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Trip overview from Hoi An to Quy Nhon

To make trip planning super easy and fast, we created a step-by-step guide to find the best way to travel from Hoi An to Quy Nhon.

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How to get from Hoi An to Quy Nhon

We recommend traveling by train from Hoi An to Quy Nhon since this is the safes option. You have to take the train from DaNang to Dieu Tri railway station. From the Dieu Tri, you can take the public bus which brings you in about half an hour to Quy Nhon city center.

Taking the bus is easier, but there are several reports that bus drivers don’t drive safe on this route. For this reason, we prefer the train. Also, note that these buses are not as comfortable for a 5-6 hour journey than the sleeper buses. Unfortunately, you cannot book your bus tickets online.

There is also an airport (Phu Cat) which is about a 1-hour drive from Quy Nhon. The bad thing is that all flights from DaNang to Quy Nhon have a stopover in Ho Chi Minh. The flight takes at least 4 hours + 1 hour to Da Nang Airport and 1 hour from Quy Nhon airport to the center. This is already 6 hours excluding the extra time you need at the airport. For this reason, we do not recommend to take the plane but recommend to travel by train instead.


Your options at a glance

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Train7 hours350.000 VND (€14)Check train tickets
Bus5 hours140.000 VND (€5)No online tickets

Are you a fast decision maker? Simply use the links above to book your tickets!

If you haven’t found your best transport option yet, no problem. This was just the intro. Below we share our step-by-step guide of how to get from Hoi An to Quy Nhon.


Hoi An to Quy Nhon travelroute




Trainm Hoi An to Quy Nhon

Duration: 7 hours
Costs: 350.000 VND (€14)

When you want to travel this journey by train, you have to take the train from DaNang to Dieu Tri. From Hoi An center to Da Nang railway station takes a bit less than one hour. Dieu Tri railway station is about a 20-min ride from Quy Nhon.

Step 1: Bus from Hoi An to Da Nang Railway Station

Duration: 45min
Costs: 20.000 VND (€0,80)

From the bus station in Hanoi, you can take a public bus to Da Nang railway station for 20.000 VND (€0,80). Alternatively, you can take a shuttle bus or a taxi.

See To/from Da Nang railway station for more details.

Step 2: Train from Da Nang to Dieu Tri

Duration: 6 hours
Costs: 230.000 VND (€9)

We recommend booking SE3 or SE21 since these trains have the most convenient departure and arrival times.

TrainScheduleDurationSoft Seat
SE9 07:50-13:445h 54m214.000 VND (€8)
09:55-16:006h 05m199.000 VND (€8)
SE311:25-17:165h 51m230.000 VND (€9)
SE113:45-18:364h 51m242.000 VND (€9,50)

Soft seats cost between 177.000 VND (€7) and 243.000 VND (€9). If you want to catch up some sleep during the train ride, you can also book a sleeper berth for a few euros more. Sleeper berths cost around 300.000 VND (€11,50).

Check Available Train Tickets

Step 3: Bus/Taxi from Dieu Tri Railway Station to Quy Nhon

Duration: 30min
Costs: 100.000 VND (€0,40)

Dieu Tri railway station is a 20-min taxi ride from Quy Nhon and expect to pay 100.000 VND (€4) for this ride.

A cheaper option is to take local bus T22, which you find when you walk out of the railway station. This bus brings you to Quy Nhon for less than 1 euro. The ride takes 30min and the bus drops you at the CoopMart in the center of Quy Nhon.




Bus from Hoi An to Quy Nhon

Duration: 5 hours
Costs: 140.000 VND (€5)

There are a few buses going to Quy Nhon or making a stop in this city on their way to Nha Trang. Below you can find the bus schedule of Son Tung and a description of the public bus.

Son Tung

Son Tung05:30-10:30
5h140.000 VND (€5) to 170.000 VND (€6)

Note: Son Tung uses a 16-seater on this route so be informed that the ride is not as comfortable as the sleeper buses. Departure times are an indication and can always change.

Public bus

There is also a public bus leaving one time a day. This bus takes 6 hours and costs around 120.000 VND (€5). Ask your accommodation or a local agency to book your tickets. The bus will drop you off at ‘Quy Nhon bus station’ in front of the Big C and Hypermarket shopping center.


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