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How to Travel From/To Pakse Airport?

To make trip planning super easy and fast, we created a step-by-step guide to find the best way to travel from/to Pakse Airport.

Pakse is the third-largest city in Laos. It also serves as a gateway to the southern part of the country, most especially if you intend on going to Bolaven Plateau or Si Phan Don (4000 Islands). Must-dos in the city includes walking around town, drinking a cup of coffee, exploring the markets, and visiting temples.

To get from Pakse Airport to the city center, there are 2 options: you either take a taxi or a tuk-tuk. Taxis have a fixed rate of $9 while tuk-tuks are cheaper at a negotiable rate of $4 per person. Distance from the airport to the city center is about 5km and travel time is about 15 minutes.

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Taxi15min$9No online tickets
Tuk-Tuk15min$4No online tickets


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Pakse, Laos on map


From/to Pakse Airport by Taxi

Duration: 15min

Costs: $9

Pakse International Airport is not large and transport options are limited.

To get to the city center, you need to ask for a taxi at the taxi service counter. The counter is right next to the exit door of the arrival area.

Taxis offer fixed rates of $9 to Pakse town. The taxi counter accepts payments made in US dollars, euros, Baht or Kip.

The same rates apply if you want to go to the airport from the city center. Drivers will most likely try to charge you more, but don’t be afraid to negotiate the price.

It takes about 15 minutes to reach the city center from the airport and vice versa.

Tuk Tuk

From/To Pakse Airport by Tuk-tuk

Duration: 15min
Costs: $4

If you’re really on a budget or you wish to travel as the locals do, you can head to the airport exit gate. There are tuk-tuks lined up next to the gate. Expect to pay $4 per person for a tuk-tuk. If you’re travelling in a group, some tuk-tuk drivers are happy to give discounts.

The rate is usually the same when you’re going from the city center to the airport. However, some drivers may try to charge you a higher fare. You can always negotiate politely.


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