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How to get from Bromo to Bali?

Bali is an island paradise with a compelling mix of nature and culture. It is a constant item on many travellers’ bucket lists for its iconic white-sand beaches, rice terraces, age-old temples and of course smoothie bowls.

It has an overall laidback and hippie vibe, making it a go-to destination for surfers and digital nomads. The south Bali beach resort towns like Kuta and Seminyak are some of the top hot spots. but it’s an eclectic island with so much more to offer to adventurous travellers. 

There is the famed art heritage of Ubud, miles of rolling paddy fields, hidden waterfalls and volcanoes to hike. It is also a great base to explore the many offshore islands such as Nusa Penida or a side trip to nearby Lombok.

4 ways to get from Bromo to Bali

Transport ModeDurationCostsAvailability
Flight from Surabaya1 hour + airport transfers481,000 IDR ($33.50)Check flights
Flight from Malang1 hour + airport transfers985,000 IDR ($68)Check flights
Bus from Probolinggo9 hours259,000 IDR ($18)Check bus tickets
Train from Probolinggo9.5 hours231,500 IDR ($16)Check train tickets

Want to know how to travel the 240km distance from Bromo to Bali? You have 4 options: a 1-hour flight from either Surabaya or Malang, a 9-hour bus from Probolinggo, or a 9.5-hour train also from Probolinggo. Fares range from 231,500 IDR ($16) to 985,000 IDR ($68).

Quick Answer on Getting from Bromo to Bali

If you are short on time, it’s really best to fly from Bromo to Bali. Pick either Surabaya or Malang as your basecamp so you’ll be close to an airport after your climb to Bromo. In Bali, the airport is also very close to many major tourist destinations, just 20 to 30 minutes away by car.

That means that including transfers to and from the airports, the flight journey will take only around 2 hours.

The only downside of taking the plane is that you’ll have to skip other nearby attractions to Mt. Bromo. We think a trip to East Java is not complete without seeing the blue fire of Mt. Ijen and the multi-tiered Sewu Waterfalls. You can easily make a side trip to these areas if you take the train or the bus.

If you’re now reconsidering adjusting your itinerary, you can check out our guide for travelling from Bromo to Ijen. Organised tours are also popular in the area. Klook offers exciting multi-day tours of 4 days to Bromo, Ijen, and Sewu Waterfalls. The tours start from Surabaya or Malang area, with rates from 3,100,000 IDR ($215), including accommodation.

Itinerary from Bromo to Bali


Bromo to Bali via Surabaya by Flight

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: 481,000 IDR ($33.50)

A flight via Surabaya is our most preferred way to travel from Bromo to Bali. Including airport transfers, this only takes around 2 hours. It’s more expensive than taking the bus or the train from Probolinggo, but we think it’s well worth the time you get to save.

Step 1: Surabaya City Centre to Surabaya Airport by Taxi

Duration: 40 minutes
Cost: 100,000 IDR ($6.50)

First, you’ll have to travel 20km south to get from Surabaya city centre to Juanda International Airport (Surabaya Airport). You have 2 options: a 40-minute taxi or a 1-hour bus.

We recommend taking a taxi for a fast and direct journey. Rates start from 100,000 IDR ($6.50) if you take a Bluebird taxi, the most trusted taxi company in Indonesia.

The bus is cheaper, but you’ll have to take 2 buses and they’re almost always full. From the city centre, the P1 bus will take you up to Purabaya Bus Terminal in the outskirts of Surabaya. From here, you can then take a Damri bus to Surabaya Airport. Total travel time is around 1 hour and combined fares start from 35,000 IDR ($2.40).

Step 2: Surabaya to Bali by Flight

Duration: 55 minutes
Cost: 302,000 IDR ($21)

A flight from Surabaya to Bali takes only 55 minutes. Several carriers offer over a dozen flights for this route daily. Most of the time, you can get the cheapest airfares from Air Asia, with rates from 302,000 IDR ($21).

Check Flights on Skyscanner

Step 3: Bali Airport to City Center by Private Transfer

Duration: 20 minutes – 1.5 hours
Cost: 79,000 IDR ($5.50)

From Bali Airport, you have 3 ways to get to the city centre: a private transfer, a taxi, or a motorbike. Travel time is 20 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on your destination on the island.

A private transfer with Klook is our most preferred option. With this, you can skip the normally long taxi queues at the airport as well as the endless number of drivers offering inflated taxi rates. Through Klook, you can get a secure and comfortable ride to the city with rates from 79,000 IDR ($5.50).

Book a Private Transfer with Klook

Alternatively, you can take an airport taxi from 120,000 IDR ($8). If you’re a solo traveller looking for cheaper rates, motorbike fares start from only 60,000 IDR ($4.15). For more info, check out our detailed guide for Bali Airport.


Bromo to Bali via Malang by Flight

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: 985,000 IDR ($68)

There are fewer flights travelling between Malang and Bali, plus they tend to be more expensive. But if you are already staying in Malang, this will still be a convenient way to travel from Bromo to Bali.

Step 1: Malang City Centre to Malang Airport by Taxi

Duration: 30 minutes
Cost: 115,000 IDR ($8)

There is no public transportation available from Malang city centre to Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport (Malang Airport), so your only option is a 30-minute taxi. Rates start from 115,000 IDR ($8).

Step 2: Malang to Bali by Flight

Duration: 1 hour 05 minutes
Cost: 791,000 IDR ($55)

There are only 3 flights that operate from Malang to Bali and they all depart at 14:15. They’re also not available every day. They only operate on Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Travel time is a little over an hour and fares start from 791,000 IDR ($55). Wings Air, Lion Air, and Thai Lion Air are the 3 carriers operating on this route.

Check Flights on Skyscanner

Step 3: Bali Airport to City Centre by Private Transfer

Duration: 20 minutes to 1.5 hours
Cost: 79,000 IDR ($5.50)

A private transfer booked with Klook is a cheap and convenient way to get from Bali Airport to your hotel on the island. Fares depend on where you’re heading. A 20-minute ride to Kuta costs 79,000 IDR ($5.50). For a more detailed fare guide, visit our page on Bali Airport.

Book a Private Transfer with Klook

Another option is to take a taxi, with rates from 120,000 IDR ($8). Solo travellers can also take a motorbike taxi from 60,000 IDR ($4.15).

bus icon

Bromo to Bali via Probolinggo by Bus

Duration: 9 hours
Cost: 259,000 IDR ($18)

We only recommend taking the bus from Bromo to Bali if your basecamp is in Probolinggo. From here, a combined bus and ferry ride to Bali takes around 9 hours.

Note that taking the bus includes a 45-minute ferry crossing from Ketapang Harbour in Banyuwangi to Gilimanuk on Bali’s west coast. But don’t worry, your bus attendant will tell you what to do once you get to the port.

Since this is quite a long journey, you might want to think twice before booking with any of the possibly cramped 11-seater minibuses. We think that Menggala offers the most value for money. Apart from spacious seats, its ticket price of 259,000 IDR ($18) already includes food for the journey. You can book a combined bus and ferry ticket online with EasyBook.

Bus schedule from Bromo to Bali via Probolinggo

Bus CompanyScheduleCosts
20:00-05:00259,000 IDR ($18)
Buy Your Bus Tickets
Titian Mas
19:00-04:00309,000 IDR ($21.50)
Buy Your Bus Tickets
Sinar Bali 99
21:00-06:00237,000 IDR ($16.50)
Buy Your Bus Tickets
Putra Petir
16:00-01:00244,000 IDR ($17)
Buy Your Bus Tickets
Bali Mandarin Surabaya
19:00-04:00216,000 IDR ($15)
Buy Your Bus Tickets
Farel Trans
20:00-05:00216,000 IDR ($15)
Buy Your Bus Tickets

These buses have different arrival points on Bali Island, so pay attention to that info when you book your ticket. If you’re heading to the southern areas like Kuta or Seminyak, take a bus going to Denpasar. From here, you can take a 30-minute taxi to downtown Bali for around 144,000 IDR ($10).

It is also possible to take a bus from Malang and Surabaya, but the journey would take 10.5 hours and 12.5 hours, respectively. This gives you an alternative if flights are too expensive.

train icon

Bromo to Bali via Probolinggo by Train

Duration: 9.5 hours
Cost: 231,500 IDR ($16)

Travelling by train from Bromo to Bali is also possible from any of the 3 basecamps: Probolinggo, Malang, and Surabaya. However, since this is a very long journey with several transfers, we recommend taking the train only if you’re coming from Probolinggo.

Step 1: Probolinggo to Banyuwangi by Train

Duration: 4.5 hours
Cost: 29,000 IDR ($2)

The first step is to get to Ketapang Harbour in Banyuwangi. Luckily, this port is only 1km away from Ketapang Train Station.

There are 6 trains that operate from Probolinggo to Ketapang every day. The journey takes around 4.5 hours. There are various train seats available and the cheapest costs 29,000 IDR ($2).

It’s best to book your ticket online beforehand via You can also buy them at the train station. But if you purchase them on the same day of your journey, chances are the cheaper seats are already sold out.

Train schedule from Probolinggo to Banyuwangi

Train #ScheduleCosts from
Wijayakusuma 124/12502:29-07:0029,000 IDR ($2)
Buy Your Train Tickets
Probowangi 21306:44-11:4029,000 IDR ($2)
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Mutiara Timur Siang 8711:04-15:2029,000 IDR ($2)
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Sri Tanjung 19404:20-20:5029,000 IDR ($2)
Buy Your Train Tickets
Tawang Alun 20719:00-23:5029,000 IDR ($2)
Buy Your Train Tickets
Mutiara Timur Malam 8923:58-04:1529,000 IDR ($2)
Buy Your Train Tickets

Keep in mind that in major train stations, you’ll have to exchange your online voucher with an orange boarding pass at least 10 minutes before departure time. You can get this at the self-service check-in counters inside the station.

If you buy your ticket at the station on the same day though, you will already be given an orange pass.

Which train class should you pick?

You can choose from 3 train classes: economy, business, and executive. The economy being the cheapest and the executive class the most expensive. In some trains operating between the major routes – Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, and Solo – executive luxury class is also available.

All classes are air-conditioned, but the seating arrangement and level of comfort vary depending on the class.

For long-distance journeys, the executive class will be the most comfortable with its reclining seats. The business class is a good alternative, although its padded seats do not recline. The economy class offers less legroom, but besides that, it’s still pretty comfortable.

For more details, check out our page about train travel in Indonesia.

Step 2: Ketapang Station to Ketapang Harbour by Foot

Duration: 10 minutes

From Ketapang Station, you can reach the harbour on foot in just 10 minutes.

If you are weighed down with heavy luggage, you can also take a taxi. Bear in mind the short distance and negotiate a price beforehand to avoid any expensive surprises.

Step 3: Ketapang Harbour to Gilimanuk Harbour by Ferry

Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: 8,500 IDR ($0.55)

Ferries from Katapang to Gilimanuk operate 24 hours a day, with 20 to 30-minute intervals. The journey takes around 45 minutes and a ticket costs 8,500 IDR ($0.55).

Originally, you could only buy your ticket at the pier. However, we’ve learned that you now have to book online at least 5 hours beforehand via the ASDP Indonesia Ferry website. Because of this new rule, you have to be at the harbour 2 hours before your desired ferry trip.

Step 4: Gilimanuk Harbour to Bali City Centre by Minibus

Duration: 4 hours
Cost: from 194,000 IDR ($13.50)

Getting from Gilimanuk Harbour to Bali city centre can be a bit tricky. Our first recommendation is not exactly an official mode of transport, but a usual option for locals. There is often a vehicle-owner on the ferry with one or two free seats in their car and is bound for the capital Denpasar or one of the south Bali beach towns. 

They might not have the best vehicle, but they will get you to, or close to, your destination for a cheap price. You may think it’s too risky, but it’s worth considering. It’s best to check out the condition of their car and agree on a price first.

If that set-up doesn’t sit well with you, you can take a minibus instead. You will find a transport terminal some 500m from Gilimanuk Harbour. From here, minibuses can take you up to Ubung Bus Terminal, which is located 15km north of downtown Bali. A bus ticket costs around 50,000 IDR ($3.45).

From Ubung, you can then take a 30-minute taxi to the southern areas like Kuta or Seminyak for around 144,000 IDR ($10).

Heading north? There is also a direct bus service from Gilimanuk to Singaraja in north Bali. This passes through the main beach resort area of Lovina. Bus fares start from 45,000 IDR ($3.10) for the 1.5-hour journey.

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