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How to get from Moalboal to Siquijor?

Siquijor is a laidback island situated southeast of Cebu Island. It is not nearly as famous as its neighbors, making it a perfect destination for a quiet yet exciting getaway.

From its turquoise waters and golden beaches to its lush jungles, you will not run out of adventures to do in Siquijor. Our personal favorite is jumping over and over with a rope swing at the 3-tiered Cambugahay Falls. Small as the island is, you will find a great variety of food choices here. Some of which are owned by former tourists who now call Siquijor their home.

There are 2 ways to travel the 100km distance from Moalboal to Siquijor: you can get a combined bus and ferry ride via Liloan Port for 5.5 hours or take 1 bus and 2 ferries via Dumaguete for 4.5 hours. Fares start at 585 PHP ($11.60).

Ferries from Moalboal to Siquijor

Transport ModeDurationCostsAvailability
Ferry via Liloan5.5 hours585 PHP ($11.60)Read article for more info
Ferry via Dumaguete4.5 hours685 PHP ($13.50)Check ferry tickets

The route from Moalboal to Siquijor via Liloan Port is much simpler and takes about 5.5 hours. However, there is only 1 ferry operating from Liloan to Siquijor daily. This departs at 10:00, so you have to set off really early from Moalboal. Total fares cost about 585 PHP ($11.60).

Travelling from Moalboal to Siquijor via Dumaguete involves several transfers that include a bus, 3 tricycle rides, and 2 ferry journeys. The advantage of this is there are more ferry departures throughout the day. Combined travel time is 4.5 hours, excluding the waiting time for your transfers. Total costs start at 685 PHP ($13.50).

Itinerary from Moalboal to Siquijor

Moalboal to Siquijor by Ferry via Liloan

Duration: 5hrs 20mins excl. transfer
Cost: 585 PHP ($11.60)

The route from Moalboal to Siquijor via Liloan Port is a good option if you prefer fewer transfers or would like to bring a car or motorcycle with you to Siquijor.

Step 1: Moalboal to Liloan Port by Bus

Duration: 2hrs 20mins
Cost: 150 PHP ($3) + 85 PHP ($1.70) + 150 PHP ($3)

If you are staying around Panagsama Beach (main street), you first need to head to the bus stop in the town center. You can take a tricycle for 150 PHP ($3) or a motorbike taxi starting at 50 PHP ($1).

From the bus stop, hail a Ceres bus heading to Bato. Tickets start from 85 PHP ($1.70) for a non-aircon bus. Air-conditioned buses are also available for a slightly higher price. The journey to Bato takes around 2hrs.

From the bus stop in Bato, you can take a tricycle to Liloan Port for 150 PHP ($3). Make sure you agree on a price before hopping in!

Also, keep in mind that you need to be at Liloan Port around 9:00 in the morning if you wish to take the direct ferry to Siquijor. Otherwise, you might have to take the other route via Dumaguete.

Step 2: Liloan to Siquijor by Ferry

Duration: 3 hours
Cost: 200 PHP ($4)

Maayo Shipping operates the only ferry from Liloan Port that goes straight to Siquijor. This departs at 10:00 daily, and starts boarding passengers and cars at 9:00.

You can get an open-air seat for 200 PHP ($4) and the journey takes about 3 hrs.

The ferry docks at Larena Port in Siquijor Island. You can arrange a pick-up beforehand from your hotel, but there are also a lot of tricycles waiting for passengers at the port. You can rent a tricycle from Larena to the main tourist area of San Juan costs about 500 PHP ($10).

Moalboal to Siquijor by Ferry via Dumaguete

Duration: 4.5 hours excl. transfers
Cost: 685 PHP ($13.50)

The journey from Moalboal to Siquijor via Dumaguete involves more transfers than the first option. However, there are also more ferries operating on this route, which gives you more flexibility when it comes to schedules.

Step 1: Moalboal to Liloan Port by Bus

Duration: 2hrs 20mins
Cost: 150 PHP ($3) + 85 PHP ($1.70) + 150 PHP ($3)

Same with the first option, you need to head out to Moalboal town center, from where you can hail a bus bound for Bato. After about 2 hrs, you will arrive at Bato Terminal. Here, you can get a tricycle to Liloan Port.

Note that there is a 30-min interval for the buses bound for Bato, so expect some waiting time.

Step 2: Liloan Port to Sibulan Port in Dumaguete by Ferry

Duration: 20mins
Cost: 70 PHP ($1.40)

From Liloan Port, ferries depart for Sibulan Port every hour, by the hour from 4:00 to 18:00, plus 2 other trips at 18:30 and 19:30. The ferry fare costs 70 PHP ($1.40) and travel time is only 20mins.

Step 3: Sibulan Port to Dumaguete Port by Tricycle

Duration: 20mins
Cost: 100 PHP ($2)

From Sibulan Port, Dumaguete Port is about 7km away. The most convenient way to travel this distance is by tricycle, especially if you’re carrying a lot of luggage.

A tricycle ride to Dumaguete Port costs between 100 PHP ($2) to 150 PHP ($3), depending on your haggling skills.

Another option is to take a jeepney, which is much cheaper at 10 PHP ($0.20) per person. However, the jeepney does not go straight to the port. It drops you off at the main road, from where you need to walk about 1km to the port.

Step 4: Dumaguete to Siquijor by Ferry

Duration: 1hr 30mins
Cost: 130 PHP ($2.60)

From Dumaguete Port, you can reach Siquijor in 1 to 2hrs, depending on which ferry you take. Ferries for this route are available daily from 5:30 to 18:00.

There are 2 ports in Siquijor Island: Siquijor Pier and Larena Pier. If you’re staying in the main tourist area of San Juan, make sure you board a ferry that docks at Siquijor Pier. You can see below their schedules:

Ferry OperatorDocking PortScheduleDurationCosts
OceanjetSiquijor Pier07:20-08:20
1 hour300 PHP ($6)
Montenegro Shipping LinesSiquijor Pier07:00-08:30
1h 30m130 PHP ($2.60)
Montenegro Shipping LinesLarena Pier18:00-20:002h170 PHP ($3.40)
Aleson Shipping LinesSiquijor Pier05:30-07:00
1h 30m150 ($3)
Aleson Shipping LinesLarena Pier10:00-12:00
2h120 PHP ($2.40)

Note that tickets sell out fast. If you’re travelling on a weekend, it’s best to arrive in the morning to make sure you get a ticket within the day. Or better yet, book your ticket online prior to your trip. You can get an Oceanjet ticket through the link below.

Check Ferry Tickets with BookAway

Contact your hotel beforehand because some of them offer free pick-up from Siquijor Pier. Otherwise, you can take a tricycle to San Juan for 250 PHP ($5) to 300 PHP ($6).

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