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How to get from Chiquila to Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a popular and quickly evolving destination in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. It is located close to Cancun and it offers a more relaxed vibe compared to the big city.

In Playa del Carmen, you can sunbathe by the beach, wander around the cafes and boutiques at Quinta Avenida, and enjoy the vibrant nightlife.

From its port, you can take a ferry to Cozumel Island. Playa del Carmen is also a good base camp when visiting nearby attractions like the Xcaret Park or any one of the cenotes surrounding town.

New to Playa del Carmen? Our compact Playa del Carmen guide shows you the best areas to stay, restaurants you don’t want to miss and many more tips for your visit to Playa del Carmen!

3 ways to get from Chiquila to Playa del Carmen

Transport ModeDurationCostsAvailability
Bus2.5 hours312 MXN ($15.50)Check Bus Tickets
Colectivo2 hours335 MXN ($17)Check Colectivo Tickets
Private Transfer2 hours1,970 MXN ($100)Check Private Transfers

You can choose from 3 ways to travel the 123 km (76 miles) from Chiquila to Playa del Carmen: a 2.5-hour bus, a 2-hour colectivo, or a 2-hour private transfer. Rates range between 312 MXN ($15.50) and 1,970 MXN ($100).

We don’t recommend one over the other because both the bus and the colectivo offer a reliable and direct service. The choice will depend on your preference and the convenience of the departure schedule, especially if you’re coming from Holbox Island.

It’s good to keep in mind that buses from Chiquila to Playa del Carmen only depart in the afternoon, while Colectivos offer two departures in the morning too. Colectivos can be a bit faster, but buses are bigger and more spacious vehicles.

An expensive alternative for those who prefer their own ride is a private transfer. You can book a 3-seater car from Chiquila to Playa del Carmen for 1,970 MXN ($100). There are also bigger vehicles available for larger groups.

Itinerary from Chiquila to Playa del Carmen

Chiquila to Playa del Carmen by Bus

Duration: 2.5 hours
Cost: 312 MXN ($15.50)
Duration: 2.5 hours
Cost: 312 MXN ($15.50)

The bus service from Chiquila to Playa del Carmen is operated by Mexico’s largest bus company, ADO, and its low-cost sub-branch Mayab.

ADO buses come well-equipped with air-conditioning, reclining seats and a toilet. Mayab buses are less comfortable and usually don’t have any of the above features.

Buses depart only in the afternoon. The fastest bus from Chiquila to Playa del Carmen can complete the journey in 2 hours 20 minutes. You can get a bus ticket for around 312 MXN ($15.50).

Bus schedule from Chiquila to Playa del Carmen

Bus CompanyScheduleCosts
312 MXN ($15.50)
Check Bus Tickets
Mayab14:30 – 17:00275 MXN ($14)
Check Bus Tickets

Trips are limited so it’s best to buy your tickets at least a day before online for guaranteed seats. We recommend using BookAway, which offers excellent customer service and does not add any hidden fees.

When buying your tickets onsite, keep in mind that there’s a chance of them being sold out for your desired time. When that happens, you’ll have to wait a while for the next trip.

Note that only ADO you can book your tickets online. If you prefer Mayab buses, you can buy your tickets only at the bus station.

Departure and arrival station

Buses operating from Chiquila to Playa del Carmen depart from ADO Chiquila, about 400 meters from the main dock.

In Playa del Carmen, buses will drop you off at Terminal Alterna. This bus station is within the tourist centre and just a couple of blocks from the beach.

Chiquila to Playa del Carmen by Colectivo

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: 335 MXN ($17)
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: 335 MXN ($17)

There are at least two colectivo companies operating from Chiquila to Playa del Carmen: Sindicato Lazaro Cardenas and Colectivo Playa del Carmen Chiquila.

These companies use sprinter-type minivans with plenty of space in the back, in case you are carrying bulky luggage. The colectivos are also equipped with AC and reclining seats.

Travel time with a colectivo from Chiquila to Playa del Carmen takes 2 to 2.5 hours. We recommend travelling with Sindicato Lazaro Cardenas. They are a trusted company for this route with more and faster departures. A colectivo ticket costs 335 MXN ($17).

Colectivo schedule from Chiquila to Playa del Carmen

Colectivo OperatorSchedulesCosts
Sindicato Lazaro Cardenas07:30-09:30
335 MXN ($16)
Check Colectivo Tickets
Shuttle Playa08:30-11:00
250 MXN ($12.50)
Check Colectivo Tickets

Sindicato Lazaro Cardenas can easily be booked online through BookAway. As for Colectivo Playa del Carmen Chiquila, you’ll have to reserve a ticket for your desired travel date through their Facebook page.

It’s also possible to buy your tickets at the colectivo stop. However, this can be a bit risky as seats may run out.

Departure and arrival station

All colectivos depart from the colectivo bus stop across Chiquila Police Station, around 300 meters from the main port.

In Playa del Carmen, there are two different colectivo stops. Sindicato Lazaro Cardenas drops off passengers in front of Farmacias Yza along Benito Juarez Avenue in the city centre. Shuttle Playa, on the other hand, parks at Paradero Playa Express, just 750m southeast of Farmacias Yza.

Both stops in Playa del Carmen are within walking distance from the main attractions like Quinta Avenida, the port, and the nearby beach.

Chiquila to Playa del Carmen by Private Transfer

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: 1,970 MXN ($100)
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: 1,970 MXN ($100)

A private transfer is the most convenient way to get from Chiquila to Playa del Carmen. Your ride will be waiting for you as soon as you arrive at the port and it will take you straight to your hotel in Playa del Carmen.

Rates start from 1,970 MXN ($100) for a 3-seater car. BookAway offers a wide variety of vehicles that can fit 14 passengers.

Check Private Transfers with BookAway


Our favourite places to stay in Playa del Carmen

Maya Villa Condo Hotel and Beach Club - Treating yourself

Playa del Carmen is full of luxury hotels and beach clubs, but Maya Villa is one of the best. Guests staying at the hotel get access to both a gym and the beach club!

The hotel boasts a Mayan and tropical style with its natural decor and airness. The turquoise pool winds around the hotel, dotted with waterfalls that create a relaxing soundtrack to the hotel. You can also enjoy a hot tub on the roof!

  • Hot tub and huge swimming pool
  • Large and bright rooms
  • Access to beach club and gym
  • Steps away from the beach

Double rooms start from $80 per night

Check Latest Price

Opal Suites Apartments - Treating yourself

Opal Suites offers luxury apartments with all of the facilities you get with a good hotel. Staying here you’ll have access to a gym, rooftop swimming pool and even a barbeque.

Each stunning apartment contains all you’ll need, a kitchen, washing machine, balcony and even Netflix. This can be a great option if you’re staying in Playa del Carmen for a couple of weeks, so you can have similar facilities as at home.

Double rooms start from $80 per night

Check Latest Price

Vainilla Bed and Breakfast Mexico - Budget Friendly

Start the day right with the hotel’s complimentary breakfast, made up of fresh and home-made goodies. You can literally taste how much love the host puts into the food as well as the overall running of the hotel.

Just looking at the hotel will make you feel happy. It’s bursting with colour, both on the walls and from the fruit plants that surround the garden. The hotel gets its name from the vanilla plants around the hostel, so basically everywhere smells great.

  • Superb breakfast
  • Swimming pool
  • Very friendly host
  • Bright and clean decor

Double rooms between $15-$40 per night

Check Latest Price


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