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How to get from Hanoi to Da Nang?

The fastest way to travel the 765km distance from Hanoi to Da Nang is by flight. This plane journey takes about 1.5 hours and tickets start from $23, excluding transfers. Other options include taking the train for 15.5 hours ($32.50) or the bus for 15 hours ($16).

3 ways to get from Hanoi to Da Nang

Transport ModeDurationCostsAvailability
Flight1hr 20min530,000 VND ($23)Check Flights
Train15.5 hours610,000 VND ($32.50)Check train tickets
Bus15 hours370,000 VND ($16)Check bus tickets

Taking a flight is a fast and convenient way to travel from Hanoi to Da Nang. The flight takes only about 1.5 hours and tickets start at $23. Note that you need another hour to reach Hanoi Airport from the Old Quarter. Da Nang Airport is just within the city center.

The train is a good alternative option especially during peak season, when airfares get expensive. The good thing with the train is you can travel at night so you don’t lose a day on the journey. Ticket prices start at $32.50.

The bus is the cheapest option with fares starting at $16. However, it is neither the safest nor most comfortable way to travel in Vietnam. If you’re on a budget though, we can recommend a couple of the more trusted bus operators below.

Itinerary from Hanoi to Da Nang


Hanoi to Da Nang by Flight

Duration: 1hr 20min
Cost: 530,000 VND ($23)

Both Hanoi and Da Nang have their own airports, making the flight a very easy option.

Vietjet Air often offers the cheapest flights starting at 530,000 VND ($23). Other companies operating on this route are Bamboo Airways and Vietnam Airlines. The flight takes only about 1hr 20min.

From the Old Quarter, Hanoi Airport is about an hour away by bus or taxi. Da Nang Airport is a 5 to 10-min ride from the city center.

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Hanoi to Da Nang by Train

Duration: 15.5 hours
Cost: 610,000 VND ($32.50)

If you travel by night, the train can be a good way to complete the 15.5-hour journey from Hanoi to Da Nang. They’re a bit more expensive than the bus, but also safer and much more comfortable.

You can get a bed on a 6-sleeper berth for at least 610,000 VND ($32.50). See below our recommended train schedules:

TrainScheduleDurationSleeper Berth
SE1920:00-12:2516h 25m610,000 VND ($26.50)
SE319:25-11:0315h 38m1,000,000 VND ($43)
SE122:20-13:2215h 02m970,000 VND ($42)

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Hanoi Railway Station is a 10-min taxi ride from the Old Quarter, while Da Nang Railway Station is located within the city center.

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Hanoi to Da Nang by Bus

Duration: 15 hours
Cost: 370,000 VND ($16)

There are several bus companies offering daily trips from Hanoi to Da Nang. However, they often receive bad reviews.

If you really want to travel this route by bus, the better options are Hey Travel and Camel Travel. They offer comfortable buses, if only their drivers could learn to drive slower and safer and not honk too much.

Bus fares start at 370,000 VND ($16) and the journey takes at least 15 hours.

Note that the bus stations of both companies are located outside Hanoi and Da Nang city center, so you might need an extra transfer to and from your hotels.

Bus OperatorScheduleDurationCosts
Camel Travel17:00-08:00
15h370,000 VND ($16)
Hey Travel18:30-11:0016h 30m440,000 VND ($19)

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Camel Travel

  • Departs from 459 Tran Khat Chan Road, 2.5km south of Hanoi city center
  • Arrives at 65 Duong 3 Than 2, 4km north of Da Nang city center

Hey Travel

  • Departs from 283 Tran Khat Chan Road, 3km south of Hanoi city center
  • Arrives at 23 Duong 3 Than 2, 3km north of Da Nang city center

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