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How to get from Siquijor to Moalboal?

Moalboal is a resort town located on the west coast of Cebu Island. It is a very popular destination for divers and sea lovers for its world-famous sardine run.

You don’t even need a boat to find the best spots. Just swim a few meters from the coast and you’ll find its amazing coral wall. Here, you can swim with a million sardines. Yes, just like that. For best visibility, visit between November to May.

When travelling the 100km distance from Siquijor to Moalboal, you have 2 options: you can take a combined bus and ferry ride via Liloan or hop on 1 bus and 2 ferries via Dumaguete. Fares range between 455 PHP ($9) and 685 PHP ($13.50).

Ferries from Siquijor to Moalboal

Transport ModeDurationCostsAvailability
Ferry via Liloan5.5 hours585 PHP ($11.60)Read article for more info
Ferry via Dumaguete4.5 hours685 PHP ($13.50)Check ferry tickets

The combined ferry and bus ride via Liloan Port involves fewer transfers, but you will arrive late at night in Moalboal. This shouldn’t be a problem as the area is very safe, but might be a bit uncomfortable for first-time travellers in the Philippines. Combined fares from Siquijor to Moalboal via Liloan cost 585 PHP ($11.60) and travel time is around 5.5 hours.

The journey from Siquijor to Moalboal via Dumaguete includes a number of transfers, but we think it is a good alternative for its flexibility in schedules. The entire journey costs 685 PHP ($13.50) and takes 4.5 hours, excluding transfers.

Itinerary from Siquijor to Moalboal

Siquijor to Moalboal by Ferry via Liloan

Duration: 5hrs 20mins excl. transfer
Cost: 585 PHP ($11.60)

Travelling from Siquijor to Moalboal via Liloan Port is simpler than the other option. The only tiny disadvantage is that there is only one ferry schedule available daily.

Step 1: Siquijor to Liloan Port by Ferry

Duration: 3 hours
Cost: 200 PHP ($4)

If you prefer a direct ferry from Siquijor to Liloan Port, Maayo Shipping operates 1 trip daily. This departs from Larena Port at 17:00 and docks at Liloan Port after about 3 hours. You can get a ticket for 200 PHP ($4).

Remember to allot some time from your accommodation to Larena Port. If you’re coming from San Juan, a tricycle ride costs 500 PHP ($10). It’s better to arrive earlier at the port as boarding starts around 16:00.

Step 2: Liloan to Moalboal by Bus

Duration: 2hrs 20mins
Cost: 150 PHP ($3) + 85 PHP ($1.70) + 150 PHP ($3)

There are no direct buses from Liloan to Moalboal. From the port, you first need to take a tricycle to Bato Terminal. The ride shouldn’t cost more than 150 PHP ($3).

At Bato Terminal, you can take a Ceres Bus (you can find it easily with its bright yellow color) to Moalboal town center. The bus ride takes 1.5 to 2 hrs and the fare for a non-aircon bus is 85 PHP ($1.70). There are also air-conditioned buses available, with a slightly higher ticket price.

If you have booked your accommodation at Panagsama Beach, you will need another transfer from Moalboal town center. A 10-min ride with a motorbike taxi starts at 50 PHP ($1). But if you’re carrying a lot of luggage, it would be better to take a tricycle, which costs 150 PHP ($3).

Siquijor to Moalboal by Ferry via Dumaguete

Duration: 4.5 hours excl. transfers
Cost: 685 PHP ($13.50)

The journey from Siquijor to Moalboal via Dumaguete includes a lot of transfers. The advantage though is that this gives you more flexibility in schedules, because you can choose from several departures daily.

Step 1: Siquijor to Dumaguete by Ferry

Duration: 1hr 30mins
Cost: 130 PHP ($2.60)

There are 2 ferry ports on Siquijor Island: Siquijor Port and Larena Port. Most ferries bound for Dumaguete depart from Siquijor Port, which is also nearer the tourist area of San Juan. A tricycle from San Juan to Siquijor Port costs 250 PHP ($5) to 300 PHP ($6). You can also ask your hotel if they offer a cheaper or even free transfer.

From Siquijor to Dumaguete takes between 1 to 2 hours, and you can get a ticket for 150 PHP ($3).

There are ferries operating this route from 06:00 to 19:30. Note that there may be trips that are not available on Sundays. You can see their schedules in the table below, but it is always best to ask your hotel the day before if there is an available ferry for your desired departure time.

Ferry OperatorDeparts FromScheduleDurationCosts
Montenegro Shipping LinesSiquijor Pier07:30-09:00
1h 30m130 PHP ($2.60)
Montenegro Shipping LinesLarena Pier06:00-07:301h 50m170 PHP ($3.40)
Aleson Shipping LinesSiquijor Pier07:30-09:00
1h 30m150 PHP ($3) – 200 PHP ($4)
OceanjetSiquijor Pier06:00-07:00
1 hour300 PHP ($6)

On weekends or during the busy season, make sure to arrive at the port early to ensure a ticket within the day. Better yet, book one online beforehand through the link below.

Check Available Ferry Tickets

Step 2: Dumaguete to Sibulan Port by Tricycle

Duration: 20mins
Cost: 100 PHP ($2)

You will find a lot of tricycles waiting for passengers outside Dumaguete Port. It normally costs 100 PHP ($2) to get to Sibulan Port, although some drivers might try to charge higher. Make sure you agree on a price before the 20-min journey.

Step 3: Sibulan Port to Liloan Port by Ferry

Duration: 20mins
Cost: 70 PHP ($1.40)

From Sibulan Port, you can get a ferry bound for Liloan Port every hour from 4:00 to 18:00, with 2 more departures at 18:30 and 19:30. Travel time is around 20mins and a ticket costs 70 PHP ($1.40).

Step 4: Liloan to Moalboal by Bus

Duration: 1hr 30mins
Cost: 150 PHP ($3) + 85 PHP ($1.70) + 150 PHP ($3)

As mentioned in the first option, you need to take a tricycle from Liloan Port to the bus terminal in Bato, from where you can hop on a Ceres Bus to Moalboal. Ask to be dropped off at the town center. Here, you can hail a tricycle or a motorbike taxi to your accommodation. Combined fares for the final leg of this journey starts at 385 PHP ($7.70). The journey takes more or less 2.5hrs.

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