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How To Get From Banaue to Pagudpud?

Pagudpud is a beach town in the province of Ilocos Norte, Philippines. Its location, way up in the country’s northern coast, makes it a bit difficult to visit (unless you’re taking a flight from Manila). But if you’re already in Banaue, we think you will enjoy lounging on Pagudpud’s white-sand beaches and bathing on its pristine waters.

Also located just on the outskirts of town are the Bangui Windmills and Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, a beautiful stretch of creamy white limestone. If you’re up for some trekking, you can enjoy amazing views at the Secret Green Hills or jump into the cold waters of Kaibigan Falls.

The only way to travel the 430km journey from Banaue to Pagudpud is via a combined jeepney and bus ride. Total travel time is about 10 hours and total fares start at 740 PHP ($14.50).

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Bus10 hours740 PHP ($14) No online tickets


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  • Banaue
  • 2 hours
  • Bagabag Junction
  • 4 hours
  • Tuguegarao
  • 4 hours
  • Pagudpud

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Banaue to Pagudpud by Bus

Duration: 10 hours 
Costs: 730 PHP ($14.50) 

There is no direct transport from Banaue to Pagudpud, so the trip requires taking a jeepney and two buses.

Step 1: Banaue to Bagabag by Jeepney

Duration: 2 hours 
Costs: 150 PHP ($3) 

Hop on a jeepney bound for Bagabag near Banaue’s Municipal Tourist Center. If you get lost, just ask a local to point you to where the jeepneys are parked. Sometimes the jeepneys only go to Ifugao. In that case, you’ll need to transfer to another jeepney heading to Bagabag.

The trip to Bagabag takes about 2 hours. You can inform the driver you wish to be dropped off near Bagabag Bus Station. The jeepney ride costs about 150 PHP ($3).

Step 2: Bagabag to Tuguegarao by Bus

Duration: 4 hours 
Costs: 290 PHP ($5.80) 

It’s a little tricky to catch a bus to Tuguegarao. Sometimes you have to wait a while, as the buses going to Tuguegarao originate from Manila. With luck, you should only have to wait 15-30 minutes. The bus costs about 290 PHP ($5.80), and the trip takes 4 hours. The last stop is at the bus company’s designated bus station.

Step 3: Tuguegarao to Pagudpud by Bus

Duration: 4 hours 
Costs: 290 PHP ($5.80) 

GMW Liner and Florida Liner offer bus trips to Pagudpud. They depart from their own bus terminals, so if you rode with a different bus company to Tuguegarao, you may need to transfer to either of their terminals. Don’t worry, all bus terminals in this city are located along the same main road, so they shouldn’t be too hard to find.

All buses bound for Vigan, Laoag and Abra pass by Pagudpud. The bus ride costs 290 PHP ($5.80), and it takes 4 hours to reach the beach town. Bus tickets can be purchased at the bus terminal.

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