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How To Get From Legazpi to Manila?

Heading back to the Philippine capital? The 500km journey from Legazpi to Manila can take quite some time if you want to travel this journey overland. While a flight takes only 1 hour 20 min, the journey by bus will take up to 15 hours.

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Flight1h 20m1,900 PHP ($35)Check flights online
Bus14 - 15 hours1,100 PHP ($20.50)Check bus tickets online


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Legazpi to Manila by Flight

Duration: 1hr 20min
Costs: 1,900 PHP ($35)

Though the flights are not very cheap, flying allows you to save some time.

Cebu Pacific offers multiple flights daily from Legazpi to Manila. Tickets start at 1,900 PHP ($35) for a one-way economy trip.

Philippine Airlines (PAL) also offer some flights, but they tend to be more expensive. When flights with Cebu Pacific are fully booked, then booking with PAL is your alternative.

Planes depart from Legazpi Airport and land at Terminal 2 or 3 in the Nino Aquino International Airport (NAIA). The terminal depends on which airline you’ve flown.

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Tip: Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines offer many promotions annually. Keep an eye out for these promos so you can book cheap flights for this route!
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Legazpi to Manila by Bus

Duration: 14 – 15 hours
Costs: 1,100 PHP ($20.50)

Many buses operate the route between Legazpi to Manila. The bus takes between 14 to 15 hours, and the cheapest bus ticket, when booked online, is 1,100 PHP ($20.50).

We have listed some options below to help you plan your trip.

Bus OperatorScheduleDurationCosts
Penafrancia Tours06:00-20:40
14h 40m1,500 PHP ($28)
RSL Bus18:30-09:1014h 40m1,150 PHP ($21.50)
Isarog Line18:00-08:40
14h 40m1,150 PHP ($21.50)
DLTB Co. 07:30-21:40
14h 10m1,100 PHP ($20.50)

All buses depart Grand Central Terminal in Legazpi City, near Ibalong Centrum for Recreation. Except for DLTB Co., the buses arrive at the Bus Terminal along EDSA Road in Cubao, opposite the Farmer’s Market. DLTB Co.’s last stop is in Aurora, Cubao.

Penafrancia Tours

Penafrancia Tours is a popular bus company. They generally seem to receive satisfactory comments from travelers.


RSL Bus receives good reviews, aside from sometimes having broken seats and cold night buses.

Isarog Bus

Occasionally Isarog Bus receives complaints that the buses are not very clean. Other than that, they provide good service.


This bus company is not very popular, but they do provide multiple options for this route.

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