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How To Get From DaLat to Nha Trang?

We recommend to take a bus from DaLat to Nha Trang. This is a convenient way of traveling and basically also the only option you have. You can book a cheap bus ticket at Baolau or book a comfortable van incl. free pick-up on BookAway.

DaLat railway station is only used as an attraction and cannot be used to reach another destination.

There are no direct flights from DaLat airport (Lien Khuong Airport) to Nha Trang. Flights from DaLat to Nha Trang go first to Ho Chi Minh, making the journey last at least 5 hours. And this even excludes the time it takes to get to and from the airports.

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Bus4 hours235,000 VND ($10) incl pick-upCheck bus tickets


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  • DaLat
  • 4 hours
  • Nha Trang

DaLat to Nha Trang travelroute


Bus icon

DaLat to Nha Trang by Bus

Duration: 4 hours
Costs: 120,000 VND ($5.50)

Taking the bus or van is a convenient way of traveling from DaLat to Nha Trang. There are in total three bus companies and two van companies that operate on this route.

We recommend booking a van with Minth Tri Limousine as they offer very convenient vans with a free pick-up in DaLat and free drop-off in Nha Trang. This saves you the extra journey to your hotel compared to taking the bus.


DaLat to Nha Trang by Van

Duration: 3 hours
Costs: 235,000 VND ($10)

Note that we received a bad review about one of the drivers of Catthienhai Travel, while Minh tri Limousine received very good reviews so far.

However, take in mind that vans sometimes drive faster than large buses. If you are prone to car motion sickness, the bus of Hanh Cafe or Sinh Tourist might be a better option.

Minh Tri Limousine

Want to feel like a rockstar? Then forget about the Sinh Tourist and Hah Cafe bus. With Minh Tri Limousine you will feel like a real VIP. Bring some champaign, buy some caviar at the DaLat night market and enjoy your ride while listening to Vietnamese Karaoke songs bouncing from the speakers.

In addition, they provide free pick up in Da Lat and will also drop you off at your hotel in Nha Trang. The 70,000 VND ($3) for this ticket are already saved by the transport you would have to take form the bus station to your hotel.

As this company is quite new, there are almost no reviews available so we would greatly appreciate if you want to share your experience!

Minh Tri Limousine DaLat-Nha Trang2

Minh Tri Limousine DaLat-Nha Trang outside

Check BookAway for Minh Tri Limousine van  


Catthienhai Travel

Catthienhai Travel is another van company operating on this route which also provides free pick-up and drop-off. However, we received a bad review from one of our readers about this company and that;s why we would recommend to book with another company.

She complained about a very rough driver who was driving too fast and she was almost covered with bruises from being slammed from side to side. If you have another experience or want to share yours, we would love to read yours in a comment below!

DaLat-Nha Trang: Van of Catthienhai Travel
DaLat-Nha Trang: Van of Catthienhai Travel (outside)

Check BookAway for Catthienhai Travel tickets  

Sinh Tourist and Hanh Cafe

Sinh Tourist’ and ‘Hanh Cafe’ are well-known bus companies in Vietnam and have buses leaving from DaLat center and also drop you off in the center of Nha Trang. Buses from these two companies only leave 2 times a day at 7:30 or 13:00.

Futa Bus (Phuong Trang)

Another bus company is Futa bus, but we do not recommend this company. Their reputation is not very good and many travelers complain about rude bus drivers. Also be aware that this bus does not leave from the center in DaLat and drops you 20min from Nha Trang center.

See here all the options from Da Lat to Nha Trang:

Minh Tri Limousine08:00-12:00
3h235,000 VND ($10) + free pick-up
Catthienhai Travel08:00-11:45
3h 45m235,000 VND ($10) + free pick-up
The Sinh Tourist bus07:30-11:30
4h160.000 VND (€5)
Hanh Café
(not available)
4-5h120,000 VND ($5.50)
Futa Bus08:00, 9:00, 11:00,
12:30, 14:30, 16:00,
4h130,000 VND ($6)

Note that the duration of the bus companies differs on this schedule. In reality, there wouldn’t be that much difference, except that buses tend to make more stops and not arrive in the center.

Check Baolau for Bus Tickets  


My favourite places to stay in Nha Trang

Nha Trang accommodation2

John Homestay

John’s Homestay is a charming yet low-priced homestay right in the heart of Nha Trang.

The shared lounge and terrace are the perfect place to socialize with other guests and rooms are clean and tidy. Dorms come with an electric plug, lamp and curtain for each bed and another plus: You can use the washing machine free of charge!

Room $14; Dorm: $7 (+ free breakfast)

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Nha Trang accommodation1

Mojzo Inn

Want to wake up in a stylish & spacious room and enjoy a tasty breakfast on the rooftop restaurant?

Mojzo Inn is located close to the restaurants, bars and just a few minutes walk from the beach. When you stay at Mojzo, make sure you don’t miss out on the delicious (and free) home-baked cake served at tea time between 15:00-17:00.

Private room: $29 (+ free breakfast)

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