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How to get from El Nido to Port Barton

Port Barton is a small coastal village in the Philippines, in the town of San Vicente in Palawan. Many travel guides list Port Barton as an ideal destination for island-hopping. Its stunning waterfalls and exotic beaches make this village worth a spot in your itinerary. Port Barton attracts those looking for a peaceful, rural place to chill.

The distance from El Nido to Port Barton is 180 km (112 miles). In this post, we compare the two best options to travel from El Nido to Port Barton: by van (4-5 hours) and by jeep and bus (at least 5.5 hours). Ticket prices range from 330 PHP ($6) – 610 PHP ($11).

2 ways to get from El Nido to Port Barton

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Van4.5 hours610 PHP ($11)Check Minivan Tickets
Bus5.5 hours excl. transfer time330 PHP ($6)Read article for more info

The van is the easiest way to go from El Nido to Port Barton. The journey takes around 4-5 hours. Shared vans cost 610 PHP ($11) per person. You can also hire a private van with rates from 3,400 PHP ($61).

If you want to save a few bucks and travel the local way, you can also take the indirect option via Roxas. With this, you will need to take a bus from El Nido to Roxas, and then transfer to a jeepney to Port Barton. The entire journey takes at least 5.5 hours and costs 330 PHP ($6).

Want more info? Don’t worry, we got you covered!

Itinerary from El Nido to Port Barton

El Nido to Port Barton by Van

Duration: 4-5 hours
Cost: 610 PHP ($11)
Duration: 4-5 hours
Cost: 610 PHP ($11)

When travelling from El Nido to Port Barton, your best option is to take a van. The van ride is a direct trip that would take 4.5 hours.

Departure and arrival station

Since vans and buses are not allowed to enter El Nido downtown area due to its small roads, shared and private vans are available only at El Nido Transport Terminal. From your hotel, you need to take a 10-minute tricycle ride to the terminal for 50 PHP ($0.90).

The last stop for shared vans is Port Barton Bus Terminus in the town centre. Meanwhile, private vans can drop you off at your hotel in Port Barton.

Public van transport

Before the pandemic, there were 6 van companies offering shared van services for the El Nido to Port Barton route.

The local government implemented a transport scheme to help prevent a monopoly on the transport business in the area. Pre-pandemic, you may book with any of the 6 companies, but you will be asked to board the first available van in the terminal. All van operators charge the same price for this ride.

Tickets start from 610 PHP ($11) per person.

Minivan schedule from El Nido to Port Barton

Minivan companySchedulePrice
Fortwally13:00-17:00610 PHP ($11)
Check Minivan Tickets
Lexxus13:00-18:00900 PHP ($16)
Check Minivan Tickets

Private van transport

You can also rent a private van from El Nido to Port Barton. Rates for private transfers start from 3,400 PHP ($61).

The number of passenger seats depends on the van company, but it usually ranges from 8 to 12 passengers. If you are with a big group, it can be even cheaper than the shared minivan.

You can use the link below to book a private van or check the availability of shared vans from Port Barton to El Nido.

Check Minivan Tickets with BookAway

El Nido to Port Barton by Bus

Duration: 5.5 hours excl. transfer time
Cost: 330 PHP ($6)
Duration: 5.5 hours excl. transfer time
Cost: 330 PHP ($6)

Although it’s cheaper, taking the bus from El Nido to Port Barton requires one transfer. For the first leg of the trip, you’ll take a bus to Roxas, and the second leg requires a jeepney ride to Port Barton.

Overall, the travel time will take at least 5.5 hours, excluding the transfer time.

Step 1: El Nido to Roxas by Bus

Duration: 3.5 hours
Cost: 180 PHP ($3.25)
Duration: 3.5 hours
Cost: 180 PHP ($3.25)

From El Nido Transport Terminal, you have to take the first bus that departs for Puerto Princesa from El Nido in order to catch the jeepney for the second leg. The earliest available bus is Cherry Bus Economy departing at 06:45. The ride to Roxas costs 180 PHP ($3.25).

The bus ride takes 3.5 hours. Make sure to tell the bus conductor that you will get off at Roxas Bus Terminal. From here, dispatchers should be able to guide you to the jeepney heading for Port Barton.

For more information on bus schedules, read how to go from El Nido to Puerto Princesa.

Step 2: Roxas to Port Barton by Jeepney*

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: 150 PHP ($2.70)
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: 150 PHP ($2.70)

There is only one jeepney trip from Roxas Bus Terminal to Port Barton in a day, so make sure to arrive at the terminal 30 minutes earlier.

The jeepney leaves the terminal at 11:00 and takes 2 hours to reach Port Barton. The jeepney ride costs 150 PHP ($2.70).

*COVID-19 UPDATE: The last time we checked (November 2022), there are no jeepneys operating between Roxas and Port Barton. For now, the only option would be to rent a local tricycle or a habal-habal (motorbike taxi) if you do not have a lot of luggage. Either option guarantees another adventure!

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