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How to get from Positano to Capri

The iconic island of Capri, situated in the Tyrrhenian Sea, draws countless visitors every year. With its stunning seaside scenery and vibrant culture, it is a favourite destination for those hoping to make unforgettable experiences along the Italian coast.

Dotted with luxury villas and high-end boutiques, Capri is also a popular playground for the rich and famous. Celebrity-spotting is common, so try not to be surprised if you see stars like Beyonce in one of its cosy cafes! When visiting Capri, you can start at one of its common jumpoff points, the seaside village and comune of Positano.

6 ways to get from Positano to Capri

The cheapest way to travel the 20 km from Positano to Capri is via a 30 to 40-minute direct ferry that costs €22 ($22.50). Alternative options include a 40-minute private ferry, a 1-hour-10 minute taxi and ferry via Sorrento, and a 6 to 10-hour day trip or private boat tour. Rates range between €62 ($64) and €925 ($960).

Transport ModeDurationCostsAvailability
Direct Ferry30-40 minutes€22 ($22.50)Check Ferry Tickets
Private Ferry40 minutes€390 ($405)Check Private Ferries
Indirect Ferry via Sorrento1hr 10m€62 ($64)Check Ferry Tickets
Day Trip from Positano10 hours€119 ($120)Check Day Tours
Day Trip from Sorrento
(recommended for groups)
9.5 hours€50 ($52) + taxi fareCheck Day Tours
Private Boat Tour6 hours€925 ($960)Check Private Boat Tours

The direct ferry is a cheap and fast way to get from Positano to Capri. It’s really your best bet if you’re on a budget, but note that direct ferries are available only from June to October. Fares start from €22 ($22.50) for the 40-minute ferry ride.

If you’re travelling as a group, there are also private boat services that fit 6 to 8 passengers. Rates range between €390 ($405) and €685 ($710).

Travelling this route in winter? You can get from Positano to Capri via Sorrento, from where ferries operate all year round. Combined taxi and ferry rates start from €62 ($64), and overall travel time takes a little more than an hour.

A day trip is a great option if you only want to make a quick visit to Capri whilst staying in Positano, especially if you’re travelling with family or friends. Day tour rates from Positano to Capri start from €119 ($120) per person.

But we’ll let you in on a tip: if you’re with a group, you can save some money if you kick off your day trip from Sorrento. Here, day tour rates start from only €50 ($52). You’ll have to add the taxi fares, €40 ($41.50) one way, but if you split the cost with a group, then you can save at least €29 per person!

If you want to make the most of your trip with no budget in mind, you can also take a private boat tour from Positano to Capri. Rates start from €925 ($960) for private tours that can accommodate up to 6 people.

Itinerary from Positano to Capri

Positano to Capri by Direct Ferry or Private Transfer

Duration: 30-40 minutes
Cost: €22 ($22.50)
Duration: 30-40 minutes
Cost: €22 ($22.50)

Direct ferries are available from Positano to Capri during the summer (June to October). Alicost, Positano Jet, and NLG (Navigazione Libera Del Golfo) offer multiple trips daily on this route.

Ticket prices start at €22 ($22.50), and travel time is just 30-40 minutes.

If you have the budget for it, you can also rent a private Lucibello ferry on BookAway. The good thing about this is that you can get to Capri anytime you want. A 6-passenger boat costs around €390 ($405), while a private boat that can accommodate 8 passengers starts from €685 ($710).

Departure and arrival station

Public and private ferries depart from Positano Ferry Terminal, which you can find at the main beach, around 350m south of Piazza dei Mulini.

They dock at Capri Ferry Terminal, about 1 km south of Piazza Umberto I in Capri town centre.

Ferry schedule from Positano to Capri

Ferry OperatorScheduleCosts
€22 ($22.50)
Check Ferry Tickets
Positano Jet10:25-10:55
€23 ($23.50)
Check Ferry Tickets
€27 ($28)
Check Ferry Tickets

You can buy your ferry tickets directly at the port. But if you’re travelling on a busy day, especially during weekends and holidays, we highly recommend booking them online beforehand. You can easily do that via BookAway, our preferred booking platform for its reliable customer service.

Positano to Capri by Indirect Ferry via Sorrento

Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes
Cost: €62 ($64)
Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes
Cost: €62 ($64)

If you’re travelling to Capri outside the peak season, you can go to Sorrento instead, where ferries to Capri run all year round. This option involves a short taxi ride to Sorrento.

Step 1: Positano to Sorrento by taxi

Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: €40 ($41.50)
Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: €40 ($41.50)

From your accommodation in Positano, you’ll need to travel 20 km northwest to the Port of Sorrento. Fares start from €40 ($41.50) for the 45-minute taxi journey.

You can also book a 3-person private car in advance via BookAway for €58 ($60). If you’re travelling with more people, you can check their 6 to 8-passenger minivans with rates from €88 ($91).

Check Private Transfers with BookAway

Step 2: Sorrento to Capri by ferry

Duration: 20-25 minutes
Cost: €22 ($22.50)
Duration: 20-25 minutes
Cost: €22 ($22.50)

The ferry ride from Sorrento to Capri island takes only around 20-25 minutes. You can choose among Alilauro, NLG, and SNAV with fares starting from €22 ($22.50).

There are several departures daily, giving you lots of options. Pre-booking is not necessary when travelling on weekdays. But if your trip is on a weekend or a holiday, it’s best to buy your tickets online at least a day prior to your trip.

Ferry schedule from Sorrento to Capri

Ferry OperatorScheduleDurationCosts
Alilauro2x departures a day from
08:45 to 09:20
20 minutes€22 ($22.50)
Check Ferry Tickets
NLG8x departures a day from
08:30 to 17:05
25 minutes€24 ($25)
Check Ferry Tickets
SNAV5x departures a day from
08:20 to 16:35
20 minutes€24 ($25)
Check Ferry Tickets

Hoping to bring a rented car or scooter to the island? It’s possible with Caremar car ferry, but only during the months of November to March. Only residents are allowed to bring their vehicles to Capri in summer.

Check out our Sorrento to Capri guide to see the options for car ferries, as well as private and group tours.

Positano to Capri by Day Trip

Duration: 10 hours
Cost: €119 ($120) 
Duration: 10 hours
Cost: €119 ($120) 

Day trips are also popular for those planning to spend just one day in Capri.

Tours normally start in Sorrento, so you will be picked up by a car or minivan from a meet-up point in Positano. You’ll then join a group of 12 for a boat tour around the island.

Prices for day trips from Positano to Capri start at €119 ($120) per person. These tours usually take around 10 hours, and 3-5 hours of those would be allotted for exploring the island on foot.

For amazing day trips and trusted tour guides, we highly recommend booking with GetYourGuide.

Check Day Trips with GetYourGuide

Recommended option for groups: Day trip from Sorrento

Duration: 9.5 hours
Cost: €50 ($52) + taxi fare 
Duration: 9.5 hours
Cost: €50 ($52) + taxi fare 

It is much cheaper to begin your day trip from Sorrento instead of Positano. Day tour rates from Sorrento to Capri start from €50 ($52), less than half the price of kicking off your trip from Positano.

The reason we recommend this only for groups though is that you’ll still have to take a 45-minute taxi ride from Positano to Sorrento. Taxi fares start from €40 ($41.50) one way.

You would be spending more with this option if you’re travelling alone. But if you can split the round-trip taxi fares with at least another person, then you can already save €29 by taking a day trip via Sorrento!

Positano to Capri by Private Tour

Duration: 6 hours
Cost: €925 ($960) 
Duration: 6 hours
Cost: €925 ($960) 

Private tours from Positano to Capri are quite expensive and shorter than regular day tours.

However, the advantage of booking a private tour is that you have an experienced captain to show you around Capri’s best spots. You’ll also have full control of your time throughout the 6-hour cruise.

Private boat tours for up to 6 people cost around €925 ($960), which comes down to about €155 ($160) per person.

Check Private Tours with GetYourGuide

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