Lombok to Nusa Penida

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About the author(s)

Based in Bali, Maarten’s passion for travel is undeniable. In 2016, he decided to quit his job as a stock analyst and started doing what he always dreamed of: travelling through South East Asia and helping other people plan their trips. When he is not working on Gecko Routes, you’ll find him surfing in the ocean or exploring the best gems of Indonesia.

Abby is a writer who finds joy in mountains, beaches, and road trips. She considers her solo backpacking trip to the rice terraces of Bontoc one of the most fulfilling moments in her life. She’s loyal to the islands of her home country, the Philippines, but Thailand’s beaches also have a special place in her heart.

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6 responses
  1. Hallo Maarte, hallo Abegail,

    wir sind jetzt seit knapp 10 Tagen in Indonesien, und haben schon auf Bali unsere ersten Stopps gemacht.
    Jetzt sind wir mittlerweile auf Gili-Meno und wollen noch ein wenig bleiben.
    Dann is aber eher als Nächstes Nusa Inseln geplant. Um dann abschließend auf der Bukit-Halbinsel anzukommen und dann irgendwann wieder Richtung Heimat.

    Ok Frage wäre eigentlich:
    Macht es am meisten Sinn dann von Gili-Meno nach Bagsal und dort dann eine Fähre Richtung Nusa zu nehmen? Wir würden die Strecke gerne an einem Tag schaffen …

    Liebe Grüße,
    Lena und Dominik

    1. Hi Lena and Dominik, I hope you’re enjoying your Indonesia trip so far! You can just take the direct ferry from Gili Meno to Nusa Penida. Although there’s only one trip daily at 10:15, it takes only 1.5 hours between the two islands.

      We only suggest going to Bangsal if you plan on visiting some spots in Lombok. Keep in mind that the ferry from Bangsal to Nusa Penida first goes to Padang Bai in Bali before continuing its journey to Nusa Penida. Safe travels!

      PS: Diese Antwort ist auf Englisch verfasst, um sie für Reisende aus allen Ländern hilfreich zu machen. Wir empfehlen die Verwendung von Google Translate, um diese Antwort ins Deutsche zu übersetzen.

    1. Hi Megan, you have several options when travelling from Lombok to Bali. The two main ports to depart from in Lombok are Senggigi and Bangasal harbour. Most fast boats from Lombok arrive in Padang Bai or Sanur. Check here the tickets sold for fast boats departing from Lombok to Bali.

  2. Hi!My idea was to do Bali-Nusa Penida-Lombok-Gili-Bali. The problem is I can´t find any port open in Lombok near to Kuta (Lombok) which is the part I am more interested in. What would you recommend? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jana, great travel plan! See here your options:

      1) Many fast boats used to operate from Senggigi which is closer to Kuta Lombok. However, at the moment there is only one company (Eka Jaya) that resumed its operations from Bali to Senggigi. Unfortunately, they don’t operate from Nusa Penida. In theory, you could travel from Nusa Penida – Padang Bai – Senggigi – taxi to Kuta, but this will take much longer.

      2) It’s better to just book the ferry from Nusa Penida to Bangsal pier in the north of Lombok. From Senggigi to Kuta Lombok is 1.5 hour by car and from Bangsal it’s 2 hours (only 30 minutes more).

      3) There is also a port for slow ferries in the south west of Lombok (Lembor port). From this harbour it’s a 1 hour drive to Kuta Lombok, but it will be hard to find any transport options to Kuta Lombok. For that reason – and because it’s a very slow ferry – we only recommend taking this ferry when you are travelling with a vehicle.

      Another option is to adjust the route and travel this way (or in reverse):
      1. Bali – Nusa Penida
      2. Nusa Penida – Bangsal, Lombok – Gili Islands (only short boat drive)
      3. Gili – Kuta Lombok
      5. Fly from Lombok to Bali (Praya airport is only 30m drive from Kuta Lombok)

      Safe travels!

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