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How to travel from and to Yogyakarta Airport

As of March 2020, Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA) has become the main airport serving Yogyakarta and other nearby cities in Central Java. It replaced Adisutjipto International Airport (JOG), which used to be the primary airport in the region.

The new Yogyakarta Airport is located 45 km southwest of the city centre in Kulon Progo, so you may hear people calling it Kulon Progo Airport as well. Somewhat inconveniently, you’ll have to travel further to reach the new airport compared to Adisutjipto, which is just 6 km east. However, Yogyakarta Airport is 8 times bigger than Adisutjipto, which was often congested, so the experience is a lot less stressful.

Just to make sure there’s no confusion, whenever we refer to Yogyakarta Airport, we mean the new airport in Kulon Progo (YIA) and NOT Adisutjipto Airport (JOG).

There are 3 ways to get from Yogyakarta Airport to the city centre: a 1.5-hour bus, a 1-hour train, and a 1.5-hour taxi. Fares range from 45,000 IDR ($2.90) to 160,000 IDR ($10).

3 ways to get from Yogyakarta Airport to Yogyakarta City Centre

Transport ModeDurationCostsAvailability
Bus1.5 – 2 hours50,000 IDR ($3.20)Read article for more info
Train1 hour 10 minutes45,000 IDR ($3.20)Read article for more info
Taxi1.5 hours160,000 IDR ($11.50)Check Private Transfers

The bus is a direct and cheap way to get from the airport to the city centre, which is also called Jogja. The only downside is the city traffic, which can easily turn the 1.5-hour journey into 2 hours. If you’re travelling on off-peak hours though, the bus may be your best bet.

If you want to escape the traffic, you can also take the train. There is no direct train from the airport though, so you’ll first have to take a bus to Wojo Station before getting on a train there. Combined bus and train fares start from 45,000 IDR ($2.90) and the journey takes a little more than an hour.

The taxi is the most expensive option at 160,000 IDR ($10), but we think it’s a good alternative if you’re travelling in a group.

Are you arriving in Yogyakarta via Adisutjipto Airport? You have 3 ways to reach the city centre from here: a 20-minute train, a 1-hour bus, or a 20-minute taxi. Fares range between 3,600 IDR ($0.20) to 100,000 IDR ($6). Scroll down to the bottom of the page, to find a separate guide for Adisutjipto Airport.

Throughout this article, we focus on travelling from the airport to the city centre. Don’t worry, if you’re looking for details on How to get to the airport, all you have to do is reverse the order of the information!

Itinerary from and to Yogyakarta Airport

Yogyakarta Airport to city centre by Bus

Duration: 1.5hrs – 2hrs
Cost: 50,000 IDR ($3.20)
Duration: 1.5hrs – 2hrs
Cost: 50,000 IDR ($3.20)

Damri and Satelqu offer several daily trips from Yogyakarta Airport to Jogja city centre. You can find their minivans waiting outside the arrivals halls and you’ll be able to easily spot them by their company names that are boldly printed on the side of the vehicles.

These minivans have a number of destinations within and outside the city, so make sure you ask the driver beforehand where they are heading. If you’re not sure which minivan to take, tell the driver where your hotel is located so he can direct you to the minivan that passes by the nearest bus stop.

Ticket prices start from 50,000 IDR ($3.20).

For the reverse route, it’s best to inform your accommodation to order a mini-van or use one of the other transport options below.

Yogyakarta Airport to city centre by Train

Duration: 1hr 10m
Cost: 45,000 IDR ($2.90)
Duration: 1hr 10m
Cost: 45,000 IDR ($2.90)

The last time we checked (November 2022), Yogyakarta Airport’s own railway station is still under construction. This means that if you’re hoping to travel by train to the city centre, you’ll have to take one from Wojo Station (located 8 km northwest).

Step 1: Yogyakarta Airport to Wojo Station by Bus

Duration: 10 minutes
Cost: 15,000 IDR ($0.95)
Duration: 10 minutes
Cost: 15,000 IDR ($0.95)

The cheaper way to get from the airport to Wojo Station is the state-owned Damri Bus. There are plenty of them parked outside the arrivals hall, just make sure you ask which ones are bound for Wojo Station. A ticket costs 15,000 IDR ($0.95) for the 10-minute journey.

Alternatively, you can also take a taxi. Rates start from 49,000 IDR ($3.15).

Step 2: Wojo Station to Yogyakarta City Centre by Train

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: 30,000 IDR ($1.90)
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: 30,000 IDR ($1.90)

From Wojo Station, you’ll need to take a train to Tugu Station. This is the nearest station to Malioboro Street, the main tourist hub in Yogyakarta.

Travel time is around 1 hour and ticket fares start from 30,000 IDR ($1.90). You can take either an ordinary or an airport train. There should be at least 1 departure every hour.

From Tugu Station, Malioboro Street is only 300m away (a 5-minute walk). If you’re heading somewhere else in the city, buses and taxis are available outside the station.

Yogyakarta Airport to city centre by Taxi

Duration: 1.5 hours
Cost: 160,000 IDR ($10)
Duration: 1.5 hours
Cost: 160,000 IDR ($10)

There are at least 3 different kinds of taxis that you can take from Yogyakarta Airport to the city centre. Whichever one you pick, travel time is around 1.5 hours.

Klook Taxi from Yogyakarta Airport

We recommend booking online beforehand with Klook if you plan to take a taxi for this route. They offer spacious cars with reliable drivers with rates from 160,000 IDR ($10).

Fares change depending on which zone you’re heading to. See below for a price list:

Taxi from Yogyakarta Airport (Klook)

Zone 1Malioboro Street, Depok, Jetis, Kotabaru,
Banguntapan, Kotagade, Wirobrajan, Ngampilan,
Gondomanan, Pakualaman, Gedongtengen, Tegalrejo,
Danurejan, Gondokusuman, Ngaglik, Umbulharjo,
Kraton, Mergangsan, Mantrijeron
160,000 IDR ($11.50)
Check Private Transfers
Zone 2Mlati, Kasihan, Sewon178,000 IDR ($11.50)
Check Private Transfers
Zone 3Magelang, Solo192,000 IDR ($12)
Check Private Transfers

Airport Taxi from Yogyakarta Airport

Rajawali and Jas are the two official taxi companies operating at Jogja’s primary airport. Both offer fixed rates depending on your destination.

With the airport taxi, fares start from 240,000 IDR ($15.50) when heading to Malioboro. See below for our approximate price list for both taxi companies.

Taxi from Yogyakarta Airport

DestinationJas TaxiRajawali Taxi
Malioboro Street240,000 IDR ($15.50)335,000 IDR ($21.50)
Magelang (Borobudur Temple)300,000 IDR ($19)500,000 IDR ($32)

Grab Taxi from Yogyakarta Airport

Unlike in most airports in Indonesia, Grab Taxis are allowed to pick up passengers from Yogyakarta Airport. However, their starting rates are normally higher than that of the airport taxis but you can still try cross-checking their rates when you arrive at Yogyakarta Airport. You will need an internet connection to order a grab too.

A Grab Taxi from the airport to Malioboro Street costs around 284,000 IDR ($18).

Adisutjipto Airport to Yogyakarta by Train, Bus or Taxi

Duration: 20m – 1hr
Cost: 3,600 IDR ($0.20)
Duration: 20m – 1hr
Cost: 3,600 IDR ($0.20)

If you need to get from Adisutjipto Airport to Yogyakarta city centre, then you’ve can either take a train, a bus, or a taxi.

Adisutjipto Airport to city centre by Train

The train is both cheap and fast, with fares from only 8,000 IDR ($0.50). Maguwo Station is conveniently connected to the airport and from here, you can take a train to Tugu Station in the city centre.

The only downside of this option is that train departures are not very frequent. If you miss the train, you might have to wait at least 1.5 hours for the next one.

Adisutjipto Airport to city centre by Bus

Bus departures are more frequent than the train, but they take a longer route to the city and often get stuck in traffic. Travel time with the bus is around 1 hour and a ticket costs 3,600 IDR ($0.20).

If you’re going to Malioboro, you’ll have to take the TransJogja Bus #1A from its shelter outside the domestic terminal arrivals hall.

Adisutjipto Airport to city centre by Taxi

Taxis from Adisutjipto Airport have fixed fares depending on where you’re heading. Rates for a 20-minute ride to Malioboro start from 100,000 IDR ($6).

You’ll find various taxi counters at the arrivals hall and we recommend that you look around for the best rates before deciding which taxi to take.

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