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How To Get From DaLat to Quy Nhon?

The cheapest way to travel the 340km distance from DaLat to Quy Nhon is by bus. This bus journey takes 9 hours and costs $14. Another option is to go by flight, which takes 5.5 hours and tickets start from $120.

We recommend taking a direct bus from DaLat to Quy Nhon as this is the easiest and cheapest option. There are 2 trips available daily and you can choose between a day bus and a night bus.

Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from DaLat to Quy Nhon. All flights on this route make a stopover in Ho Chi Minh, which makes the flight take at least 4 hours. From the center of DaLat to the airport takes 45min and from Quy Nhon Airport another 45min to the center. That’s 5.5 hours of travelling but if you include the waiting time at the airport, that’s at least 7 hours total.

Travelling by train is not recommended since you still have to take a bus from DaLat to Nha Trang. From Nha Trang you can continue your journey by train to Dieu Tri. And from Dieu Tri railway station you have to take a taxi or a local bus to Quy Nhon center. It is much easier to just stay on the same bus and continue the journey to Quy Nhon.

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Bus9 hours330,000 VND ($14)Check bus tickets
Flight5.5 hours2,790,000 VND ($120)Check flights


View itinerary from DaLat to Quy Nhon

DaLat to Quy Nhon travelroute

Bus icon

DaLat to Quy Nhon by Bus

Duration: 9 hours
Costs: 330,000 VND ($14)

There are a few bus companies operating on this route. We prefer the schedule of Phúc Thuận Thảo since they leave early in the morning from DaLat center and arrive in the afternoon in Quy Nhon. They also have a night bus if you don’t want to lose a day travelling. But note that you will still have to book accommodation for that night as the bus arrives at 4:00 in Quy Nhon.

Other companies operating on this route are Thanh Thuy and Quoc Bao, but you cannot book tickets with them online.

See here the schedule of the bus companies:

Phuc Thuan Thao07:00-16:00
9h330,000 VND ($14)
Thanh Thuy14:00-22:008h230,000 VND ($10)
Quoc Bao12:00-21:009h220,000 VND ($9.50)

Phuc Thuan Thao drops off passengers close to the Military Hospital in the center of Quy Nhon.

Check Available Bus Tickets

If the link above doesn’t show any options you can also check Vexere.



DaLat to Quy Nhon Taxi + Flight + Taxi

Duration: 5.5 hours
Costs: 2,790,000 VND ($120)

Step 1: DaLat City Center to DaLat Airport by Taxi

Duration: 45min
Costs: 200,000 VND ($9)

A taxi to DaLat airport takes about 45min and expect to pay 200,000 VND ($9).

See the page of DaLat airport for more info.

Step 2: DaLat to Quy Nhon by Flight

Duration: 4 hours
Costs: 2,390,000 VND ($103)

There are several indirect flights leaving from DaLat to Quy Nhon. Many of which make a stopover in Ho Chi Minh. The fastest flight takes 4h 10min and costs 2,390,000 VND ($103). This is from Vietnam Airlines.

There are cheaper flights from Vietjet Air, Bamboo Airways and Jetstar but they take around 8 hours. We recommend booking this flight with Kiwi since they also take care of the transfers between the airlines.

Check Flights on Skyscanner

Step 3: Quy Nhon Airport to Quy Nhon City Center by Taxi

Duration: 45min
Costs: 200,000 VND ($9)

A taxi from the airport to Quy Nhon center costs 200,000 VND – 250,000 VND ($9 – $11).

There are also shuttle buses from Phu Cat airport that can bring you for just 50,000 VND ($2.20) to Quy Nhon center.


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