Milan to Venice

How to get from Milan to Venice?

Also known as “The Floating City,” Venice is built on over 100 islands interconnected by more than 400 bridges. Its landscape alone is already a masterpiece, and it’s made even more beautiful by its architectural grandeur. No wonder it is one of the most romantic cities on Earth.

Venice is best explored on foot or on a gondola. Among its highlights are St. Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace, but you’ll find tons of lovely surprises while walking around town. Its many alleys (and canals) are at their most serene in the early morning or in the evening when there are fewer daytrippers on the island.

3 ways to get from Milan to Venice

Transport ModeDurationCostsAvailability
Train3 hours 25 minutes€22 ($27)Check Train Tickets
Bus3 hours 10 minutes€14 ($17)Check Bus Tickets

Day Trip

14 hours€129 ($156)Book a Day Trip

There are 3 ways to travel the 280km distance from Milan to Venice: a 3.5-hour train, a 3-hour bus, and a 14-hour day trip. Rates range from €14 ($17) to €129 ($156).

The train is a very convenient way to travel from Milan to Venice. Trains depart and arrive at the city centres and there are plenty of departures throughout the day. Fares start from €22 ($27) and travel time with a regular train is around 3.5 hours.

The bus is the cheapest option with rates from €14 ($17). Unlike the train, buses don’t depart from Milan city centre. Also, the departure and arrival times are during odd hours. But if you’re looking to save on transport costs, then the bus is the way to go.

Planning to visit Venice only for a day? You can also join a day trip from Milan to Venice. Rates per person start from €129 ($156) for a 14-hour day tour.

Itinerary from Milan to Venice

train icon

Milan to Venice by Train

Duration: 3 hours 25 minutes
Cost: from €22 ($27)

What we like most about taking the train from Milan to Venice is that they depart and arrive at the city centre. That means you can simply walk or take a short taxi ride to and from the train stations. On top of that, you can be very flexible with your schedule as trains are available from 06:25 in the morning to 20:25 in the evening

You can choose from 3 different types of trains depending on your budget.

  • Regionale – the slowest and cheapest. Fares start from €22 ($27) for the almost 3.5-hour journey. Note that none of the regionale trains from Milan to Venice are direct. You’ll have to make one train transfer at Verona Porta Nuova, a major transit station in Verona.
  • Freccia – direct and high-speed trains that can complete the journey in around 2 hours 15 minutes. Ticket prices start from €42.50 ($52), twice the cost of a regionale train.
  • Italo – also high-speed but privately-owned, unlike the other two options. Rates start from €36 ($44).

Train schedule

RegionaleOnce almost every hour
3 hours 25 minutes€22 ($27)
2 hours 15 minutes –
2 hours 30 minutes
€42.50 ($52)
2 hours 30 minutes€36 ($44)

We highly recommend booking your tickets online to get the cheapest rates possible. Omio is our preferred train booking website in Italy for its very easy-to-use interface and lowest prices.

Check Train Tickets with Omio

Train departure in Milan

You can board the train at Milan Centrale, which you can find 4km north of Milan Cathedral.

Train arrival in Venice

There are two different arrival points in Venice. The central station on the island is Santa Lucia Station, 2km west of Piazza San Marco.

If your hotel is located on the mainland, you can also get off at Mestre Station.

bus icon

Milan to Venice by Bus

Duration: 3 hours 10 minutes
Cost: €14 ($17)

Are you on a budget? The bus is a cheap way to get from Milan to Venice. FlixBus offers several daily trips with fares from €14 ($17).

The buses are not as convenient as the train when you consider the departure and arrival points. But if your goal is to save on transportation costs then we think the bus is a really good option.

Bus departure in Milan

The buses depart from Lampugnano Bus Station, located 10km northwest of Milan city centre. You can get there by taking the Metro. That’s around 20 minutes, depending on where you’re coming from in the city.

Bus arrival in Venice

There are two arrival points in Venice.

The more convenient one is in Tronchetto, which is located on the island itself. However, buses bound for Tronchetto either arrive very early in Venice or depart in the middle of the night from Milan.

The other drop-off point is at Mestre Station. The bus schedules to Mestre are more convenient, but it is located on mainland Venice. From here, you’ll still have to take a 15-minute train to the historic centre.

Bus schedule

Below are some of our recommended bus schedules from Milan to Venice.

Bus OperatorScheduleDurationCosts
(to Venice Tronchetto)
4 hours 50 minutes
4 hours 10 minutes
€14 ($17)
(to Venice Mestre)
3 hours 30 minutes
3 hours 10 minutes
3 hours 45 minutes
€14 ($17)

PRO-Tip: FlixBus sometimes offers fares as low as €6 ($7.50). For a chance to get the cheapest rates possible, book online beforehand at least a few days prior to your trip.

Check Bus Tickets with FlixBus

bus icon

Milan to Venice by Day Trip

Duration: 7.5 hours
Cost: €129 ($156)

If you only have one day to spend in Venice, then there is also the option to join an organized day trip.

GetYourGuide offers a few tour options from Milan to Venice. Our favourite is a 14-hour day trip that includes a guided walking tour and a boat trip along the Venetian Lagoon. Rates start from €129 ($156) per person.

Book a Day Trip with GetYourGuide

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