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How to get from Pagudpud to Banaue?

Banaue is known for its incredible rice terraces, which are over 2000 years old and are a UNESCO World Heritage site. These rice fields in this beautiful mountain province are often called the Eighth Wonder of the World. Take a tour and learn about the history of the Batad Rice Terraces and the Bangaan Rice Terraces, plus the indigenous Ifugao people who built them largely by hand. Your Philippines trip will be enriched by visiting this peaceful place.

When you want to travel the 430km distance from Pagudpud to Banaue, your only option is to take a couple of buses and a jeepney. Travel time is about 10 hours and total fare starts at 750 PHP ($15). It’s not the most convenient, but at least this guide will help you to get to your destination.

Recommended transport option

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Bus10h750 PHP ($15)No online tickets

Itinerary from Pagudpud to Banaue

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Pagudpud to Banaue by Bus

Duration: 10 hours 
Cost: 750 PHP ($15)

To go from Pagudpud to Banaue, you’ll need to take a bus for the first and second leg of the journey. For the third leg, you’ll take a jeepney.

Step 1: Pagudpud to Tuguegarao by Bus

Duration: 4 hours 
Cost: 300 PHP ($6)

Buses are parked at their own bus terminals within the town center. You can ask the hotel staff or a local to point you to the correct bus terminal. Just inform them you are heading to Tuguegarao.

Most probably, you will be instructed to take either GMW Liner or Florida Liner. When you board the bus, ask to be dropped off at the bus station in Tuguegarao. Travel time is around 4 hours and the bus ticket should not exceed 300 PHP ($6).

Step 2: Tuguegarao to Bagabag by Bus

Duration: 4 hours 
Cost: 300 PHP ($6)

At the bus terminal in Tuguegarao, ask around for buses bound for Bagabag. Be sure to double-check with the driver if they pass through Bagabag, as not all buses take the same route. This way, you won’t end up travelling on the wrong bus. Once in Bagabag, ask the locals for jeepneys heading to Banaue.

Step 3: Bagabag to Banaue by Jeepney

Duration: 2 hours 
Cost: 150 PHP ($3)

The jeepney to Banaue takes about 2 hours. Note that sometimes, the jeepneys don’t go straight to Banaue but instead, stop in Ifugao. If this happens, you can take another jeepney from Ifugao to Banaue.

Jeepneys usually drop passengers off near the Banaue Municipal Tourist Center.

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