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Bus or Flight from Quy Nhon to DaLat?


How to get from Quy Nhon to DaLat?

We recommend taking a direct bus from Quy Nhon to DaLat. There is one early morning bus leaving from Quy Nhon at 6:30 which arrives at 14:30 in DaLat.

Unfortunately, all flights from Quy Nhon to DaLat make a stop in Ho Chi Minh. This makes the flight journey take at least 4,5 hours. From Quy Nhon to the airport takes 45min and from DaLat airport to the center takes another 45min.

Traveling by train doesn’t make much sense. You will have to take the train from Dieu Tri to Nha Trang and then continue with the bus to DaLat. This way you will lose all day on traveling and still have to travel half of the journey by bus. For this reason, we don’t recommend this option.


Your options at a glance

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Bus9 hours220.000 VND (€8)Check bus tickets
Flight6 hours2.258.000 VND (€87)Check flights

Quy Nhon to DaLat travelroute


Bus icon

Bus from Quy Nhon to DaLat

Duration: 9 hours
Costs: 220.000 VND (€8)

There are a few bus companies going directly from Quy Nhon to DaLat. But, most of them arrive in the middle of the night in DaLat.

We prefer the early morning bus of ‘Phuc Thuan Thao’. This bus leaves at 6:30 from Quy Nhon center and arrives in the afternoon at the bus station in DaLat. From this bus station, it’s a short 10min taxi ride to the center of Dalat.

Thanh Thuy is another company operating on this route, but you cannot book your bus tickets with this company online.

See the bus schedule below:

Phuc Thuan Thao06:30-15:50
220.000 VND (€8,50)
Thanh Thuy14:00-22:008h230.000 VND (€9)

Check Available Bus Tickets

You also have the option to book your bus through Vexere.




Taxi + Flight + Taxi from Quy Nhon to DaLat

Duration: 6 hours
Costs: 2.258.000 VND (€87)

Step 1: Taxi from Quy Nhon to Quy Nhon Airport

Duration: 45min
Costs: 200.000 VND (€7,50)

A taxi from Quy Nhon airport takes 45min and costs 200.000-250.000 VND (€7,50-€9).

Another option is to book a shuttle bus at your hotel or agency, which bring you for 50.000 VND (€2) to the airport.

Step 2: Flight from Quy Nhon to DaLat

Duration: 4 hours
Costs: 1.679.000 VND (€65)

There are several indirect flights from Quy Nhon to Da Lat, which all make a stop in Ho Chi Minh. The cheapest flight for this 4-hour trip cost around 1.858.000 VND (€71,50) and is operated by VietJet Air + Jetstar Pacific Airlines. We recommend booking this flight with Kiwi since they also take care of the transfers between the airlines.

Check Flights on Skyscanner

Step 3: Taxi from DaLat Airport to DaLat City Center

Duration: 45min
Costs: 200.000 VND (€7,50)
A taxi from DaLat airport to the center takes 45min and expect to pay 200.000 VND (7,50).

See the page of DaLat airport for more info.


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