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How to get from Mexico City to Acapulco?

Acapulco is a popular destination on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. It is relatively close to Mexico City and therefore a local favourite beach destination. Some of its most popular beaches are Punta Diamante, Playa Caleta, La Condesa and Puerto Marques.

The beaches in Acapulco are calm and pleasant, perfect for water activities like paddleboarding and kayaking. But if they’re not enough for you, you can always take a boat to explore the lovely shores of nearby Isla Roqueta. The surf isn’t so great except for a few spots in the south by Punta Diamante.

You shouldn’t miss the traditional cliff diving show at a spot known as La Quebrada, where experienced divers jump from heights of 25m to 35m after climbing the cliff without any ropes. We recommend spending your sunsets at any of the restaurants by the bay, admiring the skyline backdropped by the sky’s changing hues.

Beyond the beaches, Acapulco also offers interesting historic and cultural spots like the Fort of San Diego, the Acapulco Historical Museum and the area around the Zocalo. If you are interested in wildlife and bird watching, Tres Palos Lagoon is home to beautiful mangroves, lush flowers, countless fish and colourful birds.

2 ways to get from Mexico City to Acapulco

Transport ModeDurationCostsAvailability
Bus5.5 hours712 MXN ($35)Check Bus Tickets
Flight2.5 hours1,163 MXN ($57.50)Check Flights

There are two main options to travel the 380km (236 miles) from Mexico City to Acapulco: a 5.5-hour bus and a 2.5-hour flight (with transfers). Bus tickets cost around 712 MXN ($35) and flight tickets (with airport transfers) start from 1,163 MXN ($57.50).

We recommend taking the bus even though it takes a little longer than the flight. The bus is the cheapest option and also the most environmentally friendly. Buses from Mexico City to Acapulco are very comfortable and you can admire some impressive sights on the way.

If you want to fly, we recommend booking your tickets a few weeks in advance to get lower rates. This route from Mexico City to Acapulco has a high demand and prices tend to increase as the departure date nears. Keep in mind though that when you account for the extra travel time to/from the airport and the check-in time, the flight won’t save you that much time in the end.

If you still want to fly, we encourage you to include a carbon compensation fee to help reduce your flight’s impact on the environment.

Itinerary from Mexico City to Acapulco

Bus icon

Mexico City to Acapulco by Bus

Duration: 5.5 hours
Cost: 712 MXN ($35)

There are several direct buses leaving from Mexico City to Acapulco every day. The journey takes around 5.5 hours.

The bus terminal in Mexico City is easily accessible with public transport and the one in Acapulco is near the main tourist areas.

Step 1: Getting to the bus station in Mexico City

Duration: 30 minutes
Cost:  From 5 MXN ($0.30)

Buses to Acapulco depart from Mexico City’s southern bus terminal, also known as Terminal Taxqueña. This is located very close to Coyoacan (a well-known tourist area), but 12km south of the Centro.

If you are coming from the city centre, the bus station is easily accessible by Metro. A ticket costs just 5 MXN ($0.30).

You can board the train from Zocalo or Pino Suarez station. It should be a direct ride through Line #2 going to Taxqueña, which is the last stop. The train station is located right in front of the southern bus terminal.

If you prefer, you can also use a taxi or Uber to get to the bus station. Rates from the city centre are around 155 MXN ($7.50).

Step 2: Mexico City to Acapulco by Bus

Duration: 5 hours
Cost:  657 MXN ($32)

You can choose from 2 bus companies when travelling from Mexico City to Acapulco: Estrella de Oro and its luxury sub-branch Diamante.

Both bus lines offer AC, reclining seats and separate toilets for men and women. In addition, Diamante offers bed-type seats, cafeteria on board, snacks, charging ports and individual screens.

Their buses depart roughly once every hour from 00:30 and 23:30. The bus journey from Mexico City to Acapulco is around 5 hours.

Bus schedule

Bus OperatorSchedulesDurationCosts
Estrella de Oro15 departures a day between 01:00 and 23:305 hours657 MXN ($32)
Diamante7 departures a day between 00:30 and 23:155 hours783 MXN ($38)

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Step 3: Acapulco Bus Terminal to the City Centre

Duration: 5 minutes
Cost:  From 50 MXN ($2.30)

The buses park at Acapulco’s Cuahutemoc bus terminal, which is very close to the city centre and just a few blocks from the beach. Many accommodations are just within walking distance.

If your hotel is located a bit outside of the city centre, you can also take a taxi. The rate will depend on the distance but starts at around 50 MXN ($2.30).


Mexico City to Acapulco by Flight

Duration: 2.5 hours
Cost: From 1,163 MXN ($57.50)

Taking a flight from Mexico City to Acapulco is a bit faster than the bus, but we don’t think it’s fast enough to be worth spending almost double the price of a bus ticket.

Although the flight itself only takes a little over 1 hour, airport transfers make the total travel time at least 2.5 hours.

Step 1: City Centre to Mexico City Airport

Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: 30 MXN ($1.50)

Flights to Acapulco depart from Benito Juarez International Airport (MEX), which you can find 10km east of Mexico City. You can get there in 3 ways: via Metrobus (45 minutes), Metro (50 minutes), or taxi/Uber (25 minutes).

If you are staying in the city centre, Line #4 on the Metrobus is the easiest way to get to the airport. The nearest bus stop to the main square is Republica de Argentina. A Metrobus ticket to the airport costs 30 MXN ($1.50) and the buses stop in both Terminal 1 and 2 of Mexico City Airport.

For more comfort, you can use Uber/Taxi. Rates from the city centre to the airport start from around 300 MXN ($14).

If you’re coming from outside of Mexico City centre or just looking for the cheapest option possible, you can take the Metro. A ticket only costs 5 MXN ($0.25). But do note that huge luggage is not allowed at the Metro and there are no direct trains from the city centre to the airport.

For more info, check out our detailed guide for Mexico City Airport.

Step 2: Mexico City to Acapulco by Flight

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
Cost: From 770 MXN ($38)

Flights from Mexico City to Acapulco depart around 8 times a day from 10:00 to 19:00 and the flight time is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.

There are four airlines flying in this route: Aeromar, Aeromexico, VivaAerobus and Volaris. The most popular is Aeromar, but you can find good deals with VivaAerobus and Volaris as well. The most expensive flights are usually with AeroMexico.

Since this route has a high demand, it’s better to plan ahead and book some weeks in advance to get the best rates.

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Step 3: Acapulco Airport to the City Centre

Duration: 30 minutes
Cost: From 363 MXN ($18)

Acapulco’s International Airport is located outside of the city, around 25km (15 miles) southeast of the city centre. To get to your hotel, you can either take a 30-minute taxi or a 40-minute minivan.

The taxi is convenient and the option we recommend if you’re travelling with at least one other person. Fares start from 400 MXN ($20) with the airport taxis. But we recommend pre-booking your ride via BookAway for cheaper fares and guaranteed trusted drivers. With BookAway, you can get a 3-seater car from 363 MXN ($18).

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If you’re a solo traveller looking to save some bucks, you can also take a minivan from Acapulco Airport to the city centre. These are available 24/7 and will drop you off right at your hotel’s doorstep. A ticket costs 242 MXN ($12). For guaranteed seats, it’s best to book your minivan ride online beforehand via Bookaway.