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Is Holbox worth visiting?

If you’ve been looking for an island paradise, then look no further. Isla Holbox is the one.

Isla Mujeres is usually on top of the list when travellers are looking at which islands to visit in Mexico, but we think that Holbox beats Isla Mujeres without any effort.

Holbox has somewhat remained the hidden gem of Yucatan, managing to maintain a bohemian and laidback island vibe that entraps visitors for weeks.

This idyllic island has everything you could ask for – picturesque sunsets every evening, white-sand beaches, wildlife and cute rescue dogs that you can walk to return some love to this paradise island

Dancing salsa on the streets

There’s never any need to rush on Holbox, which is part of its appeal that allows you to escape reality. By day it’s a tranquil place, but by night the streets come alive.

And by this, we really do mean the streets! Once the sun has set, everyone grabs a drink and heads to the streets to salsa the night away as the bars play their music onto the streets.

We honestly can’t rave about Holbox enough and it probably has to be one of our favourite places in Mexico!

And despite being such a compact island, there’s plenty of things to keep you amused. Check out our Top Things to Do in Holbox to make sure you don’t miss out!

Where to stay in Holbox

Choosing where to stay is a pretty simple task as only the southwest proportion of Holbox is inhabited. The majority of accommodation options are located within the centre of town or along the beachfront, so picking is easy!

In the centre of the town, you’ll find accommodation for all types of travellers and budgets. From cheap hostels and homely Airbnbs to luxury hotels.

If you’re looking for a bit more seclusion, there are a number of hotels and Airbnbs a bit further from the town. You’ll find most of them on the way to both Punta Mosquito and Punta Coco.

How to get around in Holbox

If you look at Holbox on Google Maps, you’ll initially think that it’s quite a large island. However, look a little closer and you’ll realise that there’s only a small section that’s actually inhabited.

As a result, there’s no need for motorised vehicles on the island so you’ll only see golf buggies and ATVs whizzing past you. You can walk everywhere you need to go, which makes exploring the island super easy!

The only thing that can make moving around Holbox difficult is the rain. Unfortunately, the island doesn’t have a very good drainage system so the roads can often become flooded.

Riding a bike becomes virtually impossible and the only shoes you’ll be wearing are your flip flops, any others are destined to be ruined!

By Foot

Holbox is a small island, so most places you need to go to should be only a short walk away. All of the restaurants, bars and supermarkets are all centrally located and easy to hop between.

There are a number of accommodation options right in the centre, and even if you opt for one a bit further out, you’ll still be within walking distance.

By Taxi

When we say taxi, we don’t mean the conventional car taxi you were probably thinking of. The taxis on Holbox are in the form of golf carts.

The only place you may need to use a taxi is when you arrive at the ferry port with your luggage. When you get off the ferry, there will be a number of golf carts ready and waiting.

A ride to your accommodation should cost around 50 pesos.

By Bike

Most hotels and hostels have their own bikes that you’re able to rent. If they don’t, then there are plenty of shops dotted around town that also have bikes available to rent.

This is a great form of transport on the island as it allows you to cover more ground than on foot and you can explore at your own pace.

You can rent a bike by the hour for around 20-40 MXN ($1-2) or for the whole day from 100 MXN ($5).

By Golf Cart

One of THE things to do during your visit to Holbox is to hire a golf buggy and drive around the island. Not only is this a fun day out, but also a way to get around.

There are a number of places where you can rent a golf cart from. All you have to do is walk down any of the main streets and you’ll find one.

The only downside of the golf carts is that they can be quite expensive. Prices start at around 710 MXN ($35) for 3 hours and go up to 1810 MXN ($89) for 24 hours. If you’re splitting this between the maximum number of people able to fit on the golf cart (4), then it can make it more affordable.

Don’t forget that you can always haggle on the price!

Where to eat in Holbox

Holbox has plenty of restaurants to visit. There’s a number of streets in the centre of town just lined with restaurants.

Being an island, it’s a great place to sample some fresh seafood or a barbeque restaurant situated on the beach.

Painapol – the best brunch spot

If there’s one restaurant you need to visit on Holbox, it’s Painapol. Painapol is the perfect breakfast and lunch spot offering smoothie bowls, eggs done every way you can think of, sandwiches and a selection of refreshing juices. It’s the kind of food that leaves you feeling satisfied and rejuvenated.

Tacoqueto – great, cheap tacos

To satisfy your taco cravings at a really reasonable price, head to Tacoqueto. Tacos aren’t the only thing on the menu, the nachos and burritos are also great choices with huge portions. The restaurant is basic, but service is quick and you’ll leave with a smile on your face.

Roots Pizzas a la Leña – taste the pizza Holbox is famous for

One the more expensive end of the price scale is Roots Pizzas.

If you’re looking for a normal pizza then another Italian restaurant may be better, but if you’re willing to pay 600 MXN ($28) for Holbox’s famous lobster pizza head to Roots. It’s a thin crust, wood-fired pizza topped with fresh lobster.


My favourite places to stay in Holbox

Casa los Abuelos - Budget Friendly

Want to stay at a great location on Holbox and within walking distance to everything you need? Restaurants, bars, supermarkets and of course the most important, the beach, are all on your doorstep when staying at Casa los Abuelos.

All of the rooms include a private bathroom and a small kitchenette if you want to do a bit of cooking. Casa los Abuelos is a great, affordable option on a somewhat more expensive island when it comes to accommodation.

  • Kitchenettes in every room
  • Great location, close to everything
  • A real bargain
  • Clean and spacious rooms

Private rooms start from $31 per night

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Corazón Mexicano - Mid-Range

Holbox is an island where you just want to enjoy and relax. The rooftop pool and terrace of Corazon Mexicano is the perfect place to do this. You could spend all day up here overlooking the ocean and surrounding mangroves.

The rooms are vibrantly decorated with splashes of colour and all include a private bathroom and air conditioning.

  • Infinity-style swimming pool
  • Vibrant, modern rooms
  • Roof-top views of the ocean and mangroves

Private rooms start from $40 per night

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Boox Casa - Mid-Range

Boox Casa emanates a laid back bohemian vibe that will instantly make you relax. It’s clear that a lot of thought has been put into the decor of the hotel as it’s absolutely stunning!

They even have a kitchen which you normally don’t find in a hotel. The stars of the show have to be the swimming pool and rooftop hammocks. Perfect for watching the sunset.

  • Free bikes
  • Large communal kitchen
  • Rooftop hammocks and swimming pool

Private rooms start from $40 per night, including breakfast

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La Casa del Alux - Treating Yourself

This adults only hotel offers suites and apartments rather than just rooms. Most of which come with balconies overlooking the nearby lake. If you opt for an apartment, you’ll also be able to enjoy kitchen facilities.

Scattered throughout the hotel there’s plenty of places to chill, from hammocks to sun loungers and little sun decks. La Casa del Alux is like a little oasis situated on the outskirts of Holbox town.

  • Chill out area and hammocks
  • Lake views
  • Huge suites and apartments
  • Adults only

Private rooms start from $65 per night

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