Last updated: Oct 10, 2019


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How To Get From/To Chiang Mai Railway Station?

Chiang Mai Railway Station is just 5km from the city center. We recommend taking a songthaew for 40 THB ($1.30), which leave the train station every 5-10 minutes. Depending on traffic it can take 15-20 minutes to arrive at the city center. Alternatively, you can also travel by tuk-tuk or order a taxi for 150 THB ($4.90).

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Songthaew15m40 THB ($1.50) No online tickets
TukTuk20m120 THB ($4)No online tickets
Taxi15m150 THB ($5)No online tickets


Songthaew icon

Chiang Mai Railway Station by Songthaew

Duration: 15 minutes
Costs: 40 THB ($1.50)

You will spot the popular red songthaews as soon as you exit the train station. Songthaews are the most popular and affordable mode of transportation in Chiang Mai.

Taking a songthaew to and from the Chiang Mai Railway Station and the city center takes about 15 minutes and costs 40 THB ($1.30) per person.

During non-peak hours, songthaew drivers tend to increase prices and offer you a ‘private ride’ for 100 THB – 150 THB ($3.30- $5). This short journey is not worth the increased price unless you are on a tight deadline.  We recommend negotiating a fair price with the driver or waiting for other passengers to board the songthaew.

Be sure to inform the driver where you want to be dropped off.


Tuk Tuk

Chiang Mai Railway Station by Tuk-tuk

Duration: 20 minutes
Costs: 120 THB ($4)

You can also find several tuk-tuks outside Chiang Mai Railway Station and along nearby Rot Fai Road.

Taking a tuk-tuk will cost you almost the same as taking a taxi. If your hotel is around the Tha Pae Gate area, expect to pay 120 THB ($4). For anywhere else in the city center, a tuk-tuk ride costs 150 THB ($5).



Chiang Mai Railway Station by Taxi

Duration: 15 minutes
Costs: 150 THB ($5)

Taking a taxi is more expensive than a songthaew but offers more convenience, comfort and direct drop off at your hotel. To and from the Chiang Mai Airport and city center, expect to pay 150 THB ($5). This is higher than you would normally pay for a 5km journey, although this is the set amount for this route in Chiang Mai. Booking a Grab taxi could save you a little, depending on the time of the day.