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How To Get From Sukhothai to Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai is located in the northern part of Thailand and is well known for its culture, history, various annual festivals and local food.  There are numerous ethical elephant sanctuaries in the area, one of the countries most popular night markets and plenty of Temples and Wats to explore.

When traveling the 300km distance from Sukhothai to Chiang Mai you have 3 options; you can take a 6-hour during bus journey for $8, travel by train and bus for about 9.5 hours at a cost of $29 or book an indirect flight.

However, we don’t recommend to book a flight this includes a stop-over in Bangkok, making the travel time by plane longer than the bus.

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Bus5-6 hours250 THB ($8.20)No online tickets
Train8 - 9.5 hours960 THB ($32)Check train tickets
Flight4.5 - 6.5 hours3,750 THB ($123)Check flights


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Sukhothai to Chiang Mai by Bus

Duration: 5 – 6 hours
Costs: 250 THB ($8.20) + 15 THB ($0.50) / 50-60 THB ($1.70 – $1.90)

Win Tour operates 6 direct buses from Sukhothai to Chiang Mai daily.

Buses leave from the Sukhothai Bus Terminal between 06:00 – 14:00 and the journey takes approximately 5-6 hours.

New Sukhothai

To get to the Sukhothai Bus Terminal, you can take a songthaew for 15 THB ($0.50) from New Sukhothai city center. Tuk-tuks are also available for 50-60 THB ($1.70 – $1.90).

Old Sukhothai

If you are staying in Old Sukhothai center, you can depart from the Win Tour office. Buses will depart from the Sukhothai Bus terminal and pick up passengers at the office.

You can buy your bus ticket at the Sukhothai Bus Terminal.  Although, we recommend buying your tickets in advance at the Win Tour office in Old Sukhothai.

Buses tend to sell out quickly, especially during peak season.

Win Tour Bus

  • Departs from the Sukhothai Bus Terminal, located 2 km northwest of the New Sukhothai city center
  • Arrives at the Arcade Bus Station in Chiang Mai, located 5 km northeast of the Old City

Win Tour Buses are popular for providing good trips along this route.



Sukhothai to Chiang Mai by Train

Duration: 8 – 9.5 hours
Costs: 960 THB ($32)

To travel by train from Sukhothai to Chiang Mai, you will need to take a bus to Phitsanulok, then transfer to the train onward to Chiang Mai.

Step 1: Sukhothai to Phitsanulok by Bus

Duration: 1.5 hours
Costs: 60 THB ($1.90) + 60 THB ($1.90) + 60 THB ($1.90)

Buses from Sukhothai to Phitsanulok leave from the Sukhothai Bus Terminal and from the Sukhothai Historical Park. All buses are operated by Win Tour and the journey costs 60 THB ($1.90) for buses departing from the Sukhothai bus terminal.

Buses departing from the Historical Park cost 90 THB ($3).

If you are in New Sukhothai city center, you can to take a tuk-tuk to the bus terminal for 60 THB ($1.90).

We suggest taking one of the night buses, departing at 22:00 or 21:50, which meet up with the night train.

See the bus schedule below:

Bus OperatorScheduleDurationCosts
Win Tour
(from the bus terminal)
1h 30m60 THB ($1.90)
Win Tour
(from the Historical Park)
1h 30m90 THB ($3)

Step 2: Phitsanulok to Chiang Mai by Train

Duration: 6.5 – 8 hours
Costs: 720 THB ($23.50) + 60 THB ($1.90)

There are several trains leaving from Phitsanulok to Chiang Mai daily.

From the bus terminal in Phitsanulok, you need to take a short tuk-tuk ride to the train station. This ride takes about 10 minutes and costs 60 THB ($1.90).

We suggest taking the #9 night train to catch up some sleep and rest.  This train will meet up with the buses we’ve suggested above.

If you prefer to travel during the day, you can take a morning bus and board train #7. This train departs at 13:00.

Be aware that some coaches are designated women-only.

#713:12-19:306h 18m720 THB ($23.50)
00:15-07:157h 1,150 THB ($38)
#1301:47-08:407h 53m940 THB ($31)
#5104:27-12:107h 33m920 THB ($30.50)

Check Available Train Tickets

Tip: Train tickets are sold up to 90 days prior to the day of departure. Book your ticket in advance as they tend to sell out fast! 



Sukhothai to Chiang Mai via Bangkok by Flight

Duration: 4.5 – 6.5 hours
Costs: 3,750 THB ($123)

There are no direct flights between Sukhothai and Chiang Mai. All flights will route through Bangkok.

Bangkok Airways is the only airline flying from and to Sukhothai. Flights are very expensive starting from 3,750 THB ($123). Try booking in advance to find a lower price.

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