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Bus or Train from Hanoi to CatBa?


How to get from Hanoi to CatBa?

Taking the bus from Hanoi to CatBa Island is much easier and also a faster option than taking the train. Another advantage is that the bus picks you up in the Old Quarter in Hanoi and brings you straight to the center of CatBa Island.

When you travel by train, you first have to take the train to Hai Phong. From Hai Phong you can take a public bus or taxi to Pha Binh. The journey by train takes about 3 hours more compared to taking the bus.

When you travel by train, you have to take the train to Hai Phong, a taxi to the ferry station and a ferry from Hai Phong to CatBa. We only recommend this option, if you are already on the train from another destination to Hanoi. In that case, you can take another train from Hanoi to Hai Phong.

Your options at a glance

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Bus3,5 hours323.000 VND (€12,50)Check bus tickets
Train4h excl transit time360.000 VND (€14)Check train tickets

Hanoi to CatBa travelroute


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Bus from Hanoi to CatBa

Duration: 3,5 hours
Costs: 323.000 VND (€12,50)

A combined bus and ferry ticket is a very convenient option and saves you the hassle of arranging a ferry ticket and getting to CatBa town.

The most common route for the combined bus ticket is Hanoi – Dinh Vu (Hai Phong ferry station) – Cai Vieng – Cat Ba Town.

We recommend traveling with CatBa Express since they offer the most luxurious buses. The company receives very good reviews and they operate with new buses (Feb 2017) which include free wifi and USB chargers.

Another option is to buy your ticket from one of the local agencies or hotels in Hanoi. These tickets include the bus ride from Hanoi to Hai Phong Harbour and the ferry ticket to CatBa Island.  This ticket also includes a bus ride to CatBa town, when the ferry doesn’t stop at the harbour next to the main street.

Although a combined ticket from a local agent might be a bit cheaper, the buses will offer less comfort and often take longer than the buses of CatBa Express. Another advantage of CatBa Express is that they pick you up at your hotel when you are staying in the Old Quarter of Hanoi and drop-off at your hotel in CatBa.

Cat Ba Express07:30-11:00
3h 30m323.000 VND (€12,50) + free pick-up
Good Morning Cat Ba07:30-11:00
3h 30m277.000 VND (€11) + free pick-up
Daiichi Travel08:00-11:30
3h 30m231.000 VND (€9) + free pick-up
Orient Travel08:00-11:30
3h 30m231.000 VND (€9) + free pick-up

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Train from Hanoi to CatBa

Duration: 4 hours excl transit time
Costs: 360.000 VND (€14)

We advise taking the bus from Hanoi to CatBa since this saves you from the hassle of arranging a ferry ticket and switching from operators. If you prefer to take the train, you can reach CatBa by taking a train to Hai Phong, go to Hai Phong Harbour by taxi and then take the ferry to CatBa Island.

Step 1: Train from Hanoi to Hai Phong

Duration: 2,5 hours
Costs: 70.000 VND (€3)

There are 4 trains leaving daily from Hanoi to Hai Phong. We advise taking a train which is leaving before 12:00 since the last ferry to CatBa island leaves at 16:00.

TrainScheduleDurationSoft seat
HP106:00-08:25 2h 25min70.000 VND (€3)
LP309:17-12:002h 43min70.000 VND (€3)

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Stp 2: Taxi from Hai Phnong to Pha Binh Harbour

Duration: 10min
Costs: 50.000 VND (€1,90)

Pha Binh Harbour is a 10-minute taxi ride or 20-minute walk from the railway station in Hai Phong. You can find a taxi in front of the railway station and which brings you for about 50.000 VND (€1,90) to Pha Binh Harbour.

Make sure to agree on the price before you leave and on the right harbour! The taxi should bring you to Pha Binh Harbour which is 4km from the railway station (10min). Some will try to scam you and bring you to Dinh Vu harbour which takes almost one hour by taxi.

From Dinh Vu Harbour, you also find ferries leaving to CatBa almost every hour, but these ferries only go to the north-east of Cat Ba and not to the central ferry port. This means you have to take another bus (45min) to CatBa town. When you book this ticket, make sure the bus ticket is also included.

See here the options for the different harbours:

Step 3: Ferry from Pha Binh Harbour to Cat Ba

Duration: 45min
Costs: 240.000 VND (€9)

You can buy a ticket for the hydrofoil ferry at Pha Binh/Benh Binh ferry station. This ferry brings you in 45 minutes to CatBa Town.

Be aware that the ladies who want to sell the ferry tickets might overcharge you or put you on a different boat. This doesn’t mean you cannot buy from them but just check the current price at the ferry desk before you buy from them.

The normal rate is 240.000 VND (€9) but in the low season, these tickets sell for 180.000 VND (€7).

Ferry from Pha Binh (or Benh Binh)

  • Cat Ba island resort & spa 9:00, 13:00, 16:00
  • Mekong Hoang Yen 8:45
  • Hadeco 9:00, 13:00, 15:00

Tickets cost 180.000 VND (€7) to 240.000 VND (€9) and the ferry takes about 45min. The ferry station in CatBa Town is located on the main street of CatBa where you also find most accommodations.

If you want to save some money you can also buy a ticket from one of the companies below. These companies bring you from Pha Binh/Ben Binh to Din Vu by bus, then with the ferry to Cai Vieng, and from this harbour in CatBa with a bus to CatBa town. This is often a cheaper option, but ferries run less regularly, times can change without notice and the journey takes much longer.

Ferry from Din Vu Harbour

Van Tai Cat Ba

  • Costs: 150.000 VND (€6), duration: 1,5 hours
  • Departure times: 8:30, 10:30, 13:30, 15:30

Hoang Long

  • Costs: 120.000 VND (€5), duration: 1,5 hours
  • Departure times: 9:00, 14:30

Thong Nhat – local slow boat

  • Costs: 110.000 VND (€4), duration: 2 hours
  • Departure times: 12:00, 12:30

When you book a bus or a ferry from Dinh Vu Harbour, you will probably end up on the North-East side of CatBa. From here you have to take another bus to CatBa Town. It depends on your ticket if this bus ride is included or not. Otherwise, you also have to arrange a bus or ask around for a taxi(bike).


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