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How to get from Singapore to Penang?

Penang is a cultural melting pot located on the northwest coast of Malaysia. For such a small island, Penang has so much to offer – vibrant culture, colourful heritage, amazing food, urban wonders, and untouched rainforest. At its heart is George Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a city rich in history.

If you want to make the journey from Singapore to Penang, you have 2 options to cross the 710km distance: a 10.5-hour bus or a 2.5-hour flight (including transfers). Fares for the bus start from $34 and for the flight from $62.50.

2 ways to get from Singapore to Penang

Transport ModeDurationCostsAvailability
Bus10.5 hours$34Check Tickets
Flight2.5 hours $62.50Check Flights

The bus is the cheaper option to get from Singapore to Penang. The bus journey takes around 10 hours, but you will travel by night so you can just sleep for most of the trip. Fares start from $34.

The flight is a good alternative if you’re short on time and don’t mind spending more. It only takes 2.5 hours (including the transfers to and from the airports) and prices start from $62.50. However, it’s good to keep in mind that short-haul flights like this are very harmful to the environment.

Itinerary from Singapore to Penang

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Singapore to Penang by Bus

Duration: 10.5 hours
Cost: $34

When taking the bus from Singapore to Penang, you can only go as far as Butterworth, a mainland town just 3km across from Penang Island.

From Butterworth, you’ll need to continue with the ferry to Penang. See below the steps explained in more detail.

Step 1: Singapore to Butterworth by Bus

Duration: 10 hours
Cost: 40 SGD ($30)

There are a few bus lines that operate the route from Singapore to Penang via Butterworth. Currently though, only Sri Maju Group is available.

It has one trip that departs from Golden Mile Complex (5km from downtown Singapore) at 21:00 daily. It arrives at Penang Sentral in Butterworth around 07:00 the next day, after a 10-hour journey.

A bus ticket from Singapore to Penang Sentral costs 40 SGD ($30).

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Step 2: Butterworth to Penang by Ferry

Duration: 10 – 20 minutes
Cost: 3 MYR ($0.65) + 13 MYR ($2.95)

Upon arrival at Penang Sentral, find the walkway that connects to Pangkalan Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal. There are some stairs here so take note if you’re carrying a lot of luggage.

At the port, ferries bound for Weld Quay on Penang Island depart twice an hour from 05:20 to 00:10. This will also easily match with the arrival time of 07:00 of the bus.

You can buy a ferry ticket for 3 MYR ($0.65). Travel time is only 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the water condition.

Weld Quay is located some 2km from Penang city centre. If you’re staying in George Town, you can take a 5-minute taxi from 13 MYR ($2.95) or a 20-minute bus (Line 101) for 4.50 MYR ($1).


Singapore to Penang by Flight

Duration: 2.5 hours, excl. transfers
Cost: from $62.50

The flight from Singapore to Penang takes only a little over an hour, but note that both airports are not located in the city centre. Transfers inbetween the airports and city centres take 30m for each city.

Step 1: Downtown Singapore to Changi Airport by City Shuttle

Duration: 30 minutes
Cost: 9 SGD ($6.50)

First, you’ll need to get to Singapore Changi Airport, located 20km east of downtown Singapore.

You can take a city shuttle for 9 SGD ($6.50), a taxi for 25 SGD ($18.50), the train for 2.70 SGD ($2), or the public bus for 2 SGD ($1.70).

For a combination of speed, comfort and budget, we highly recommend the city shuttle ($6.50). This is a shared minivan that offers free pick-up from a long list of hotels in the city centre. You can book your ride via Klook, a popular booking platform in Southeast Asia.

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Note that although the train and the public bus are very cheap, they might not be the best option if you’re short on time. For more details on the train and bus schedules, visit our page on Singapore Airport.

Step 2: Singapore to Penang by Flight

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes
Cost: from 70 SGD ($49)

Air Asia often offers the cheapest flights from Singapore to Penang. Airfares start from 70 SGD ($49) when you book early and travel time is 1 hour 20 minutes.

Other carriers operating on this route are Jetstar, Scoot, Singapore Airlines, and Silk Air. You can easily check fares and flight schedules through the link below.

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The flights depart from Singapore Changi Airport and arrive at Penang International Airport.

Step 3: Penang Airport to George Town by Taxi or Bus

Duration: 30 minutes
Cost: from 30 MYR ($6.50)

Penang Airport is located some 18km south of George Town.

You have 2 choices to reach your hotel in the city centre: a 30-minute taxi starting from 30 MYR ($6.50) or a 1-hour bus that costs only 3 MYR ($0.65). There are several bus lines operating on this route, so make sure to take one that makes a stop near your hotel.

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