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How To Get From Bangkok to Koh Lipe?

When travelling the 820km distance from Bangkok to Koh Lipe, you have 3 options; you can fly for 7 hours ($42), take a bus for about 18 hours ($48.50), or board the train for at least 19 hours ($46). All options include a van and ferry ride from Hat Yai to Koh Lipe.

The flight is normally the fastest and cheapest option when travelling from Bangkok to Koh Lipe. The journey takes about 7 hours and total fare starts at $42. Keep in mind though that prices rise on busy season.

When flight prices are too high, you can also opt to take a bus. Combined bus, van and ferry prices cost $48.50 and the journey takes at least 18 hours.

The train is a more comfortable option for long journeys. But it may take too long for this route. Travelling by train takes at least 19 hours, but the fastest train often sells out fast, making the journey last up to 22.5 hours.

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Flight7 hours excl. transfer time1,270 THB ($42)Check flights
Bus18 hours excl. transfer time1,460 THB ($48.50)Check bus tickets
Train19 hours excl. transfer time1,390 THB ($46)Check train tickets

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Bangkok to Koh Lipe by Flight

Duration: 7 hours excl. transfer time 
Costs: 1,270 THB ($42)

We recommend taking a flight as it is the fastest and cheapest way to reach Koh Lipe from Bangkok.

First, you have to fly from Bangkok to Hat Yai Airport. From the airport, you can take a combined van and ferry ride to Koh Lipe.

Step 1: Bangkok to Hat Yai by Flight + Bus

Duration: 3.5 hours
Costs: 570 THB ($19)

AirAsia, Nok Air and Thai Lion Air offer several flights daily to Hat Yai from Bangkok. Airfares start at 570 THB ($19) for a one-way ticket and the flight time is 1.5 hours.

We suggest taking an early flight from Bangkok so you can arrive on Koh Lipe mid-day, with time to enjoy the beaches and sights before the sun goes down. An earlier arrival will also ensure you have a prime location picked out to watch the island’s stunning sunset.

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Step 2: Hat Yai Airport to Koh Lipe by Van +  Ferry

Duration: 3.5 hours
Costs: 700 THB ($23)

We recommend that you take a combined van and ferry transfer from Hat Yai Airport to Koh Lipe for an easy and hassle-free journey.

Tickets start at 700 THB ($23) and you can reach the island in at least 3.5 hours. See the schedules below:

Satun Pakbara09:30-13:00
3h 30m700 THB ($23)
Sukhothai Hat Yai08:00-13:30
5h 30m
700 THB ($23)
Smart En Plus08:30-14:00
5h 30m
750 THB ($25)
Dee Travels08:30-13:30
5h650 THB ($21.50)
Jolly Travel08:30-14:00
5h 30m
5h 30m
4h 30m
5h 30m
770 THB ($25.50)
3h 30m1,100 THB ($36.50)

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Jolly Travel and Tigerline are also available on BookAway for a cheaper price.

Bus icon

Bangkok to Koh Lipe by Bus

Route: Bangkok  Hat Yai  Koh Lipe
Duration: 18 hours excl. transfer time
Costs: 1,460 THB ($48.50)

Travelling by bus from Bangkok to Koh Lipe takes a lot more time, but it is an alternate option on peak season, when flight prices are too high. A night bus is an ideal travel option as you can catch up on some sleep and be ready to explore the island upon arrival.

Step 1: Bangkok to Hat Yai by Bus

Duration: 12.5 hours
Costs: 760 THB ($25)

There are several companies operating buses from Bangkok to Hat Yai, with varying departure points.

Siam Lane Tour and Sri Siam depart from Southern Bus Terminal. Khao San Tara leaves from Khao San Road. Transport Co. has departures from both Southern and Mochit bus terminals.

We recommend that you take an overnight bus so you don’t lose a day travelling. Fares for night buses start at 760 THB ($25) and travel time is at least 13.5 hours. They all park at Hat Yai Bus Station.

Siam Lane Tour15:30-05:2013h 50m760 THB ($25)
Transport Co.06:45-19:45 (Express)
17:00-07:00 (VIP)
700 THB ($23)
1,100 THB ($36.50)
Khao San Tara16:00-08:0016h1,000 THB ($33)
Sri Siam17:50-07:5014h1,150 THB ($38)

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Step 2: Hat Yai Bus Station to Koh Lipe by Van + Ferry

Duration: 5.5 hours
Costs: 700 THB ($23)

From Hat Yai Bus Station, you can transfer to your combined van and ferry ride to Koh Lipe. The earliest van leaves at 08:00 in the morning and prices start at 650 THB ($21.50).

You can choose from the operators and schedules below:

Smart En Plus08:00-13:30
5h 30m750 THB ($25)
Dee Travels08:15-13:30
5h 15m
4h 45m
650 THB ($21.50)
Satun Pakbara08:00-13:30
5h 30m900 THB ($30)

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Bangkok to Koh Lipe by Train

Duration: 19 hours excl. transfer time 
Costs: 1,390 THB ($46)

Taking the train for this journey is quite a trip. The journey will take at least 19 hours, and can take longer depending on the train you take. The good thing about it is that you can travel the largest part by train all the way from Bangkok to Hat Yai. This will be more comfortable than a bus ride, but the question is if this is worth the extra travel time.

Below we want to share the details with you in case you are interested in this option:

Step 1: Bangkok to Hat Yai by Train

Duration: 13h 44min
Costs: 740 THB ($24.50)

The fastest train from Bangkok to Hat Yai is SP41, which takes almost 14 hours. However, tickets for this train often sell out fast. For other train options, see the table below:

TrainScheduleDuration2nd Class Sleeper A/C
SP4122:50-12:3413h 44m740 THB ($24.50)
RP17113:00-05:5216h 52m860 THB ($28.50)
SP3715:10-07:2016h 10m940 THB ($31)
RP16915:35-09:1517h 40m860 THB ($28.50)
SP4515:10-07:2016h 10m980 THB ($32.50)
SP3114:45-06:3515h 50m1,150 THB ($38)

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Step 2: Hat Yai Railway Station to Koh Lipe by Van + Ferry

Duration: 5 hours
Costs: 650 THB ($21.50)

Combined van and ferry tickets are also available from Hat Yai Railway Station. Tickets start at 650 THB ($21.50) and travel time is around 5 hours.

Sukhothai Hat Yai08:00-18:30
5h 30m650 THB ($21.50)
Smart En Plus08:00-13:30
5h 30m750 THB ($25)
Satun Pakbara08:00-13:30
5h 30m900 THB ($30)
Dee Travels08:30-13:30
5h650 THB ($21.50)
Jolly Travel08:30-13:305h750 THB ($25)
Tigerline Travel08:30-13:004h 30m1,150 THB ($38)

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