Getting to Boracay by plane

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What is the closest airport to Boracay?

There are no airports on Boracay island. But don’t worry, there are two nearby airports that you can fly to — Caticlan Airport and Kalibo International Airport.

You’ll most likely fly into Manila from your home country and then fly Manila to Boracay.

The closest airport to Boracay is Godofredo P. Ramos Airport, also known as Caticlan Airport. The journey from Caticlan Airport to your hotel in Boracay takes around 45 minutes. You’ll need to get to Caticlan Jetty Port and take a 10-minute boat ride over to Boracay. From the Boracay Port, you’ll continue on to your accommodation.

Your other option for flying to Boracay is Kalibo International Airport. The journey from Kalibo Airport to Boracay is longer than from Caticlan (it takes around 2 hours). But there are often more flight options and you may secure a better flight deal from Manila.

Best Boracay airport: Caticlan Airport or Kalibo Airport?

Caticlan Airport and Kalibo Airport are the two most popular airports for travellers flying to Boracay. What’s the difference between them and which one should you pick?

Flying into Caticlan Airport


  • Closer to Boracay. Shorter airport transfer (around 45 minutes). 


  • During peak season, Manila to Caticlan Airport flights can be more expensive than flights to Kalibo.
  • Domestic-only airport. If you’re travelling from outside the Philippines, you’ll need to fly with a layover in Manila. 

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Flying into Kalibo International Airport


  • Flight fares to Kalibo and Caticlan are generally the same, but fares to Caticlan can get more expensive during holidays and peak travel season. Whereas flights to Kalibo tend to stay the same year-round.
  • More flight options. 


  • Longer transfer to Boracay (2 hours). 
  • Even though it’s an international airport, the only cross-border direct flights to Kalibo depart from China, South Korea and Taiwan. So if you’re travelling from elsewhere, you’ll still need to fly with a layover (most likely Manila to Boracay). 

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The verdict: We recommend flying to Boracay through Caticlan Airport. Depending on when you’re travelling, flights to Caticlan Airport can be slightly more expensive than to Kalibo, but it’s usually not a major difference in price and you’ll save time on the transfer.

If you’re on a tight budget and travelling in the peak season, flying to Kalibo might be a better option for your wallet. Compare prices before you fly to make sure you get the best deal.

Caticlan Airport to Boracay

So you touched down at the airport. Now what?

Step 1: Caticlan Airport to Caticlan Jetty Port

You can get to the port by tricycle for 50 PHP ($0.85) per person or by van transfer (more expensive). Both are available from the airport. It takes about 15 minutes to get to the port.

Step 2: Caticlan Jetty Port to Boracay

Once at Caticlan Port, buy your boat ticket and pay the port and environmental fees. The boat fare consists of: your ticket 50 PHP, port fee is 100 PHP and the environmental fee is 300 PHP.

Ferries operate 24 hours every day.

Step 3: Cagban Jetty to your hotel

You’ll be arriving at Cagban Jetty on Boracay Island. Here, hop into a tricycle to your hotel. The best areas to stay in Boracay are stations 1, 2 and 3 — the price will depend on where you’re staying. 

Tip: We covered the best ways to travel from Caticlan Aiport and Kalibo Airport to Boracay in our in-depth Manila to Boracay guide.