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How To Get From Ninh Binh to CatBa?

The best option when travelling the 125km distance from Ninh Binh to CatBa is by bus. This combined ferry and bus journey takes 4 hours and costs $9.50. You can also travel by train, but we don’t recommend this option as it requires you to go to Hanoi first before proceeding to CatBa.

A combined bus and ferry ticket from Tam Coc or Ninh Binh to CatBa, is the most convenient option. This is a hassle-free way to reach CatBa in as fast as 4 hours.

The train is not a good option since you first need to go to Hanoi and switch trains to Hai Phong from there. This train ride will already cost you 5 hours to Hai Phong and from there you still need to go by ferry to CatBa Island.

Since the latest ferry from Hai Phong to CatBa leaves at 16:00, you are only left with one option when you want to travel by train from Ninh Binh to CatBa in one day. This is the early morning train leaving at 3:21.

Conclusion: Either book a bus ticket or stay one or a few nights in Hanoi before you continue your journey to CatBa by train.

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Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Bus + Ferry4 hours280,000 VND ($12)Check combined bus and ferry tickets


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Bus + Ferry

  • Ninh Binh
  • 4 hours
  • Cat Ba

Ninh Binh to CatBa travelroute

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Ninh Binh to CatBa by Bus + Ferry

Duration: 4 hours
Costs: 280,000 VND ($12)

We recommend to book online for a combined bus + ferry ticket from Tam Coc or Ninh Binh to CatBa. You will find a number of good choices on BookAway and you can easily book your tickets even a few weeks before.

Another option is to book with an agency or hotel in Tam Coc or Ninh Binh. But we prefer to book online via BookAway as they are really reliable and you can reach them if you have any complaints after the trip.

The bus brings you in about 3 hours to Ben Binh ferry port in Hai Phong. From there, you will be transferred to a ferry that takes you to Cai Vieng in 45min. Cai Vieng ferry port is located on the North East side of CatBa island, where another bus will be waiting for you. This bus brings you to CatBa town in 45min.

Good Morning Cat Ba06:30-12:00
5h 30m335,000 VND ($14.50) + free drop-off
Daiichi Travel14:00-18:004h280,000 VND ($12) + free drop-off
The Long Travel06:30-10:30
220,000 VND ($9.50)
Cat Ba Express
(Go To Cat Ba)
-not available-
5h 45m
320,000 VND ($14) / 360,000 VND ($15.50)
+ free pick-up

Check Available Bus Tickets

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Good Morning CatBa

Good Morning Cat Ba is a good option that you can book through the button above. This company receives good reviews and provides free drop-off at your hotel in CatBa. Tickets are slightly more expensive at 335,000 VND ($14.50).

Local Agency in Tam Coc or Ninh Binh

You can also book your bus at a local travel agency or hotel in Tam Coc or Ninh Binh. Expect to pay around 300,000 VND ($13) for a combined bus ticket. Note that from Cat Ba to Ninh Binh is remarkably cheaper (200,000 VND, $9), but chances are small that you will get it for the same price when travelling from Ninh Binh to CatBa.


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