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How To Get From Bangkok to Mae Sot?

Mae Sot is a small city in western Thailand that shares a border with the neighboring country of Myanmar. Though not very big, the province is surrounded by lush greens, mountains and stunning views. Mae Sot is also home to the popular Gibbon Highland Farm, see more info below about this.

If you are traveling the 500km distance from Bangkok to Mae Sot, you only have 2 options; you can either take the bus, which takes approximately 10 hours and will cost you about 470 THB ($15.50) or you can fly in just 1 hour and 15 minutes with prices starting at 2,450 THB ($80).

Volunteer at the Gibbon Highland Farm

If you are an animal lover who would love to work with monkeys and gibbons, there is a great opportunity to volunteer at the Gibbon Highland Farm.

You can help maintain their living environment,  enjoy their playful nature and wake up with the sounds of the gibbons’ singing voices each morning. You will experience Thai culture, local food and most importantly, how to care for the gibbons and monkeys.

Gibbon Highland Farmland can help you with your queries or you can send them an email directly at if this interests you.

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Bus10h470 THB ($15.50)Check bus tickets
Flight1h 15m2,450 THB ($80)Check flights


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Bangkok to Mae Sot by Bus

Duration: 10 hours
Costs: 470 THB ($15.50)

Taking the bus from Bangkok to Mae Sot is the cheapest option and also produces fewer emissions than flying.

The buses depart from Mo Chit Bus Terminal in Bangkok. which you can easily reach by MRT, BTS, a public van, tuk-tuk or by hailing a taxi.

During non-peak hours, the terminal is only about 15min taxi ride from the city center, but the ride can take up to 1 hour if you’re using public transport.

If you prefer traveling at night, we suggest taking the last departing bus so you don’t arrive in Mae Sot in the middle of the night. Another option is to take the bus leaving at 09:00 and arriving in the late afternoon, this will be a much more scenic trip than traveling at night.

The trip takes about 10 hours and ticket prices start at 470 THB ($15.50) for a first-class bus ride.

Bus OperatorScheduleDurationCosts
The Transport Co.
7 hours640 THB ($21)
The Transport Co.
(1st class)
7 hours410 THB ($13.50)

The VIP buses only have 32 seats which imply more leg room, while the first-class buses accommodate 50 seats. There are also second-class buses but we prefer the first-class buses, because these 2nd class buses make several stops.

Unfortunately, you cannot book your bus tickets online. You must attend Mo Chit Bus terminal to purchase your ticket or call the bus company’s office at +66 2 872 1777.

The Transport Co.

  • Departs from the Mo Chit Bus Terminal, 11km north of downtown Bangkok
  • Arrives at the Mae Sot Bus Terminal, 4km west of the city center

The Transport Co. bus provides a few trips daily to Mae Sot.

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Bangkok to Mae Sot by Flight

Duration: 1h 15min
Costs: 2,450 THB ($80)

Nok Air is the only airline that offers flights from Bangkok to Mae Sot. Take in mind that Nok Air operates smaller propeller-type airplanes for this route, if this concerns you, we suggest taking the bus.

Flights depart from Don Mueang Airport (DMK) and there are 4-5 flights leaving daily with one-way tickets starting from 2,450 THB ($80)).

The small airport in Mae Sot is located about 5km west of the city center. You can use Skyscanner to find the cheapest rates and book your flights online.

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