Last updated: Aug 06, 2019


How To Get To Bangkok?

Leaving fromDurationPrices fromSee details
Chiang Mai1.5hrs-14.5 hrs580 THB-850 THB ($19-$28)Chiang Mai to Bangkok
Don Muang Airport30mins-1.5hrs5 THB-850 THB ($0.20-$28)Don Muang Airport to Bangkok
Hua Lamphong Railway Station5mins-1hr10 THB-150 THB ($0.30-$4.90)Hua Lamphong Railway Station to Bangkok
Koh Chang2hrs-7hrs330 THB-4,000 THB ($11-$131)Koh Chang to Bangkok
Koh Lanta4hrs-16hrs excl. transfer time1,000 THB-1,460 THB ($33-$48)Koh Lanta to Bangkok
Koh Lipe6hrs-20hrs excl. transfer time1,450 THB-1,600 THB ($48-$53)Koh Lipe to Bangkok
Koh Phangan3hrs-18.5hrs965 THB-2,900 THB ($32-$96)Koh Phangan to Bangkok
Koh Phi Phi5hrs-19hrs excl. transfer time1,430 THB-1,555 THB ($47-$51.50)Koh Phi Phi to Bangkok
Koh Samui1hr 15mins-18hrs750 THB-2,900 THB ($24.50-$95)Koh Samui to Bangkok
Koh Tao4.5hrs-16.5hrs1,150 THB-4,110 THB ($38-$135)Koh Tao to Bangkok
Krabi1hr 15mins-12.5hrs760 THB-1,090 THB ($25-$36)Krabi to Bangkok
Mae Sot1hr 15mins-8hrs470 THB-1,600 THB ($15.50-$53)Mae Sot to Bangkok
Pattaya2hrs-4hrs40 THB-2,000 THB ($1.30-$66)Pattaya to Bangkok
Phuket1.5hrs-14.5hrs700 THB-885 THB ($23-$29)Phuket to Bangkok
Siem Reap1hr 15mins-9.5hrs600 THB-1,600 THB ($20-$53)Siem Reap to Bangkok
Sukhothai1.5hrs-5.5hrs330 THB-1,650 THB ($11-$54)Sukhothai to Bangkok
Surat Thani1hr 10mins-10hrs545 THB-725 THB ($18-$24)Surat Thani to Bangkok
Suvarnabhumi Airport30mins-1.5hrs35 THB-420 THB ($1.20-$14)Suvarnabhumi Airport to Bangkok
Vientiane1hr 15mins-12hrs1,250 THB-1,300 THB ($41-$42.50)Vientiane to Bangkok