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How to get from Hue to Ninh Binh?

The best option when travelling the 575km distance from Hue to Ninh Binh is by train. This train journey takes 12 hours and costs $25. Alternative options include travelling by flight (4 hours) and by bus (10.5 hours).

Getting from Hue to Ninh Binh is quite a journey. Luckily, there is a really convenient night train operating on this route. When you take the train leaving at 21:34, you arrive at 9:23 in the morning in Ninh Binh. This train is perfect for getting a good night of sleep without losing a day on travelling.

3 ways to get from Hue to Ninh Binh

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Train12 hours575,000 VND ($25)Check train tickets
Flight4 hours1,225,000 VND ($53)Check Flights
Bus10.5 hours355,000 VND ($15.50)Check Flights

If you decide to travel by air, you have to fly to Hanoi first and then take a train from Hanoi to Ninh Binh.

We do not recommend to travel from Hue to Ninh Binh by bus since the train is much safer and very convenient for this route. Traveling by bus can get really uncomfortable as it takes at least 10.5 hours.

Itinerary from Hue to Ninh Binh

Hue to Ninh Binh travelroute

Hue to Ninh Binh by Train

Duration: 12 hours
Cost: 575,000 VND ($25)

Both Hue and Ninh Binh have their own railway stations. This makes it very convenient to travel this long distance by train.

Out of the 6 options, we recommend taking SE20 because this train has the most convenient departure and arrival times. The SE2 is also a good alternative when the SE20 is fully booked. The disadvantage of the SE2 is that you will arrive in the middle of the night in Ninh Binh.

You can get a bed in a 6-berth cabin for 575,000 VND ($25).

TrainScheduleDurationSleeper berth
SE216:35-03:1810h 43m705,000 VND ($30.50)
SE2021:34-09:2311h 49m575,000 VND ($25)

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Hue to Ninh Binh by Flight

Duration: 4 hours
Cost: 1,225,000 VND ($53)

Because Ninh Binh doesn’t have an airport, you have to fly from Hue to Hanoi. From Hanoi, you can take a train to Ninh Binh.

Step 1: Hue to Hanoi by Flight

Duration: 1h 15min
Cost: 1,135,000 VND ($49)

Hue airport is only a 30-minute ride from the city center and there are several flights leaving for Hanoi every day. Fares start from 1,135,000 VND ($49) and travel time is a little over 1 hour.

Find the cheapest flights by clicking the button below.

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Step 2: Hanoi to Ninh Binh by Train

Duration: 2h 25min
Cost: 90,000 VND ($3.90)

From Hanoi airport, you need to take the bus or taxi to the railway station. From this station, there are several trains leaving for Ninh Binh every day. The latest train to Ninh Binh leaves at 20:00. You can get a soft seat for 90,000 ($3.90).

Read more about this route on the page of Hanoi to Ninh Binh.

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Bus icon

Hue to Ninh Binh by Bus

Duration: 10.5 hours
Cost: 355,000 VND ($15.50)

There are a few bus companies that operate between Hue and Ninh Binh, but we suggest to travel by train. It is much safer and more convenient for long journeys.

The advantage of taking the bus is that some buses also stop in Tam Coc. Bus tickets are also cheaper than train tickets. But since most buses arrive between 4:00 and 5:00 in the early morning, you may have to book an extra night in Ninh Binh for the day of arrival.

Still want to travel by bus? You can easily book a ticket via BookAway and see their schedules below.

Bus OperatorScheduleDurationCosts
Hey Travel17:30-04:0010h 30m355,000 VND ($15.50)
Camel Travel16:30-04:3012h355,000 VND ($15.50)
KT Travel16:00-04:00
12h355,000 VND ($15.50)
The Long Travel17:00-05:3012h 30m420,000 VND ($18)

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Our favourite places to stay in Tam Coc (Ninh Binh)

Ninh Binh Accommodation 1

Tam Coc Family Hotel

Want to stay in a real Vietnamese Guesthouse? Tam Coc Family Hotel is a perfect example why you don't have to spend more than $17 for a great guesthouse. The super friendly owners will tell you the best spots to visit and will make sure you have a good start of your day with a delicious breakfast. It's a 1-minute walk from the Tam Coc river and drop-off point of the bus.

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Ninh Binh Accommodation 2

Tam Coc Bungalow

Do you prefer to stay close to the river? Tam Coc Bungalow has spacious bamboo bungalows right next to the Tam Coc river. Bungalows start from $32 and dorm rooms from $6.

What we really liked about this place is their common area. From the terrace you can watch the locals paddling back to Tam Coc town during sunset and in the evening you can play a game of pool at the open restaurant area.

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