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How to get from Bangkok to Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan boasts natural lush greenery combined with beautiful beaches, local markets, and authentic Thai food. The island is perfect for those wanting a relaxing atmosphere with a welcoming island vibe.

Koh Phangan is also well known for its party atmosphere. They host the original Full Moon parties, Jungle parties, Waterfall parties, and Half Moon Parties, as well as many others. You will not be bored on Koh Phangan, the island always has something to offer!

3 ways to get from Bangkok to Koh Phangan

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Flight + Ferry4 hours2,550 THB ($70)Check Flights
Bus + Ferry14-17.5 hours1,210 THB ($33.50)Check Bus Tickets
Train + Ferry18-19 hours950 THB ($26)Check Train Tickets

The distance from Bangkok to Koh Phangan is 770 km (480 miles). In this post, we compare the 3 options to travel from Bangkok to Koh Phangan: by flight + ferry (4 hours), by bus + ferry (14-17.5 hours), or by train + ferry (18-19 hours). Ticket prices range from 950 THB ($26) to 2,550 THB ($70).

The flight is the best option if you have limited time and don’t mind spending more compared to the bus/train. The entire journey including ferry and minivan transfer takes only 4 hours and costs about 2,550 THB ($70).

TIP: If you decide to travel by plane, please consider including a carbon compensation fee to help reduce your impact on the environment.

Taking the bus is a good option if you travel on a budget and have the time to spare for the 14-17.5 hours journey. Fares start at 1,210 THB ($33.50) and you can take a night bus to save valuable daytime.

The train is the cheapest option and best to consider for night travel. However, travelling by train involves several transfers and the journey takes at least 18 hours.

Itinerary from Bangkok to Koh Phangan

Bangkok to Koh Phangan by Flight + Ferry

Duration: 4 hours
Cost: 2,550 THB ($70)
Duration: 4 hours
Cost: 2,550 THB ($70)

As Koh Phangan does not have its own airport, you will need to book a flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui. Koh Samui is a slightly larger island located south of Koh Phangan that is famed for its stunning viewpoints and beautiful beaches.

Upon arrival in Koh Samui, you will then take a ferry bound for Koh Phangan. Flights can be extremely expensive, particularly during peak season and surrounding the Full Moon parties so we suggest booking well in advance.

If you don’t have a lot of time and don’t mind spending some extra money, travelling by flight is the fastest option for this route.

Step 1: Bangkok to Koh Samui by Flight

Duration: 1hr 05m
Cost: 2,000 THB ($55)
Duration: 1hr 05m
Cost: 2,000 THB ($55)

All flights for this route are operated by Bangkok Airways, with ticket prices starting at 2,000 THB ($55). There are multiple flights daily and the flight takes a little over an hour.

Flights are available from these two airports in Bangkok: Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang International Airport.

For the best flight deals, we recommend checking the link below:

Check Flights on Skyscanner

All flights land at Samui International Airport.

Other Flight Options

You also have the option to fly to Chumphon or Surat Thani and take a ferry from there to Koh Phangan. This is often cheaper than flying to Koh Samui but will require a longer ferry ride.

Step 2: Koh Samui Airport to Koh Phangan by Minivan + Ferry

Duration: 3 hours
Cost: 550 THB ($15)
Duration: 3 hours
Cost: 550 THB ($15)

Currently, Smackone is the only company operating combined minivan and ferry trips from Samui airport to Koh Phangan.

The minivan will pick you up at Samui Airport and you will be dropped off by ferry at Haad Rin Pier on the south coast.

We have provided the schedule below:

Minivan + Ferry schedule from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan

550 THB ($15)
Check Tickets

When booking this combined option, make sure to align your flight with the minivan schedules. For a more detailed route guide with all options check out this guide on how to travel from Bangkok to Koh Samui.

Bangkok to Koh Phangan by Bus + Ferry

Duration: 14-17.5 hours
Cost: 1,210 THB ($33.50)
Duration: 14-17.5 hours
Cost: 1,210 THB ($33.50)

We recommend that you book a combined bus and ferry ticket. Montanatip, Krungsiam Tour, and Lomprayah are the companies operating this route from Bangkok to Koh Phangan.

With your combined ticket, you will first travel from Bangkok to the pier in Surat Thani by bus. From there, you will hop on a ferry bound for Thong Sala Pier in Koh Phangan.

Departure and arrival station

Buses depart from either Southern Bus Terminal or Lomprayah Khaosan Road. The best option for you depends on your accommodation area. If you are just around the city centre, Khaosan Road is nearer and just a 5-minute drive.

Meanwhile, if you will come from the far west or south of Bangkok, the Southern Terminal is the nearer terminal. Sai Tai Mai is connected to Bangkok’s metro system and about 20-30 minutes away from Bangkok centre.

Travel time is at least 14 hours and all journey completes at Thong Sala Pier in Koh Phangan. This pier is located on the west side of the island, next to Baan Tai. Ticket price starts at 1,210 THB ($33.50).

Bus schedule from Bangkok to Koh Phangan

Bus OperatorScheduleCosts
Montanatip19:00-12:301,210 THB ($33.50)
Check Bus Tickets
Krungsiam Tour19:00-10:301,360 THB ($37.50)
Check Bus Tickets
Lomprayah21:00-10:451,650 THB ($45.50)
Check Bus Tickets

We recommend choosing a night bus so you can catch up on your rest and don’t lose all of your valuable daytime travelling.

Bangkok to Koh Phangan by Train + Ferry

Duration: 18-19 hours
Cost: 950 THB ($26)
Duration: 18-19 hours
Cost: 950 THB ($26)

Travelling by train will be the most time-consuming option because you have to arrange 3 separate transfers. A train from Bangkok to Surat Thani or Chumphon, and a minivan and ferry transfer to Koh Phangan.

The earliest train leaving Bangkok to Surat Thani is 12:30 and the latest is 22:26 in the evening. We recommend booking a 2nd class sleeper train for the long journey of 18-19 hours which starts at 950 THB ($26).

Step 1: Bangkok to Surat Thani by Train

Duration: 11-14.5 hours
Cost: 730 THB ($20)
Duration: 11-14.5 hours
Cost: 730 THB ($20)

The first part of the journey is the train ride from Hua Lamphong Railway Station to Surat Thani Railway Station.

The earliest schedule is 10:25 and the last trip is at 23:14 in the evening. Just like with the bus, we recommend taking a night train so that you won’t lose a day travelling.

There are several train options for this route and the price for a 2nd class sleeper berth starts at 730 THB ($20). For extra comfort, you can upgrade to a 1st class A/C sleeper for 1,340 THB ($37).

Check Train Tickets

You can also book 3rd-class seats for 215 THB ($5.50) and 2nd-class seats for 360 THB ($10). However, we recommend that you book tickets with berths to have maximum comfort in the 11-14.5 hours journey.

Be sure to check if the schedule you booked is aligned with the ferry and minivan schedule so that you won’t have to wait for too long. For more info, check out our page on Bangkok to Surat Thani.

Step 2: Surat Thani Train Station to Koh Phangan by Ferry + Minivan

Duration: 3-7 hours
Cost: 425 THB ($11.50)
Duration: 3-7 hours
Cost: 425 THB ($11.50)

You can book a combined ferry and minivan ticket for 465 THB ($12.50). From the Surat Thani Train Station, you will take a minivan to Surat Thani pier, then take a ferry to Thong Sala Pier in Koh Phangan.

The trip will take 3-7 hours and the fare starts at 425 THB ($11.50).

Ferry + Bus schedule from Surat Thani Train Station to Koh Phangan

Phantip Travel08:30-12:45425 THB ($11.50)
Check Tickets
Rajah Ferry 07:45-13:30
430 THB ($11.50)
Check Tickets
Lomprayah09:30-12:30905 THB ($25)
Check Tickets

Alternative: Travelling via Chumphon

You also have the option to ride a train to Chumphon from Bangkok and take a minivan and ferry transfer to Koh Phangan.

This route is faster by 3 hours compared to the Surat Thani route but more expensive. A 2nd class berth with an airconditioning unit starts at 650 THB ($18) and the combined minivan and ferry Koh Phangan costs 1,200 THB ($33).


Our favourite places to stay in Koh Phangan

See Sea Backpackers Hostel

Located in Baan Tai, just 70 meters from the beach, the hostel is set in an ideal location. There is a restaurant, bar, and shared lounge on-site for socializing, and a large terrace area for taking in all the views. Car and bike rentals are available at the property, as well as a tour desk to assist with all your excursions. You will be treated like family by the warm and welcoming staff.

  • Excellent location
  • 70 meters to the beach
  • Onsite bar and restaurant
  • Very friendly staff

Single bed in dorm room starts at $6 - Be aware that these prices may increase around the time of the Full Moon Party

Read more

BeauBo Beach

This beachfront accommodation offers stunning views, white sandy beaches and the sea at your fingertips. You’ll find a restaurant, bar, and garden on location for your enjoyment and convenience. The property also offers a terrace for relaxing and taking in the surrounding sights. Well known for hospitality, the staff here will great you with a warm welcoming smile.

  • Beachfront location 
  • Onsite bar and restaurant
  • Garden and terrace
  • Stunning views

Private bungalows start at $21 per night

Read more

Lily: A beach hotel by Wild & Wandering

Located in Haad Rin, just a few steps to the beach and Full Moon Party, Lily: a beach hotel is a great place to stay for travelers of all types. You will find a shared lounge and bar onsite for your enjoyment as well as evening entertainment and a tour desk. With the beach just steps away, the staff welcoming you with a warm smile and offering a cold drink, there’s really no better place to stay when in Haad Rin!

  • Great location for Full Moon Party
  • Steps to the beach
  • Bar and live entertainment on site
  • Clean and comfortable rooms 

Private rooms with sea view start at $31 per night

Read more

CheeVa Beach Resort

Set in Baan Tai, just 500m from the Baan Tai Beach, CheeVa Beach Resort offers stunning accommodations.  An on-site restaurant, a beautiful outdoor swimming pool with sea views and a bar are just a few of the luxuries here. Each room comes with its own sun terrace, comfortable beds, and air conditioning. Highly recommended for the excellent hospitality.

  • Beach resort
  • Swimming pool
  • Excellent staff 
  • Onsite bar

Private rooms start at $42 per night

Read more


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