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How To Get From Manila to Boracay?

Boracay is a very popular beach destination in the Philippines. It’s known for its white-sand beaches, beautiful resorts, and water sports. You can compare it to the Ibiza of Asia.

In recent years Boracay became overcrowded. The Island was not prepared for the massive inflow of tourism. Street were damaged, water was not clean and beaches were often littered with trash. Luckily the government took action to restore the state of this beautiful paradise.

After a six-month rehabilitation project, Boracay opened again in October 2018.

For almost a year, Boracay was closed to tourists in order to fix the damage from recent years. Airlines are told to reduce the number of flights and there are limitations with cruise ships. As a result, you can expect a cleaner Boracay with fewer people!

Ok, so now how do we get there?

Boracay doesn’t have an airport or a large ferry port. This means you have to travel via Caticlan or Kalibo when travelling from Manila to Boracay.

The distance from Manila to Boracay is 440km. The total journey can be as quick as 2 hours when flying, but can also as slow as 13 hours when taking the ferry to Boracay. When you fly, you can take a direct flight to Caticlan or fly to Calibo and continue by van to Caticlan. When travelling by ferry you need to go from Batangas to Caticlan.

Taking a flight to Caticlan is the fastest, but also the most expensive option. You can reach Boracay in only 2-3 hours and expect to pay 4,280 PHP ($82) for a flight.

If you want to save some money you can also fly to Kalibo for approx 1,750 PHP ($33) and then continue by van to Caticlan and ferry to Boracay.

The last option is to take a bus to Batangas (South of Manila), a ferry to Caticlan and then the ferry to Boracay.

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Flight via Caticlan2h4,300 PHP ($83) + 260 PHP ($4.90)Check available flights
Flight via Kalibo3h2,500 PHP ($48.50) + 400 PHP ($8)Check available flights
Ferry13h1,800 PHP ($34)Check ferry tickets


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Manila to Boracay via Caticlan by Flight

Duration: 2 hours
Costs: 4,300 PHP ($83) + 260 PHP ($4.90)

If you wish to travel from Manila to Boracay by plane, you have the option to go via Caticlan or via Kalibo.

Caticlan is the preferred route, as it is nearer to Boracay. However, we also map out details on how to go via Kalibo, as it’s the cheaper option.

Step 1: Manila to Caticlan by Flight

Duration: 1,5 hours
Costs: 4,300 PHP ($83) + 50 PHP ($0.90)

AirAsia, Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines (PAL) offer flights from Manila to Caticlan. AirAsia and Cebu Pacific are usually the cheaper options, with one-way tickets starting at 4,300 PHP ($83).

Bear in mind that as Boracay is a well-known travel destination, airfare can be quite expensive and sell out during peak season.

Flights depart from terminals 2 or 4 in Manila, depending on which airline you book. Always check this carefully in advance as the airport in Manila can be quite confusing!

The flight from Manila to Caticlan takes a little more than an hour and planes land at Godofredo P. Ramos Airport, better known as Caticlan Airport.

Check Flights on Skyscanner

From the airport, you’ll need to head to the Caticlan Jetty Port to catch a local boat to Boracay.

You can go to the port by tricycle for 50 PHP ($0.90) or opt for the more expensive van transfer. Both transport modes are available from the airport and it takes about 15 minutes to get to the port.

Tip: Cebu Pacific and AirAsia offer many promotions annually. Keep an eye out for these promos to book a cheaper flight!

Step 2: Caticlan to Boracay by Ferry

Duration: 15 minutes
Costs: 30 PHP ($0.60) + 180 PHP ($3.30)

Once at the port, buy your ferry ticket and pay the port- and environmental fee. See here a list of the costs:

  • Ferry ticket costs 30 PHP ($0.60)
  • Port fee is 100 PHP ($1.90)
  • Environmental fee is 80 PHP ($1.60)

Tell the boatman in advance at which station you wish to be dropped off. This is important so they can lead you to the correct boat.

Boracay has 3 ports (stations) along the west coast of the island. Station 1 is the most northern station which is also the furthest away from Caticlan. Station 2 and 3 are more south and will be a bit faster to reach.

The trip takes about 15 minutes to Boracay Island and ferries operate from 6:00 to 21:00. Depending on the currents, you may be dropped off a little further from the shore.


Manila to Boracay via Kalibo by Flight

Duration: 3 hours
Costs: 1,900 PHP ($35) + 460 PHP ($9)

Flying to Kalibo is another option if you’re want to save some money on the journey from Manila to Boracay.

The only trade-off is that you have to take a van (1.5 hours) to get to the port in Caticlan.

Step 1: Manila to Kalibo by Flight

Duration: 1hr 05min
Costs: 1,900 PHP ($35)

AirAsia, Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines (PAL) offer flights to Kalibo. Tickets start at 1,900 PHP ($35), but can be more expensive during peak season. The plane lands at Kalibo International Airport.

Check Flights on Skyscanner

Step 2: Kalibo Airport to Caticlan by Van

Duration: 1.5 hours
Costs: 250 PHP ($4.70)

Vans are available at the airport. This is the fastest way to go to Caticlan.

The van costs 250 PHP ($4.70) and the trip takes about 1.5 hours. Vans normally leave once they are full.

Step 3: Caticlan Boracay by Ferry

Duration: 15 minutes
Costs: 30 PHP ($0.60) + 180 PHP ($3.30)

The last leg involves a ferry ride to Boracay Island. You’ll pay a total of 220 PHP ($4.10) for the ferry ride and its associated fees. See the description in step 2 of the first option.

Manila to Boracay by Ferry

Duration: 13 hours excl transfer time
Costs: 1,800 PHP ($34)

Traveling by ferry from Manila to Boracay can be quite an adventure. If you prefer this, you’ll need to take a bus from Manila to Batangas first. From there, you’ll take a ferry to Caticlan and then another ferry to Boracay Island.

Step 1: Manila to Batangas by Bus

Duration: 3.5 hours
Costs: 220 PHP ($4.10)

For the first leg of the journey, you can take a bus. Jam Liner is a well-known bus company operating this route.

It’s pretty convenient, as they have buses that head straight to Batangas Pier. This way, you don’t need to use other transport modes to get to the port.

It takes about 3.5 hours for this trip and buses are available from 01:00 until 00:00, with buses leaving almost every 30 minutes.

It’s best to align your bus trip with the ferry schedules so you don’t have a long wait when you reach Batangas Pier.

Jam Liner

  • Departs from Jam Liner Bus Terminal in Cubao, along EDSA Road, near the Trinity Lutheran Church
  • Arrives at the Batangas Pier in Barangay Santa Clara

On the Jam Liner website, you can buy a priority ticket that allows you to hop on any of the buses departing on that specific date.

Important note: You can only book the tickets 2 days in advance!

Step 2: Batangas to Caticlan  by Ferry

Duration: 9 hours
Costs: 1,350 PHP ($26)

Ferries going from Batangas to Caticlan are operated by 2Go Travel. They provide 21:00, 10:00 and 16:00 trips for specified days. It’s best to go to their website to see the latest schedules.

The cheapest ferry ticket (the super value class) starts at 1,350 PHP ($26) when you book on their website. The ticket price may vary depending on how early you book. The earlier, the better.

Ships dock at the Caticlan Jetty Port.

Check Available Ferry Tickets

Step 3: Caticlan to Boracay by Ferry

Duration: 15 minutes
Costs: 30 PHP ($0.60) + 180 PHP ($3.30)

When you arrive at the port, find the local boats heading to Boracay. Ferries operate from 5:00 to 21:00 daily. The total cost is 2,200 PHP ($42.50) for the ferry ride and associated fees. See step 2 in the first option for more details.

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