport will be stamped again. And then you’re off to Kuala Lumpur!


Singapore to Kuala Lumpur by Flight

Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes
Cost: 9 SGD ($6.50) + 55 SGD ($40) + 12 MYR ($2.80)

Flights from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur depart from Changi Airport. This is located 25km northeast of downtown Singapore and can be reached by train for 5.50 SGD ($4), by shuttle bus for 9 SGD ($6.50), or by taxi for around 30 SGD ($22).

Our preferred ride is the shuttle service offered by Klook. It picks you up from your hotel and takes you straight to the airport for 9 SGD ($6.50).

Travel time varies from 30 to 50 minutes depending on the number of stops it has to make on the way to the airport. Don’t worry though, they schedule the pick-ups efficiently so that all passengers will reach the airport in time for their flight.

Check Shuttle Bus Tickets with Klook

Air Asia, Firefly and Malaysia Airlines offer several flights from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur daily.

Airfares start from 55 SGD ($40) but can be even cheaper if you book early. The flight takes a little over 1 hour and arrives at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Check Flights with Skyscanner

From Kuala Lumpur Airport, you have 3 options to travel the 45km to the city centre. You can take the train (30 minutes), the bus (1 hour), or a taxi (1 hour). Fares range from 12 MYR ($2.80) to 75 MYR ($17.50). Check out our page on Kuala Lumpur Airport for more details.

Train icon

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur by Train

Duration: 7.5 hours 
Cost: 79 MYR ($18.50)

Years ago, you could travel by train directly from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. That line has since been disconnected though, so now you’ll have to take at least 3 trains, and that’s excluding the one you need to take from downtown Singapore!

This option is neither fast nor convenient, but it’s an adventure on its own. There’s also the bonus of a glimpse into local life in rural Malaysia.

Keep in mind that there is only one train schedule that will allow you to complete the train journey from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur in one day. To do that, you’ll have to depart from your accommodation as early as 06:30 or aim for an 08:00 arrival at Woodlands Train Checkpoint.

Step 1: Singapore (Woodlands Train Checkpoint) to Johor Bahru by Train

Duration: 30 minutes (incl. customs/immigration)
Cost: 5 SGD ($3.60) 

To travel by train from Singapore to Malaysia, you will have to go through immigration at Woodlands Train Checkpoint. This is located some 35km north of downtown Singapore. Depending on where you’re coming from, you can take the MRT or a bus to reach it.

The closest MRT station to Woodlands Checkpoint is Marsiling MRT. From here you can take a 20-minute bus (#856 or #912) to the checkpoint.

Remember not to confuse Woodlands Checkpoint with Woodlands MRT Station. The two are actually far apart.

Just in case you’re reading this now because you made the mistake of taking the train to Woodlands MRT, you can take bus #911 or #913 to reach the checkpoint.

Upon arrival, buy your train ticket on the ground floor of the station. A ticket costs 5 SGD ($3.60).

Woodlands Train Checkpoint

Most nationalities are allowed to enter Malaysia without a visa, so the process is quite simple.

First, you have to fill out a Singapore departure card, before having your passport stamped as proof that you have left Singapore.

Then, you move to the Malaysian side, where they will scan your fingerprint and stamp your passport to show that you have now entered Malaysia.

Make sure you bring all your belongings with you as they normally x-ray your luggage.

Once you’re done, you can take the train to Johor Bahru, which only takes 5 minutes.

Step 2: Johor Bahru to Gemas by Train

Duration: 4 hours 45 minutes
Cost: 21 MYR ($5)

Johor Bahru is the gateway to Malaysia from Singapore. From Malaysia’s southern tip, you will take an old intercity train to Gemas, located 210km northwest.

There are 4 trains operating from Johor Bahru to Gemas daily, but only one of those has a connecting train from Gemas to Kuala Lumpur within the same day.

That’s the KTM ES42, which departs from Johor Bahru at 09:15 and arrives at Gemas at 13:59. Travel time is 4 hours 44 minutes and a ticket costs 21 MYR ($5), which can be booked online through Baolau.

Check Train Tickets with Baolau

Step 3: Gemas to Kuala Lumpur by Train

Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes
Cost: 40 MYR ($9.50)

Gemas is a railway station connecting Malaysia’s east and west train lines.

Here, you will have to wait an hour for your connecting train going northwest to Kuala Lumpur. It departs from Gemas at 15:10 and arrives at KL Sentral at 17:28.

Travel time from Gemas to Kuala Lumpur takes 2 hours 18 minutes and a ticket costs 40 MYR ($9.50) when you book online on Baolau.

Check Train Tickets with Baolau

From KL Sentral, you can take a bus or a train to your hotel.

Here’s what your train itinerary from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur would look like:

Method of TransportTimeDurationCosts
Train/Bus from downtown Singapore to Woodlands Train Checkpoint06:30-08:001 hour 30 minutesDepends on your departure point
Train from Woodlands to Johor Bahru + Customs/Immigration08:00-08:3030 minutes5 SGD ($3.60)
Train from Johor Bahru to Gemas09:15-13:594 hours 44 minutes21 MYR ($5)
Train from Gemas to Kuala Lumpur15:10-17:282 hours 18 minutes40 MYR ($9.50)


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