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How To Get From Koh Samui to Bangkok?

Heading back to the capital of Thailand?

If you want to travel the 770km distance from Koh Samui to Bangkok, you have 3 options: you can book a flight (1 hour), take the bus (16 hours) or ride the train (12.5 hours). The flight is the only direct option, but it is also the most expensive at $95.

Tickets for a combined bus and ferry ride start at $24.50 and the journey takes 16 hours. If you’re willing to spend a few more dollars, you also book a quicker option to travel from Koh Samui to Bangkok in just 12 hours.

The journey by train takes between 12.5 to 18 hours, but offers the advantage of getting a good night of sleep in the sleeper train. Remember that sleeper trains are often more comfortable than bus journeys.

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Flight1h 15m2,900 THB ($95)Check flights
Bus16 hours750 THB ($24.50)Check bus tickets
Train18 hours1,000 THB ($33)Check train tickets


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Koh Samui to Bangkok by Flight

Duration: 1h 15min
Costs: 2,900 THB ($95)

When you’ve had your fill of Koh Samui and want or neet to head back to Bangkok, the fastest option is to book a direct flight from Koh Samui to Bangkok.

All flights are run by Bangkok Airways, which offers several flights daily. A one-way flight from Koh Samui to Bangkok starts at 2,900 THB ($95).

All flights depart from Koh Samui Airport and arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

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Koh Samui to Bangkok by Bus

Duration: 16 hours
Costs: 750 THB ($24.50)

If you don’t want to pay for an expensive flight, a combined bus and ferry ride from Koh Samui to Bangkok is a good alternative. It requires more time to travel but it is also a lot cheaper.

You can board a ferry from Maenam Samui Pier, Na Thon Pier or Lipa Noi Pier. It’s best to get on the ferry at the pier that is closest to you. The ferry brings you to Don Sak Pier in Surat Thani, where you will board a bus that will take you to Bangkok.

Below are the schedules of the combined bus and ferry trips from Koh Samui to Bangkok, categorized by the different piers.

Mae Nam Samui Pier

12h 30m
1,400 THB ($46)

The trips from Mae Nam Samui Pier are operated by Lomprayah. The last stop in Bangkok is at Lomprayah Office in Khao San Road.

Lipa Noi Pier

Raja Ferry18:00-07:3013h 30m850 THB ($28)

Raja Ferry operates regular ferries that you board at Lipa Noi Pier. Your last stop will be at Chaophya Park Hotel Ratchada, 15km away from Bangkok city center.

Na Thon Pier

Songserm13:30-05:3016h750 THB ($24.50)

When travelling with Songserm, you have to board the ferry from Na Thon Pier. The last stop is less than a minute walk away from Khao San Road.

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Koh Samui to Bangkok by Train

Duration: 12.5 hours
Costs: 1,000 THB ($33)

The advantage of taking a train compared to a bus is that sleeper trains are more comfortable and you can get a good night of rest. By taking the night train, you won’t waste a complete day on travelling.

The nearest train station from Koh Samui is at Surat Thani. To reach the Surat Thani train station, you will first have to take a combined ferry and bus/van from Koh Samui.

Step 1: Koh Samui to Surat Thani Train Station by Ferry + Bus/Van

Duration: 3 hours
Costs: 365 THB ($12)

The combined ferry and bus/van journey from Koh Samui to Surat Thani takes at least 3 hours. Fares start at 365 THB ($12). You can choose which company fits your budget and schedule from the table below:

3h 30m
356 THB ($12)
Raja Ferryevery hour from
3h 30m400 THB ($13)
Phantip Travel07:30-12:00
4h 30m
4h 30m
5h 10m
356 THB ($12)
2h 20m
2h 15m
735 THB ($24.50)

Songserm, Phantip Travel and Lomprayah depart from Na Thon Pier. Raja Ferry departs from Lipa Noi Pier.

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Step 2: Surat Thani to Bangkok by Train

Duration: 9.5 hours
Costs: 640 THB ($21)

From Surat Thani, you will have to take the train to Hua Lamphong Railway Station in Bangkok.

Tickets for a 2nd class A/C sleeper berth start at 640 THB ($21). You can also book a 1st class berth for 1,400 THB ($46.50). Travel time is at least 9.5 hours, but some train options can take up to 12.5 hours.

For more info, visit our page on Surat Thani to Bangkok.

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