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How to get from Manila to La Union?

If you’re looking for a nice beach to chill, surf or have a little party, La Union is a great destination to visit. It’s a great beach destination to visit with your friends as well as meeting new people.

La Union is a little surfer town in the northern Philippines and only a 5 to 6-hour ride from Manila. This makes it easy to visit for a few days. The region is especially known for longboarding, but occasionally you also find some bigger waves that are perfect for intermediates.

COVID-19 Travel Advisory: Since the beginning of 2022, the Philippines eased travel restrictions for foreign travellers and locals alike. The main requirement is to be fully vaccinated. Thereby, as a foreigner, you are only allowed to enter the Philippines if you are from one of these countries.

As of August 2022, you only need to show your vaccination card when travelling to La Union.

Taking a flight? All foreign travellers have to download and register the Traze App at least one day before their flight.

Bus from Manila to La Union

The distance from Manila to La Union is 265 km (165 miles). You can travel from Manila to La Union by bus (6-8 hours) for 580 PHP ($10). Travel time depends on the traffic conditions between Manila and La Union.

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Bus6-8 hours580 PHP ($10)Read article for more info

The bus is the only direct public transportation when travelling from Manila to La Union. There are 2 bus operators on this route with different departure and arrival points. Fares start from 580 PHP ($10) for the 6 to 8-hour bus ride.

Want to surf in La Union?

If you are visiting La Union because you want to surf, then we recommend checking out the forecast on MagicSeaWeed. On this website, you can check whether the days you want to visit La Union are good days to catch some waves.

2-3ft is good for beginners and 3-5ft is great for beginners and intermediates. Is the swell forecast only 0-1ft? Then don’t expect a lot of surf, but rather enjoy the chill beach vibes.

So which beach to go to?

Urbiztondo Beach in San Juan is a great beach for first-timers because of the calm and friendly waves while Monaliza Point offers the best waves for intermediates. Check out Carrile Point if you are an advanced surfer.

Itinerary from Manila to La Union

Manila to La Union by Bus

Duration: 6-8 hours
Cost: 580 PHP ($10)
Duration: 6-8 hours
Cost: 580 PHP ($10)

The only public transportation you can take when travelling from Manila to La Union is a bus. There are 2 bus companies offering direct trips on this route: Partas Transport and Maria De Leon Transport.

We suggest taking either a late night or an early morning trip. This way, you can avoid heavy traffic during the day and can sleep through the trip.

Departure Station

You can take the Maria De Leon bus at their station in Avenida. Meanwhile, Partas Transportation has terminals in Pasay City and in Cubao, Quezon City. For now, the only available buses depart from Cubao.

Arrival Station

There are two drop-off points in La Union. Maria De Leon buses arrive at Bataan Transit Bus Terminal in San Fernando. From here, you can take a 10-minute jeepney or tricycle ride to Urbiztondo Beach, the main surfing beach in San Juan. Fares range from 10 PHP ($0.15) to 120 PHP ($2.15).

The last stop for Partas buses is San Juan bus stop in front of the municipal hall. The bus will pass through Urbiztondo Beach, so you can ask the conductor to drop you off in this area. If you miss this stop, you can also take a jeepney or a tricycle back to the beach area.

Note: Beware of people in terminals offering van rides to La Union. Van drivers are known for driving too fast, and they often overcharge passengers. Also, the legroom and overall comfortability offered in buses are so much better than vans.

Bus Schedules from Manila to La Union

Bus CompanyScheduleDurationCosts
Maria De Leon
(from Avenida)
11x departures a day from
04:00 to 19:00
6-8 hours580 PHP ($10)
Buy Your Bus Tickets
(from Cubao)
2x departures a day from
19:00 to 23:00
6 hours1,230 PHP ($22)
Buy Your Bus Tickets

Keep in mind that many locals head to La Union from Fridays through Sundays for a chill weekend and during holidays, so buses can easily get fully booked. We suggest booking your ticket at least a week in advance to secure your seat on the bus.

Maria De Leon Transport

Maria De Leon buses are standard buses with fares from 580 PHP ($10). For now, you can only book with them through their Facebook Page, where they’re very responsive to messages and comments.

Travel time usually takes 6 hours, but note that their first and last 2 trips daily do not take the expressway. For these trips, travel time can take 7-8 hours.

Partas Transportation

Partas Transport used to offer different types of buses before the pandemic, such as 1st class, Luxury, and Deluxe buses. All their buses feature good legroom and reclining seats, so you will have a comfortable journey.

Currently (August 2022), you can only book a Super Deluxe bus that costs 1,230 PHP ($22) on BookAway. Travel time is 6 hours, as all buses take the expressway.

Alternative Option: Manila to Ilocos

If the direct Manila to La Union buses are fully booked, you can also purchase a ticket going to Laoag or Vigan, as buses pass through La Union. You just need to tell the conductor that you are getting off in San Juan, La Union. Taking this route is a good alternative if your trip is on a weekend or a holiday.

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